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Best Nami Skins | LoL

Nami is, currently, the most banned support in League of Legends. The enchanter meta may have come and gone, but the Tidecaller perseveres.
Best Nami Skins | LoL

Nami is part of the Marai, a vastayan tribe living in close proximity to a Void rift. Their ancient ritual, one which holds the Void back, has failed for the first time in hundreds of years, and it is up to Nami to brave the surface world for a solution. Finding such bravery in an enchanter support is rare, and we reward it with a list of her best skins.


Deep Sea Nami

The Deep Sea Nami is her most realistic-looking skin, and it was designed with realism in mind. It was released on June 29, 2016, as a regular-rated skin, priced at 1350 RP. As with all such skins, Deep Sea Nami updates her animations, sounds, and particle effects on her abilities.

This skin’s color scheme is based on shades of dark blue and green, which can be equated to the lowest sea depths, compared to her default skin’s lighter color scheme.

Deep Sea Nami is designed with thalassophobia and deep-sea gigantism in mind. Her form is large and comparable to sperm whales, and the fact that such a being possesses sapience invokes fear in the average person.

It makes for interesting lore, as well, giving more flavor to the Marai, besides them just being water-bound vastaya. If you see Nami as a cheerful champion, you are better off using the Koi skin. Deep Sea Nami is designed for mental warfare, as much as it’s for a visual update.

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River Spirit Nami

On the opposite side of the depth scale, regarding water, we have the River Spirit Nami skin. released on June 01, 2014, and priced at 975 RP. This skin takes special care on updating Nami’s singing, as that was the core of the skin’s design. It is, also, the latest addition to Nami’s skin pool in Wild Rift. As only the best, or most popular skins, end up in Wild Rift, River Spirit Nami is further cemented as one of Nami’s best skins.

While Deep Sea Nami is shrouded in dark colors, River Spirit Nami is the exact opposite. Her bright and flashy appearance brings new life into the base champion, allowing her to stand side by side with the champions that Riot have released more recently.

River Spirit Nami’s design is a synergy between river spirits found in Japanese folklore, and the classic, western, tales of sirens.

A such, River Spirit Nami’s appearance is deceiving, and the distinction between mermaids and sirens can be clearly felt, with the former being mysterious denizens of the sea, such as Deep Sea Nami, and the latter luring their victims to their death with their alluring singing.

River Spirit Nami is a wolf in sheep’s clothing and is the perfect skin to play during this time where the champion is capable of out-damaging an ADC.

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Cosmic Destiny Nami

If one looks closely, the vastness of oceans and seas may bear a striking resemblance to the hollowness of space. Cosmic Destiny Nami is a skin that is designed precisely with this similarity in mind

The skin’s design is comparable to that of Deep Sea Nami, however, the lore is anything but. Cosmic Destiny Nami is not just an extraterrestrial being, but one of the primordial concepts of the universe, one tasked with spreading the seed of life to lifeless planets.

The skin was released on November 24, 2020. Its price of 1350 RP reflects its category as an epic-rated skin, and so do the updated splash art and in-game model.

Cosmic Destiny Nami gives the base champion new animations, sounds, and particle effects. These changes, combined, especially the particle effects on Nami’s ultimate, are enough for it to rival Splendid Staff Nami as the most popular Nami skin among the champion’s mains.

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Splendid Staff Nami

Another skin that can be found in Nami’s Wild Rift skin pool. Splendid Staff Nami was released on September 26, 2019. While the skin is priced at 1350 RP, it possesses the most chromas out of all Nami skins, and may just lure you into spending more.

As stated, this skin is in a rivalry with Cosmic Destiny Nami for the best and most popular Nami skin, and with good cause. Its updates include new animations for every ability as well as particle effects and sounds inspired by the Majestic theme.

Splendid Staff Nami is, by far, the prettiest Nami skin. Pretty does not equate beautiful, rather it means that this skin is the one where Nami resembles a human the most. This is a topic of debate, as her alien look makes the most sense, lore-wise, but it is also ironic as the skin takes inspiration from the Chinese legend of a carp leaping over the dragon gate, making Splendid Staff Nami the skin with the most animalistic origin.

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Nami is a champion with nine years of Rift adventures and has had time to collect quite an array of skins under her belt. With so much time spent as part of the game, this champion has seen trends come and go. 

All of them have left their mark on her skin collection, from the realistic ones such as Deep Sea to the marketable Splendid Staff, and will, no doubt, collect more.

She is not the only champion with such a long experience on the Rift. Morgana is another support who has been through various changes and updates, and we have displayed those in our article detailing the best Morgana skins. Also we made a list of the best lol skins in generall.

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