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Kayle the Righteous glows with divine light. One that will purge all sin from the world of League of Legends, should she ever return.

Updated on Sep 07, 2023
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Best Kayle Skins | LoL

League of Legends has two famous sibling pairs, both of them connected to Demacia. Of the two, Kayle and Morgana represent the searing light and the soothing dark of Runeterra. As Kayle is one of the oldest League of Legends champions, one with a recent, incredible, rework, her skins are as numerous as they are masterpieces, and we bring you only the best ones.

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Viridian Kayle

Champions of Mount Targon seem to have an affinity for green-colored skins, that depict them elvish looking. The Viridian Kayle skin shares a similarity with another League of Legends champion wielding an aspect, Taric, and his Emerald skin.


Viridian Kayle was released on June 01, 2010, with a price tag of 520 RP in League of Legends, and 525 Wild Cores in Wild Rift. Though it is an old skin, due to Kayle’s rework its in-game model and splash art are up to the standard of the modern ones, and for an affordable price.


The base Kayle champion design has her appearance resemble angelic beings. the Viridian Kayle skin changes this, instead portraying Kayle as part of an ancient race of Forest Elves. As such, the Viridian Kayle skin plays on the classical fantasy setting, and does so wonderfully, earning a place on our list. If you’re a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien’s works, this is a skin for you.


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Silver Kayle

The only skin in Kayle’s collection that is older than Viridian Kayle, is her Silver Kayle skin. Though the skin is as old as the champion, and the game, itself, the skin’s rarity is what gives it value, as it is one of the rarest skins in League of Legends.


The SIlver Kayle skin was released on November 13, 2009. The skin has no price attached to it, as it was given to players who purchased the Retail Collector’s Edition for League of Legends. As such, this skin can no longer be acquired in League of Legends. It rivals the likes of Championship Riven, Pax Twisted Fate, Rusty Blitzcrank and other skins in rarity.


The Silver Kayle skin is one of the four Collector’s Edition skins, making it a very rare skin in the game, sharing her Collector’s Edition theme with the Black Alistar. The remaining champions in possession of a Collector’s Edition skin are Annie, with her Goth Annie skin, and Ryze with his Young Ryze skin, which were both a part of the Digital Collector's Edition. Kayle’s Silver Kayle skin has her splash art capturing the champion in her Arisen form and her in-game model with a closed helm reminiscent of the original Kayle champion design.


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Aether Wing Kayle

The Aether Wing Kayle Skin is Kayle’s entry into a space-opera setting. She flies on wings of aether throughout the expanded League of Legends universe, and uses blades of plasma. A good change of pace from her purely fantastical roots.


The Aether Wing Kayle skin joined the game on January 18, 2013. As is the case with most of her skins, the skin was adapted to Kayle’s rework. With a price of 1820 RP in League of Legends, and a Legendary rating, it would be difficult for this skin to be unsatisfactory.


Aether Wing Kayle updates the base champion with new animations, sounds, and particle effects. As the animations have been specifically attuned to high attack speed, Aether Wing Kayle is the best Kayle skin on which to follow the attack speed item build path.


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Judgement Kayle

While the splash art of the Iron Inquisitor Kayle skin encapsulates her nature, the whole design of the Judgement Kayle skin, including the name, does so in an even better fashion, all the while being an incredibly rare skin.


The Judgement Kayle skin arrived to League of Legends on the coattails of Season 1 of the game’s ranked competition. Its precise release date is August 21, 2011. It was given out as a reward for Season 1, and cannot be purchased in the in-game store.


Judgement Kayle portrays all of Kayle arrogance, making her an all-seeing arbiter of Justice, one that dispenses it without remorse. Using this skin in the game, and adapting its characteristics to your gameplay and interaction with enemies may just give them bonus damage, that of the psychological kind. The Judgement Kayle skin shows the champion in her Zealous form.


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Riot Kayle

Along with the other Riot skins, The Riot Kayle skin was obtainable by either meeting a Rioter, attending an official Riot Games event or through purchase in the store during events in the year of release.


The Riot Kayle skin was added to the game on August 12, 2014, as a Normal-rated skin, with a price of 975. As this skin is on the higher end of skins with a Normal rating, it updates the base champion with new particle effects, animations, and sounds.


Once, the Riot Kayle skin was one of the rarest skins in the game. Placed in the Legacy vault with the ending of the 2104 League of Legends event, it was no longer available for purchase. However, now, this is, perhaps, the most widespread skin in the game. On the ten-year anniversary of League of Legends, it was awarded to all players with a League of Legends account at that time.


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Transcended Kayle

In the current League of Legends lore, Kayle has left Demacia behind centuries ago, to search for herself on Mount Targon, and divest herself of her mortal origins. No one has heard or seen of her since, and the Transcended Kayle skin speaks volumes of her success on her quest.


The Transcended Kayle skin was released on July 12, 2010, with a price of 975 RP. It transforms Kayle from an angelic-looking being to a full-blown angel, with new animations, sounds, and particle effects. As with most of Kayle’s best skins, this one is also placed in the Legacy Vault and cannot be purchased.

Having cast aside her humanity, Kayle has transcended and fully assumed her mother’s mantle as the divine Aspect of Justice on Runeterra and beyond. She is aware of her mortal origins but views it as something distant that she left behind very long ago. The Transcended Kayle skin draws heavy inspiration from the cancelled Unmasked Kayle skin, while her sword references Tyrael from The Diablo 2 franchise.


Kayle is part of the first 40 champions of League of Legends, a game that has passed its 10-year mark some time ago, and is still going strong. With the champion’s age, her number of skins has only multiplied, reaching a figure of 12 skins, making Kayle a champion with one the most skins in the game. Her journey from the Good guy to the Lawful Evil one can be seen through her skins, as Riot develop her story and lore more and more.


To say that Kayle is one of the icons of League of Legends is an understatement, as she represents all that makes the game so enjoyable, as her rich history allows the older League players to appreciate her even more, while the newer players just arriving to the game have a lot of content to explore.

Another League of Legends champion that rivals the fame and infamy of Kayle, and her oppressiveness on the Rift is Katarina, the original League of Legends femme fatale. Her best skins show us that there is more to her than eye candy though, and you can witness that for yourselves on our top katarina skins list.

League of Legends mimics the real world, with their game universe constantly expanding, and new skins and skin lines being added every year. The easiest way to keep up is to regularly visit our site and check out the best skins League has to offer.

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