How to Change Borders in League of Legends

Find out how to change borders League of Legends and show your success at the summoner’s rift. Inspire fear in your opponents with an incredible border in LoL.
How to Change Borders in League of Legends

Borders are an amazing way to show our enemies, before a match, who they are up against. It is a wonderful way to instill terror and fear in opponents (even if our skills are not those of a challenger), so today we will show you how to change borders league of legends. Let 's start!

How To Change Your Border in League of Legends

Borders are a feature created by RIOT Games, and updated a couple of months ago in season 12, that allows you to show off your abilities to any enemy.

They are also a sample of the effort and attack damage dealt that you have put into the game to achieve a certain rank or win a competition. It is an amazing way within the player base to communicate their level.

change borders league of legends

Changing your account border in League of Legends is a fairly simple task. Follow these simple steps to complete it quickly and easily:

  1. Open the LoL game client.
  2. Enter your account profile by clicking on your profile picture.
  3. Choose the option “borders”.
  4. Select the border you prefer.

Your friends and other players will be able to see your level border by approaching your name in the friends list or on the loading screen before starting a game.So, changing the player border in LoL or Wild Rift is a fairly simple task that can be done in a few steps. 

However, keep in mind that in order to display ranked borders you must complete your placements in the season and be assigned an ELO in League of Legends.

change borders league of legends

How To Get Your Border in LoL

Now that you know how you can change your border in League of Legends, you probably want to know how to get or better your current border. The answer is quite simple: You must play ranked matches in League of Legends.

change borders league of legends

Once you complete your placement games in one season, you will be assigned among the series of  rank borders within the summoner's rift. 

From Iron to Challenger, all of these ranks come with an incredible border (which makes your skin look better) and a reward with each new rank you achieve in-game. 

So it's time to play ranked games in this season in summoner's rift to get your desired ranked border!

change borders league of legends

Likewise, you can also get a user prestige border as League players, and although it seems complicated, it is a little easier than it seems. To do this, any player only has to acquire a prestige champion skin using your prestige points and having a good prestige level within the game. 

This will guarantee that you get a prestigious border level with which you will be a standing out player in summoner's rift!

You may also acquire a fabulous border and summoner icon  with blue essence in any special event. Just be careful you need to play placements ranked games to use it. 

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