The best support champions for Vayne in League of Legends

Vayne is a short ranged late game hyper carry that needs baby sitting until she reaches her power spike. Here are the best support champions for her.

The best support champions for Vayne in League of Legends
The best support champions for Vayne in League of Legends

Best support champions for Vayne

Vayne can be an unstoppable glass cannon during the late game in league of legends, and the only thing that can counter her is good old crowd control. Playing Vayne puts you as the target for the entire enemy team, they would want to delay your power spike as long as they can. Some of these supports are also trademarks of some pro players that you can watch to learn and avoid studying a mobafire network site.


Taric is a highly underrated champion with a low win rate this season because of his hard-to-hit and weak stun, but when partnered with a great Vayne player, it can work wonders even during the early game. If you are not playing defensively you can pick Taric support for Vayne and be hyper-aggressive during the early game. Taric’s crowd control and a Vayne tumble synergize so well when engaging and another great thing about this is that you can follow it up with a Vayne condemn. Vayne and Taric is an aggressive duo.

Armor of the Fifth age Taric

Taric is really easy to use especially during the early game. You just have to time your stun right to get the most out of your engage. He is an all-around champion in league of legends as he can deal decent damage, use crowd control, give Vayne bonus armor, and even peel for Vayne with his ultimate. Being invulnerable during team fights is just what Vayne needs to prevent being burst down and snowball to victory and because of this Taric is one of the best supports out there.


Leona is well-known support simply because she is the one with the most crowd control abilities in the game and is easy to use. This means that she can lock enemies down for a long time they won’t even be able to retaliate to her engage. Her crowd control abilities can be used either to engage and initiate kills or use it to keep enemies away from Vayne. She is also great for chasing as her ultimate has a very long casting range.

Solar Eclipse Leona

Vayne’s kit requires her to get up close and personal with her opponent and she is very reliant on her basic attacks. Leona’s crowd control enables Vayne to kill other champions without receiving much punishment. Her abilities have stun and she can easily initiate with her 3rd skill which closes the gap between her and an opponent. The best rune to pick on Leona is Aftershock as she is the one to initiate fights at any point in the game of league of legends. 


The queen of peeling in league of legends, Janna is a very annoying champion to play against. Her tornado has a really short cooldown and can instantly be cast to knock an enemy adc airborne. Her 2nd skill can be used to poke enemies during the early game or slow enemies down during a chase. She is a force to be reckoned with during the laning phase until mid game in bot lane as she can bombard enemies with her basic abilities and shield Vayne from pokes with her 3rd ability.

Bewitching Janna

Janna can also protect Vayne from all types of ganks and different playstyle with her ultimate that pushes all enemies away while she heals Vayne. All of her spells have low cooldown so there really is no other way to get around her defenses but to kill her. She however needs high knowledge in macro mechanics to get the best out of her but despite this, she is one of the best support for Vayne league of legends has to offer in season 12.


When it comes to healing, there is no better champion out there than Soraka in league of legends. Her entire playstyle revolves around healing her allies. This can be a really great synergy for Vayne during the early game especially if enemies have strong pokes. Soraka can contest the pokes of their enemies with her basic abilities as well. Soraka’s heals have a really low cooldown meaning she can spam her heals on Vayne during the late game and depending on her runes, she can even increase her heal strength.

Star Guardian Soraka

Soraka is also a really strong enchanter in league of legends that can boost Vayne’s stats and dps depending on the items that she build. She can enhance Vayne’s offensive power while healing her with bonus movement speed when she’s low on hp. Soraka’s ultimate also allows her to heal even her other teammates giving a huge advantage during late-game team fights. She can also build redemption so she can still heal Vayne even after her death, she just needs to factor in the range of Redemption from her death site.


Playing Vayne adc is a luxury nowadays as she has a really high ban rate, but when you manage to pick her she can easily be countered by Caitlyn. But with Lulu as Vayne’s support, Vayne can easily play safe during the laning phase and be extremely aggressive in the mid game to late game. It is also easy to win against tanks with gap closers as she’s a great peeler and can turn enemies into harmless animals.

Star Guardian Lulu

Lulu’s playstyle revolves around enchanting Vayne be it speeding her up, giving her shields or turning her into a giant which increases her HP and knocks enemies back. Lulu also counters most of the best supports out there as her kit has it all, she can even build items to add active skills to her already impressive set of spells to protect Vayne. Lulu and Vayne combo is a great duo to reach the highest rank possible.