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Best Rek'Sai Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends

Before Bel'Veth came along, Rek'Sai was the Void Queen of the jungle. Ad with this highest win rate build, it's quite easy to see why that is the case.
Best Rek'Sai Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends

Rek'Sai is an assassin jungler, who can solo carry games by wiping out the enemy backline, and whose ultimate is unstoppable. These are the best RekSai build, runes, spells, items League of Legends can offer her, as well as her greatest counters.

Best Rek'Sai Build

When it comes to assassins, crowd control is their greatest enemy. In the case of Rek'Sai jungle, you cannot CC that which you cannot see, and these runes make sure to focus on her advantages as much as possible.

Rek'Sai League of Legends Build

Best Rek'Sai Runes

Interestingly, Rek'Sai is one of the League of Legends assassin champion that build fighter times, and whose playstyle is a straightforward fight, in the early levels.

As such, the Precision Rune Path, which allows melee champions a healthy early-game skirmish. And of course, with Triumph to snowball the gold lead, and Coup de grace to mop up enemies after a team fight, these are the best Rek'Sai runes.

Best Rune PathPrecisionPrecisionInspirationInspiration
Best KeystoneConquerorConqueror
Best Rune Slot 1 (Rune)TriumphTriumphMagical FootwearMagical Footwear
Best Rune Slot 2 (Rune)Legend: AlacrityLegend: AlacrityCosmic InsightCosmic Insight
Best Rune Slot 3 (Rune)Coup de GraceCoup de Grace

On the other hand, as Rek'Sai doesn't benefit from the domination Rune Tree as much as the other assassin champions, the focus goes onto the Inspiration Rune Path, to provide her with some utility.

Best Rek'Sai Rune Shards

Even though Rek'Sai is an assassin champion with fighter qualities, she is still an assassin a her core. So, her best Rune Shards are those that grant Adaptive Force damage.

Best Rune ShardsEffect
OffenseAdaptive Force+9 Adaptive Force
FlexAdaptive Force+9 Adaptive Force
DefenseHealth Rune Shard+15-90 Health (Based on Level)

On the other hand, as a jungler, Rek'Sai will be bombarded with physical and magical damage alike, from the champions she ganks, while also having to have a healthy clear.

Best Rek'Sai Spells

When it comes to Summoner Spells, there are only a few champions who are managing League of Legends trials, without using Flash. Those are Shaco or Tryndamere. Flash is a must-have when playing Rek'Sai, as Flash is, without a doubt, the best Summoner Spell in the game, overall.

Best SpellsIcon

On the other hand, Smite is the spell that denotes a jungle as a jungle, and without it a jungle clear is impossible. Not just killing the camps themselves, but also gaining the needed experience.

Rek'Sai unburrowing

Best Rek'Sai Abilities Order

The first ability to level on Rek'Sai, out of her skill order, is her Q - Queen's Wrath/Prey Seeker. It's her main source of continuous damage to both enemy champions and natural jungle camps. Its Queen's Wrath mode is used for clears and skirmishes, while the Prey Seeker is intended for ganks and backline ambushes.

After that, the next ability in her skill order is her W - Burrow/Unburrow. It must only get leveled once, however, and then maxed last, after the rest of her abilities. With this ability, Rek'Sai gains bonus movement speed, which is vital for a jungler, as well as a powerful knock-up that is invaluable for ganks.

Rek'Sai Abilities Order League of Legends

Finally, besides Rek'Saia's ultimate, we have her E - Furious Bite/Tunnel. This is the third ability to leveled, and the second one to max out. The Tunnel mode allows Rek'Sai to gank enemies from the fog of war, while Furious Bite deals True Damage at max Fury stacks, which is an excellent way to delete any enemy.

And, as always, Rek'Sai's ultimate is her bread and butter. It's known as the "outplay button", one of the few Riot Games have in the game, as her R - Void Rush, after marking an enemy with her abilities, allows Rek'Sai to lunge at them and deal enormous physical damage, and become Untargetable while doing so.

Best Rek'Sai Items

As we've said before, Rek'Sai is one of the assassin champions who performs best when she builds fighter items, with an assassin Mythic Item.

Best Starter Rek'Sai Items

Starting off, we have the usual jungler combo of buying Hailblade and Refillable Potion as the starter items.

First ItemSecond Item
HailbladeHailbladeRefillable PotionRefillable Potion

Best Mid-Game Rek'Sai Items

In the mid-game, if you’ve utilized the laning phase correctly and got some gold via ganks as well as efficient jungle pathing, your core build should be ready. It consists of a non-negotiable Prowler's Claw as a Mythic Item, Plated Steelcaps, and Edge of Night.

First ItemSecond ItemThird Item
Prowler's ClawProwler's ClawPlated SteelcapsPlated SteelcapsEdge of NightEdge of Night

Prowler's Claw gives Rek'Sai an additional way to stick to her enemies, with its Active Dash ability, while Edge of Night offers the needed health alongside the lethality and the always-useful, spell shield for getting officially involved in a team fight.

Rek'Sai Using Her R In-Game

Best Final Late Game Rek'Sai Items

The final, late-game, Rek'Sai build looks like a mishmash of various hybrid items that are situational for most other champions. In her case, it works however.

First ItemSecond ItemThird ItemFourth ItemFifth ItemSixth Item
Prowler's Claw Prowler's ClawPlated SteelcapsPlated SteelcapsEdge of NightEdge of NightDeath's Dance Death's DanceGuardian Angel Guardian AngelMaw of Malmortius Maw of Malmortius

At the end of the day, what makes Rek'Sai strong are her base stats. So, Items such as Death's Dance, Guardian Angel, and Maw of Malmortius give Rek'Sai additional resistances, while also building on her base stats as well.

And though, as they are hybrid items, their resistances can't compare to pure tanks items, nor can are their damage stats on par with damage-specialized items, in they are just enough to make Rek'Sai capable of one-shotting enemies, without getting deleted in return, around which her current playstyle is built.

Strongest Champion Against Rek'Sai

The champion Rek'Sai players struggle the most against are the ones whose early-game stats are even better than hers, or those who can completely avoid her until they've farmed enough.

ChampionWin Rate %Icon

Weakest Champions Against Rek'Sai

The champions that do the opposite of Rek'Sai, and are tanks that build lethality, or those that just can't keep up with her map domination, are the ones she fares the best against.

ChampionWin Rate %Icon
Lee Sin56.2%Lee Sin

It’s these enemies that those who play Rek'Sai like the most and dealing a killing blow to them is easy enough to do, by following this highest win rate Rek'sai guide.

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