Best supports for Xayah in League of Legends

Feathers aren’t always soft and delicate, and Xayah’s feathers are not the type you want to stuff a pillow with.

Updated on Aug 08, 2023
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Best supports for Xayah in League of Legends

The revolutionary vastayan known as Xayah will do anything to protect her people and loved ones, but when it comes to the Summoner's Rift, she will protect and defend her allies and nexus from the enemy team. 

Riot Games designed her to be an AD carry who fulfills her role very well. In the current patch 12.11 her win rate is rather low, but we'll still see what are her best supports.

What are the best supports for Xayah?

For Xayah, the best supports are champions who can tank a lot of damage and who have some form of crowd control in their kit of skills, for Xayah to create a "chain cc", with the CC of her own, and get officially involved in a fight to attack enemies while rooted or stunned.


To start off strong with this, we have Rakan, who hands down the greatest support for Xayah due to their high synergy.

Riot Games designed both of these champions to be played with one another, and they even emphasized how their skills will react differently if they're together or not.

The truth is, that this duo works wonders, and a total must-try if you want to play with a friend.


Right now, in this patch 12.11, Rakan has a win rate a bit higher than Xayah's. The reason why Rakan is so good with her is because he can resist a lot of damage from the enemy, his abilities also allow him to initiate fights, and get out quickly, as well as to poke the enemy bot lane safely.

As a tank with CC abilities, he can stun the enemy for them to be finished off with Xayah's feathers. Despite their win rate, this duo can still be used to climb to one of the highest rank in the game.

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If for some reason you don't like a champion such as Rakan, there are also other ones like Thresh.

He's a nice pick to pair Xayah with in your games, they have a decent early game and this duo has some offensive and defensive stats that go great with each other when executing a combo in a game.

Thresh's win rate sits rather low currently, but he still has a lot to offer when you play Xayah and his teammates during team fights in League of Legends.


Thresh's hook can poke safely from distance, that, paired with his lantern to shield Xayah as she gains movement speed and attack damage from her W, allows for smooth trades without taking much damage during the game, and to achieve this, your don't need a high knowledge of these champions in League of Legends. Thresh is usually played with the summoner spells Flash and Ignite, but they can sometimes be replaced by Heal or Exhaust.

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Nami is a highly versatile support champion for Xayah in the game.

Her presence in a team is always remarkable thanks to her pbuttive ability, which grants movement speed to an ally when one of her skills come in contact with them, that bonus speed is rather useful for the best Xayah gameplay in League of Legends during the early game.


Nami has in her kit abilities that go very well with our ADC, healing, stuns, and much more that Xayah can capitalize from, and the use of your summoner spells will grant you kills.

Nami is a champion with decent stats, so you shouldn't be afraid of playing her a bit aggressively this season, as long as you don't go too crazy.

In this season Nami's win rate is pretty decent, so it wouldn't hurt anyone to try her out this season in the Summoner's Rift in League of Legends.

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When you look for “best support for Xayah league of legends”, you will always find Blitz, although he has a sad win rate at the moment, it doesn't change the fact that he's a great support for Xayah according to many opinions.

Thanks to the hook Riot Games gave him, you can pull enemies for Xayah to deal damage through skills and summoner spells.


Blitzcrank is a good choice for the best Xayah gameplay possible, because he can use his abilities, ult or summoner spells to expose enemies for Xayah to attack and get officially involved in a trade or team fight.

You have to be careful and use your abilities at the right moment to help get a kill when it comes to managing League champions like Blitzcrank, since they do have a rather high cooldown.

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Tanky support champions go well with Xayah like bread and butter, this support Alistar works wonders with Xayah due to his high survivability and engagement potential against enemies.

If you are into tanks, then you should get Alistar for your account when you log in, with the right items. He's great to slow down enemies and to change the course of a game when being in a team fight thanks to his ultimate.


For the best Xayah and Alistar outcome in a trade or fight against many opponents, what you want to do as Alistar is to knock back the enemy that is the most vulnerable so your ADC Xayah kills them quickly.

After that, it’s all about resisting and avoiding damage from the enemies. Alistar's win rate is a bit low, but that doesn’t seem to change people’s opinions about him, since Riot Games has always got out a champion that a community of players will love despite their performance.


Leona is yet another tank character that Riot Games created who plays her role exceptionally. Leona’s playstyle pairs very well with the playstyle of Xayah.

Her ultimate offers a AoE stun that Xayah can follow up with her own to create a beautiful chain of CC, that will leave the enemy champs beautifully exposed to receive as much damage as possible.


Although in this meta tanks aren’t doing that well, and Leona is no exception to it due to her low win rate, with the right playstile she can be the core piece of any team.

With Leona you want to move around and leave the enemy in a position where they can be affected by Xaya’s sharp feathers and her fast paced playstyle.

Riot Games designed Xayah's playstyle to require time and a good sense of setting things up for her feathers to actually work, they can be used as a distraction, or as a threat to the enemy so they don’t mess around you too close, or else, they might regret it.

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