All About What Is Screen Shake in League of Legends

Discover all you need to know about what screen shake in League of Legends is. With this entire guide you will learn more about LoL settings fast!

All About What Is Screen Shake in League of Legends
All About What Is Screen Shake in League of Legends

If you're wondering what is screen shake league of legends and how you can use it to improve your LoL games and have some fun. Then you're in the right place, we will talk about what is screen shake league of legends in this complete guide to dominate everything about this wonderful game. So, let's start!

What is Screen Shake?

If you've explored your LoL settings you may have noticed there's an option and you can enable screen shake or disable it. This is an amazing and common technique to add any kind of dramatic effect to any game. For example, the blood in your screen when you're hurt in a shooting game, color contrast changes, or, in the case of LoL, some effects when you receive damage or die.

What is screen shake league of legends

This is an amazing way to improve your gaming experience, improve audience engagement and site statistics to understand, deliver and measure the damage dealt and receive and any other actions while playing LoL.
The good news, is that you can choose to show personalized content depending of your video configs, color contrast and the gaming experience you want to have while playing LoL, however, if you have an old PC or your graphics card is not quite new, you can face some issues while activating the this option in LoL.

Should You Enable Screen Shake?

No, Screen Shake may affect your gaming experience if your system software is limited. If you look on youtube and you check your video configs and camera shake frequently, you will notice that this helps you to improve your gaming experience and warn you about any damage dealt or taken from enemies, which help you to avoid their attacks, change your strategy, etc, but if your PC is not too good, it’s better to disable this feature.
On the other hand, you may present some FPS drop influenced by things like video quality, video settings, the content you're currently viewing and including details about managing your privacy config, all the effects created by screen shakes can affect your FPS. If you're interested in reading more about this, you can take a look at our guide about how to increase FPS in LoL.

What to do if Screen Shake is failing?

Either you choose to accept or you choose to reject using this option in LoL, there are some things you search for on Google to avoid any issue in case of having one. So, to reduce any problem with this option you may follow these steps to reset your graphic card:

  1. Open your game client.
  2. Press Ctrl + Win + Shift + B
  3. Wait some seconds to reset your video graphics.
  4. Start playing your game.

This easy method will help you to fix any kind of issue you may face with this in almost any games. Also, remember to watch and configure your video settings correctly according to your PC hardware and games settings. If you're still facing the same problem, you may try by checking our exclusive guide about what to do if League of Legends game client wont launch.