What is QSS in League of Legends?

So you’re leveling up your playstyle and dealing with champions that have crowd controls now huh? Here is a guide for what QSS is and why you need it.

What is QSS in League of Legends?
What is QSS in League of Legends?

You might be playing a game and suddenly a person types in, “you should buy a qss.” What even is a qss? Is it an active item? Is it consumable? Find out what QSS stands for and more details about it like when to buy the item and when to use it. What are the things that it can do and how does it work? Learn to differentiate the things that QSS can cleanse and not.

What does QSS stand for?

QSS stands for quicksilver sash which is an active item in league of legends and has a unique active ability that cleanses hard crowd control abilities like disables and roots. It has an effect that resembles the spell cleanse but they have a huge difference when it comes to what debuffs qss removes. Here are some of the debuffs that qss removes in lol:

  • Blind
  • Cripple
  • Disarm
  • Silence
  • Drowsy
  • Sleep
  • Charm
  • Fear
  • Taunt
  • Ground
  • Nearsight
  • Root
  • Stun
  • Suppression abilities
QSS item description

When should I buy QSS?

Qss is a great item that can deal with the hard crowd controls of certain champs and has magic resist to have magic damage reduction, but it does not necessarily mean that if there is a player with a disable, you should build it right away. For instance, if you are a tank and will be at the front line for the entirety of a teamfight, you don’t need to cleanse all the crowd control and other effects on you because you will only be standing like a wall in front of your team or even tank hits from minions. But you can build null magic mantle as an early item so you can be flexible if you want to build a qss. The following are the reasons why and when you should buy QSS.

  • If you are a marksman that relies on positioning
  • If crowd control effects will ruin the momentum of your champion
  • If the enemy has skill shot crowd controls to avoid being picked off
  • If a disable will initiate the combo of an opponent.

You should also consider the fact that Qss only builds to ad items which is Mercurial Scimitar and Silvermere Dawn. So sometimes, it’s better to buy a Banshee’s Veil when you are a mage as it can help you scale better.

Champion skills that Quicksilver sash can disrupt

The item definition of Quicksilver sash states that the item can remove crowd control effects and instantly clears all disable effects. But what are the disables that it is talking about? Will qss work against a Zed ult or vi’s ultimate? Or can it even cleanse summoner spells that has disables just like ignite and exhaust? Sometimes enemies can also use minions for their AoE disables. Here are some examples of spells and abilities in lol that Quicksilver sash can cleanse for you to have a general idea what it can cleanse and the ones it can’t.

Champion Skill
Urgot An Urgot ult can be cleansed by Quicksilver sash on its second cas and break free from the pull
Warwick Warwick’s ult is a suppression which can be cleansed by Quicksilver sash.
Vayne Vayne’s condemn stuns an opponent when pushed against a wall which can be cleansed by quicksilver sash.
Lux Lux’s lightbinding roots an opponentwhich is a disable and can be cleansed by Quicksilver sash.
Skarner Skarner ultimate is just like Warwick’s, it’s a suppression and can be cleansed by Quicksilver sash.
Zed A Zed death mark does not disable or impair the movement of an opponent and cannot be cleansed by quicksilver sash.
Fizz A Fizz ult can slow the opponent but doesn’t stop them from moving which makes it immune to quicksilver sash.
Bard Stasis is a status effect commonly achieved by Zhonya’s hourglass which a person can do nothing about so quicksilver sash does not cleanse a bard ult.
Vi A Vi ult is an airborne crowd control and it is a status effect that nothing can counter.

There is however some exceptions to the item’s “cleanses disables” effect. Teemo can inflict blind with his first skill, it is not a disable just like a hard CC but it can be cleansed by qss. You can use QSS once teemo’s Q projectile hit you to instantly cleanse the affected person. Aside from this, persistent effects also cannot be cleansed by QSS just like Udyr’s Q in league of legends. 

How QSS affects items

There are different tiers for items in league of legends, there are basic items that can be combined to build better items, which leads to legendary items that has unique passives that can impair the movement of an enemy. Epic items or what Riot games wants to call it, Mythic items however are a unique case as it serves like a secondary skill to a champion just like Everfrost’s root.Activating QSS when you get rooted by Everfrost, immediately removes the root debuff on you which means QSS cleanses most activated skills and even items. It is also smart if you limited your inventory to just one QSS built item in league of legends to have good item diversity.

Can QSS remove summoner spell debuffs?

Qss is an active item in a lol game which can remove debuffs like heavy CC abilities like disable and roots and even remove suppression, a spell that can be very hard to get yourself free from. Qss can not remove ignite as ignite is not really a disabling ability, it continuously deals damage to a champion and does not prevent a player’s mobility.