Best League of Legends ADCs to Play With Bard

Bard is the definition of a roaming support. So the ADCs to play with him must also be capable of playing along with that type of gameplay.

Updated on Sep 11, 2023
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Best League of Legends ADCs to Play With Bard

Bard is a League of Legends support with the most unique gameplay in the whole game, and that is without counting his top lane attack speed build. 

His entire kit revolves around being a roaming support, and in lane can only do limited healing and kiting. Here, we offer the best ADC for Bard League of Legends has to offer, for each of his capabilities.

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This is an old champion in the game, designed by Riot Games Inc as an extremely simple champion. However, it’s simplicity that works when playing with Bard support.


Sivir’s poking ability, when played with lethality, works extremely well with Bard’s Q.

A single Q to slow, or even stun enemies, along with Sivir’s Q, deals enough damage to make enemies wary of trying to farm.


In addition, these two champions work well in clearing waves, always having priority in the bot lane, to then use Bard’s roaming, and gank other lanes together.

Furthermore, with Sivir’s spell shield, Bard’s job of collecting Meeps, which give him a movement speed buff, an empowered auto attack, is a lot easier, as he doesn’t have to fear the enemy ADC and support catching Sivir easily.

In essence, this bot lane pair is a wave clearing, poking machine, that has a lot of roaming potential.

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While we’re on the subject of safe lanes, that Bard can leave behind and gank the enemy team constantly, we have Caitlyn, the champion with high range capabilities, to farm when the Wandering Caretaker goes on a Magical Journey to help other allies.


A good Bard support will even leave small care packages to his ADC, in the form of heals, for Caitlyn to pick up when getting poked.


In the early game, when not roaming, Bard support has an extremely strong auto attack, and along with Caitlyn can poke down almost anyone.

And, with his Q, should he manage to hit a stun, Caitlyn can do the same combo she does with Morgana.

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Miss Fortune

Speaking of the early game, and laning phase, Bard and Miss Fortune have an incredible synergy in poking.

Once Bard support hits his stun on the enemy ADC and support, Miss Fortune can follow up with either her Love Tap or her W.


In addition, during the late game, should Miss Fortune play lethality, a good Bard's ultimate, gives Miss Fortune and other allies, ample opportunity to set up her own Bullet Storm, to destroy the enemy team in a single team fight.


Unfortunately, she is one of the ADCs Bard cannot leave alone in the lane for too long, as she doesn’t have any self-peel ability.

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While every ADC is a very squishy champion that you must babysit, Ezreal is one of the rare that you can leave to farm in a lane alone. Moreover, you are encouraged to, as you don’t want him to join any team fights before he gets useful, and gets his core items.


To that end, Bard has all the time in the world to collect his Meeps, get some good ganks in, and deal more damage to the enemy morale.

With how annoying champions these two are, you are waging mental warfare on the enemy, at the same time.


This is, by far, the best ADC for Bard in League of Legends.

After all, Bard’s core strategy is one of ignoring his ADC as much as possible, giving him solo XP, before he hits his power spike and gets officially involved in the game with the rest of his team.

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