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How To Zoom Out More in League of Legends | LoL

A wider view of the map can make things easier during a match. This advantage, of course, comes with a price, are you willing to pay it?

Updated on Sep 19, 2022
How To Zoom Out More in League of Legends | LoL

Zooming out more of what’s usual in the League of Legends map, Riot Games doesn’t like that much; having a bigger view of the Summoners Rift can give you certain unfair advantages. 

For example, if you happen to have a bigger picture of the game, you could see Ashe's arrow from her ultimate, and therefore you’ll have more time to react and move to avoid being hit by it. Of course, these unfair advantages are punished by Riot Games, but here, we’ll still show you how it works.

Why Should You Zoom Out More in LoL?

This lets you spot easier your enemies and their abilities during your gameplay, which could help totally against some of The Most OP Champions. When playing in any lane or even in the jungle, you can use your mouse wheel (also known as the “scroll wheel”) to change the zoom levels and take a closer look at your champion and the rift in general, or zoom out and have a wider but limited view of your character. 

Some of the reasons to zoom out more on your screen are:

  • A wider vision of the map.
  • Avoid ganks easier.
  • A greater view allows you to react faster to ultimates like those of Ezreal, Jinx, or Ashe.

How to Zoom Out More in LoL

To have this advantage in LoL is something easily achieved through “hacks” the thing about this is that Riot has put a significant effort into banning those accounts who use them through update patches that detect the usage of said hacks. That’s why we don’t recommend you to do this unless you’re aware of what you’re getting you and your account that may have one of the Pay to Win Skins into. 

The good news for those who have an NVIDIA graphic card is that you can zoom out natively the game with these steps:

  1. First, right-click your mouse on your desktop and select the NVIDIA Graphics configuration.
  2. There’s an option named “Customize”, click there, and a window with the option to create a custom screen resolution will be there. Click on it.
  3. You will modify the first two options. In the “Vertical Lines” you’ll input 800 for the “Horizontal Pixels” input 1920. Click on “Test” and then “Ok”.
  4. Now back on the previous window, click on the only custom resolution you’ll encounter, and press “ok”.
  5. You’ll be again in the first window you opened, now scroll until you find the section with the customized resolutions, and select and apply the one you just created.
  6. Go to the League of Legends folder in your drive, and open the “config” folder. There’s a note called “game”, double click your mouse on that option.
  7. Once the note is open, find the “Height” and “Width”, here, input the values of the custom resolution you created. Now save the modified note, replacing the one that was already there.

Is this method to Zoom Out more in League of Legends bannable?

Although this is a way to have a broader view of the Summoner’s Rift map, and technically you’re not using any external software to achieve this, some players have warned that your account could be banned by Riot Games if you use this method to zoom out more the map. If you want to try this out anyways, we advise you to not use your main account.

As we have mentioned before, Riot gas put a strong effort into banning any modification or hack that may give you an advantage in the game. Although having a wider vision in LoL can make things easier when you play against The Most Annoying Enemy Characters, it would be easier if players main The Most Popular Champions; that way, no one gets banned, and everyone gets to keep their precious accounts.

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