Best Zyra Skins | LoL

Zyra has a long list of skins to choose from. To make it easier for you, here is a list of all the best Zyra skins in LoL to help with your skin choice.

Updated on Mar 05, 2024
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Best Zyra Skins | LoL

Zyra was first released on July 24, 2012, with her first skin Wildfire Zyra. Zyra is used as a support and a midlaner because of her strong team fighting capabilities. 

She is known to have beautiful skins because it compliments her plant abilities that bring out the cool-looking particles and animations. Here is a list of her most beautiful skins in League of Legends.

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Wildfire Zyra

One of the earliest skins in the game, released on July 24, 2021, Wildfire Zyra is one of the cheap Regular skins priced at only 975 Riot Points. The Wildfire skin closely resembles its Classic counterpart with modifications to the model and particles. Still, Wildfire Zyra looks excellent because of the lava aura in her outfit and skills.


You should not expect too many changes since this skin is pretty cheap and may not have the most amazing changes compared to the more costly skins.


However, it is still a great choice if you are looking for an inexpensive skin with decent changes to Zyra, especially if you have a limited budget.


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Haunted Zyra

Like the Wildfire skin, Haunted Zyra is one of the earliest skin releases made by Riot Games and was released on October 29, 2013. Haunted Zyra is based on a graveyard concept and captures it perfectly. Personally, this skin is not eye-catching compared to the other expensive champion skins, but it still perfectly represents Zyra's sinister looks.


Considering it's an epic skin priced at 1350 Riot Points, it changes Zyra's model, particles, animations, and sounds. The plant seeds are probably the best part of this skin. The tombstone design is unique and appealing. Not only that, but if you prefer new sounds, recall, and attack animation, the Haunted Zyra skin surely delivers by providing fantastic zombie-themed changes for its users.


Suppose you like dozens of changes and a more ominous look to strike fear into the enemy laners; the Haunted Zyra skin is the best choice and is definitely worth the 1350 RP price point. And the good thing is, it is still purchasable in the League store today.


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Dragon Sorceress Zyra

Released on March 9, 2017, this skin is one of the most beautiful skins for this champion. If you prefer a more draconic feel, the Dragon Sorceress Zyra will be the best choice.

Like the Haunted Zyra, the Dragon Sorceress skin is priced at 1350 Riot Points, but unlike the former, this skin is more flashy with eye-catching purple and blue details.

The seeds from her passive and rampant growth are dragon eggs, and when you cast either Deadly Spines or Grasping Roots near the seeds, they will become fire-breathing dragon plants.


Like most epic skins, Dragon Sorceress has new sounds, animations, and particles for all abilities. The recall animation where she flies to the base fits the concept of the skin. Other than that, the Dragon Sorceress probably has the best splash art out of all the Zyra champion skins.


If you want a unique and flashy iteration of Zyra, then the Dragon Sorceress skin will be a great choice. It is also worth it for all of the changes it brings to the players. And the good thing is, Dragon Sorceress Zyra is currently purchasable at the League store.


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Coven Zyra and Coven Zyra Prestige Edition

One of the modern skins, Coven Zyra, was released last April 16, 2020. Coven Zyra and its prestige edition lean on the sleek and classy side, unlike the Dragon Sorceress skin. Like most of her skins, it is priced at 1350 Riot Points.

Coven Zyra has a color scheme that features a mix of dark blue, green, and purple. It also has new sounds, animations, particles, voice-over, and effects.

From the name itself, the Coven skin follows a witch concept. Her skills have a floral design, and her seeds have bird masks that transform into crow-looking plants when you cast Deadly Spines or Grasping Roots nearby.


What makes this skin different from the other choices is that it has different chromas that you can pick from the available colors: gold, yellow, white, green, dark red, and blue.

On the other hand, the prestige edition of Coven Zyra is one of the few mythic champion skins available in the game. The Prestige Edition of the skin is basically a gold and white edition of the Coven skin, changing the animation, effect, particle, and texture colors.


Both of these skins are still available in the game. Coven Zyra is purchasable at the League store, while the Prestige Edition is redeemable by using 100 points in the 2020 Prestige Shop.


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Crystal Rose Zyra

This skin suits Zyra as a champion, and it's arguably one of the best skins in the whole game. The Crystal Rose is Zyra's most recent skin, released January 21 of this year.

There is no need to apply the Dragon or Coven concepts because, unlike the other choices, Crystal Rose is the only skin with a bright theme and retains the character of Zyra being a lady of thorns.

Crystal Rose is sleek, relaxing, and elegant. Her seeds are in the form of roses and become fully grown thorn spitting plants when a normal skill is cast around them.


Like the Coven skin, all the particles, textures, sounds, and animations are changed, which all follow an elegant white theme—and all of it is relaxing to see and hear. On top of that, the chromas make the skin a lot better. The available colors are ruby, rose quartz, aquamarine, peridot, amethyst, obsidian, pearl, and citrine.

Every color of the textures, particles, and animations are shown in different colors every time you change the chroma. Crystal Rose is currently purchasable in the League store for 1350 Riot Points.


Zyra is not the only champion with various skins in League of Legends. If you want another midlane champion skin check out our best Zoe skins list. However, if you want to see more beautiful League cosmetics for all the characters, check out our list of the best lol champion skins.

There you have it, the Best Zyra Skins in LoL. There are still a lot of League of Legends skins choices for Zyra, like the SKT T1 and Lunar Beast, but these are probably the best skins you can buy for her. Good luck on the rift, fellow summoner!

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