Best Kassadin Skins | LoL

Whom does the desert know? It knows Kassadin, one of League of Legends’ most hyperscaling champions.

best skins kassadin lol
best skins kassadin lol

Kassadin is Riot Games’ version of Batman in League of Legends. An honest man on a quest of vengeance for his killed family, to bring justice to those responsible and their ilk. Because of his noble goal, those his methods are questionable, we bring you a list of his best skins.

Cosmic Reaver Kassadin

Kassadin is a magic damage-dealing champion in League of Legends. And nothing says magic more than a being older than starlight. Thus, his Cosmic Reaver Kassadin skin takes its place on our list.

The Cosmic Reaver Kassadin skin was released on October 14, 2015, with a price tag of 1350 RP. Riot Games added this skin to the game to accompany the launch of the Oceanic League of Legends server.

As an Epic-rated skin, Cosmic Reaver Kassadin updates the base champion with new animations, sounds, and particle effects. The Nether Blade of Horok, Kassadin’s usual weapon, is replaced by a blade that is much less sinister-looking. The overall appearance of the champion changes with the Cosmic Reaver Kassadin skin as well, making the champion nobler. To corroborate this, all revenue from the server immediately after release was donated to charity for medical services and research.

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Count Kassadin

“A grim, lonely man who lives on a grim, lonely street, Count Kassadin is the one whom all kids avoid on All Hallows’ Eve,  for in his presence, there are no treats nor sweets to be found.” With such a description of the skin, it is obvious that Riot Games are going for an inversion of Kassadin’s original design.

The Count Kassadin skin was added to the game on October 14, 2019. It is part of the Trick-or-Treat League of Legends skin line, one shared with 28 other League champions. AS this skin is part of the Haloween event, it has been placed in the Legacy Vault, and cannot be purchased regularly.

The Count Kassadin skin is an Epic-rated one, with new animations, sounds, and particle effects. The skin’s splash art and in-game model portray Kassadin without his signature helmet. With the lore describing him as a spooky and grim man, one that children avoid, Riot Games designed this as a complete inversion of the champion’s base nature. Instead of hunting monsters, with this skin, Kassadin becomes one, a vampire.

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Hextech Kassadin

In League of Legends, magic is not the only source of power. There is also science, whose practical application revolves around hextech. The Hextech Kassadin skin thrusts this League of Legends champion into this world, though in the same circumstances, as a vanguard against evil.

The Hextech Kassadin skin was released on October 25, 2020. It is Kassadin’s newest skin, as well as his most expensive one, depending on how you look at it. It cannot be bought with League of Legends RP, rather it must be crafted with 10 gemstones.

The skin is rated as a Mythic one, and brings a plethora of updates to the base champion, including new animations, particle effects, and sounds. The skin’s splash art, as well as its recall animation, show Kassadin battling Hextech Nocturne, and keeping up with the theme of Kassadin’s self-sacrifice for the greater good. With its visuals and exclusiveness, this should be the first Kassadin skin once the champion gets added to Wild Rift.

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Deep One Kassadin

There are numerous mid-lane assassins in League of Legends. Some of them are even aquatically themed, and do burst magic damage. None of them, however, not even Pyke, have a skin that resembles Davy Jones and is inspired by H.P. Lovecraft's works.

The Deep One Kassadin skin was released on August 01, 2010. It’s an old skin, priced at 520 RP, and placed in the Legacy vault due to its age and history.

However, it is also the skin that the die-hard Kassadin players use the most. Seeing an enemy champion in-game with this Kassadin skin automatically makes your win ratio go down, due to losing all hope of victory past level 16. Your only hope is that the enemy Kassadin will rage and go AFK, which is not unheard of since Kassadin is the League of Legends champion with the highest AFK rate in the game.

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Harbinger Kassadin

There is something visceral that plays on our animal nature, when good men turn evil due to their anguish, in works of art. The Harbinger Kassadin skin uses this to maximum effect.

This League of Legends skin was added to the game on July 12, 2011. With a price tag of a respectable 975 RP, the Harbinger Kassadin skin updates Kassadin’s in-game model with a special focus on the new Nether Blade design.

Harbinger Kassadin is not an enemy of the Void, but its herald. He has joined hands with his hated enemy, Malzahar, to destroy all misery and anguish in the world and return everything back to the nothingness of the Void. However, just as the Ruined King’s ethereal appearance betrays his undead nature, so does Harbinger Kassadin’s cruel-looking armor betray the origins and the goals of the Void.

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As one of the first forty League of Legends champions, Kassadin’s design, lore, and kit should’ve been outdated long ago. However, unlike his fellow champions, Kassadin is not only still relevant in the meta, but also in the lore of the League of Legends universe.

Likewise, his skins stand the test of time. The older ones Riot Games have placed in the Legacy Vault, to make way for new ones, as this champion gets them consistently, which says enough about his place in the game.

Joining Kassadin as a magic-dealing, frustratingly overpowered old champion, is Karthus. League of Legends’ only lich, a willing undead, whose repertoire of bodies and skins is a work of macabre art.

As the League of Legends in-game universe stretches from the lowest depths to the highest peaks, keeping up with new sin releases may be a bit difficult. to ease that, we compile lists of the best League of Legends’ champion skins for your perusal.