How Many Skins Are in LoL

If there is one thing to hoard in League of Legends, that is the skins found within. And, boy, is there material to hoard.
How Many Skins Are in LoL

If you've ever bought any skin in League of Legends, then you certainly know that there is no way of ever getting them all, after twelve years of Riot Games releasing new skins constantly, as the company's biggest money drivers. It does beg the question, though, of just how many skins League of Legends skins exist right now.

How Many Skins Does LoL Have?

There are numerous answers to the question of how many skins are in LoL, depending on what you take into account. As it stands, there are 1375 total skins in League of Legends.

Of course, that number is not final. Out of these not all skins are available, nor are can those that can be acquired easily purchasable. Here is the rundown of League of Legends skins, and how many skins exist according to their availability:

Available LoL Skins932
Legacy Vault Skins335
Rare LoL Skins74
Unavailable LoL Skins34

Of course, these skins are not all of the same type, as even a Legendary Skin can become unavailable after some time.

How Many Skin Types Are In League of Legends?

While most skins in League of Legends would fall under the normal skins department, that is not actually their true skin category. Riot Games themselves categorize skin based on how much they are worth.

Now, there are 8 skin types in League of Legends officially:

Chroma Skins290 RP
Classic Skins390 - 520 RP
Budget Skins750 RP
Standard Skins975 RP
Epic Skins1350 RP
Legendary Skins1820 RP
Mythic Skins100 Mythic Essence or 100 Prestige Points
Ultimate Skins3250 or 2775 RP

Of course, there are subtypes of each of these types of League of Legends skins, where even the ultimate skins are in League of Legends priced differently. Ultimate skins for Miss Fortune and Lux have widely different prices, after all, even though both are worth five times the price of any single skin of the standard variety.

Which Champion Has the Most Skins in League of Legends?

There is a reason some champions tend to receive more skins than others in LoL. That reason, of course, being the sales of said skins. As it stands right now, there are currently two champions tied for first place when it comes to that.

League of Legends - Elementalist Lux

The champions with the most skins in League of Legends are Ezreal and Lux. They are trailed by Miss Fortune and others on the list of champions with an ultimate skin. This, naturally, indicates that these are the most popular champions in the game as well, as far as Riot Games are concerned, at least.

How Many Skin Lines Are In League of Legends?

A skin line in this game represents certain skin themes that Riot Games rely on when they wish to release some new skins. Even ward skins, the least skins in the game, in regards to popularity, are released according to them.

League of Legends - Championship Riven

There are currently 110 skin lines in League of Legends. The biggest one in the game is, of course, the World Championship skin line, which contains the champions chosen to get a skin by the team winning the World Championship in question, and ranges from a normal to an epic skin.

How Many Prestige Skins are in League of Legends

Prestige skins in League of Legends are new skins that follow popular skins, which Riot deem need an upgrade.

Every champion can only get one Prestige skin, and these can only be crafted via Prestige Points and not bought by Riot Points.

Currently, 48 Prestige Skins are in League of Legends and available for purchase. Whenever a new skin is released, we speculate if it will be the new skin to have its own Prestige variation.

How Many League Of Legends Chroma Skins Exist?

Chroma skins are in League of Legends for one purpose, and one purpose only. To give a champion new life, without investing too much effort into it. Also, to get more money by selling said Chroma skins, but that is beside the point.

League of Legends - Victorious Lucian Chromas

In essence, Chroma skins are just recoloration of an already existing skin in League of Legends, and there are around 3000 Chroma skins in the game, currently.

So, if you want your champion select screen to look more colorful, there is certainly no shortage of skins to make that possible.

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