How to Hide the HUD in League of Legends

Who really needs all that pesky information regarding ability cooldowns and health, that your HUD gives you?
How to Hide the HUD in League of Legends

On a serious note, there are multiple reasons to hide your HUD in League of Legends, Whether it’s to try and fix a UI bug, or to try and clear up your screen, which can be done in a better way, the choice is all yours. Here’s how to do it, and why players choose to do so.

How To Toggle Hide The HUD in League of Legends?

Hiding the HUD is straight forwards in League of Legends. It's assigned to a Hotkey that you can press at any moment in the game. This way you can disable and enable it at any time. If you don't like playing with or without your HUD, you can toggle it, by simply pressing “ALT +”.

League of Legends - Hide HUD

That's the standard command for this however, you can modify this in your Options or Client Settings if you don’t want to risk a Ranked game. This is usually the default setting but some players might find there is nothing assigned to this command.

You can check what the hotkey is, and change it to a new command both in-game as well as in the LoL client:

  1. Click on the Settings,
  2. Select the Hotkeys option under the In-Game tab,
  3. Open the Display tab,
  4. Click on the Show/Hide HUD option,
  5. Use the command you wish to assign to it.

Can You Keep the Mini Map Without the HUD?

Sadly, it's not possible to keep the mini-map but remove the rest of the HUD. LoL only offers one option to remove the entire UI and not just certain parts of it. Deciding to hide the HUD then will also mean that you no longer have the map to guide you. 

Using the hotkey will allow you to quickly swap between modes during the game so you could always reactivate it if you need to check something, though this is unreliable at best.

League of Legends - HUD Size Change

The better option, if the HUD bothers you, while you want your mini-map to keep awareness of enemy movement, is to toggle the size of your HUD and mini-map:

  1. Open the Settings in the LoL Client,
  2. Click on the Interface option,
  3. Toggle the size of the mini-map, HUD, and chat separately.

Toggling these sizes can mean the difference between victory and defeat in a match, and must be carefully optimized.

Does Hiding the HUD Remove In-game Chat in League of Legends?

Hiding the UI won't completely hide the chat.

You'll still see messages pop up on the screen which means you still see pings so you can track summoners. Disabling the chat means this is no longer possible but it would mean you have a nice clean screen while playing League of Legends.

League of Legends - Hide Chat

League of Legends now has a different option in the Settings for turning off the chat visibility that you could use as well if you want a clean screen. For most people though, removing the HUD will be good enough.

Deciding to hide the UI is an interesting experience and fantastic for in-game League of Legends screenshots. 

Playing with friends without the HUD can also be a lot of fun with chaotic moments, especially if only one person in the group keeps the UI and needs to tell everyone else what's happening on the map. Some competitive players also find this to be a useful training tool for beginners so that you become less reliant on seeing the HP and Mana while playing the game.

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