Best Rengar Skins | LoL

Rengar is a popular Champion on League of Legends for multiple reasons. He has various great skin options, so we've narrowed down the best Rengar skin in LoL for you.

best rengar skins lol
best rengar skins lol

Rengar only joined the League of Legends Champion list in 2012, but he quickly became a favourite for many players. His unique Duel/Assassination kit allows him to 1v1 most Junglers during the early game, and he has a fast clear speed too. Rengar is an excellent Champion choice as a Jungler or Top, and he's known to be one of the best solo queue Jungler options in the game.

The changes made to the Pridestalker over the years mean he's not quite as strong as he used to be. Riot Games will continue to tweak him, and hopefully, players will have more reasons to show off their great Rengar skins!

Mecha Rengar

Released in 2017, Mecha Rengar is still relatively new to League of Legends compared to many of his other skin options. It turns the Pridestalker into a large mechanical beast and is part of the Mecha skin series. Created by humans to fight colossal kaiju, Mecha Rengar is also known as Prototype 09.

This skin gives Rengar an overhaul with a drastically different model and textures. He becomes a full mech covered in heavy metal plates. The classic features of his base skin have become solid metal, including his tail and fur. Mecha Rengar can also transform into a car for extra mobility and comes with a range of extra. The skin also comes with new SFX for abilities, including Battle Roar and Bola Strike, new VFX, and new animations.

As expected of the Mecha series, this is an expensive Rengar skin. It's an Epic tier skin available from the in-game store for 1350RP. Mecha Rengar is also available for League of Legends: Wild Rift as an Epic skin which costs 990 Wild Cores in the store.

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Sentinel Rengar

Sentinel Rengar is a new skin for the game, released in 2021. It was released alongside some other LoL skins, including Sentinel Pyke and Sentinel Graves. This also means that Rengar is now part of the League of Legends Sentinels team and lore.

Sporting a new windswept ponytail, Rengar still looks like the bipedal lion we all love but with a few changes. Sentinel Rengar has brand new armour, including some golden highlights for that premium feel. His base weapon has been replaced with a golden sword suited for a great warrior from the Sentinels. The skin also comes with new SFX, VFX, and animations, including a unique recall.

The Sentinel Rengar skin was introduced as part of the Sentinels of Light event alongside Sentinel Pyke and Sentinel Graves. It's an Epic tier skin that costs 1350 RP in the store, and various Chromas variants are available.

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Headhunter Rengar

Rengar the Pridestalker is a hunter, and this Headhunter Rengar skin is focused around this aspect of him. It was released in 2012 and was one of the first new skins added to LoL for him. The Yautja from the Predator franchise inspires the Headhunter Rengar skin. It even comes with an Alien heartbeat when activating the Thrill of the Hunt ability.

In-game, Headhunter Rengar is fitted with an iron mask that hides his face, and he's gained some black dreadlocks. However, Rengar also wears thick metal armour and has a bone tooth necklace around his neck. One of his shoulder plates also has a large skull mounted to it, and his weapon is very Yautja inspired. The look is a clear copy of the classic Predator armour.

Riot Games has introduced various Headhunter skins to the game over the years, all inspired by the Predator franchise. The option for Rengar is a Regular tier skin, and Headhunter Rengar is available for 975 RP in the store.

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SSW Rengar

Created to honour DanDy's victorious performance as Rengar in the 2014 World Championships, the SSW Rengar skin is part of the SSW Season 4 Championship skin collection. The skins are for Champions the Samsung White team used to win the 2014 World Championships, and the skins are based on the teams uniform.

SSW Rengar wears casual clothing, including running shoes, trousers and a white t-shirt based on the Samsung White design. He also has a white and blue headset on his head to match the new SW shirt he wears. SSW Rengar has an out-of-character casual look, but it is a nice nod to the win from DanDy at the 2014 World Championships.

It's impossible to purchase SSW Rengar from the store, but it is in the Legacy Vault and can still be gained from mystery gifts. When the vault is open, it can be purchased for 750 RP.

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Night Hunter Rengar

Converting Rengar into a panther assassin, Night Hunter Rengar offers the popular Champion a whole new look. It was released in 2014 and is also available in the League of Legends: Wild Rift for mobile devices and consoles.

With his cowl and cape, Night Hunter Rengar stalks across the battlefield in search of prey. His fur has turned a dark blue to mimic the black panther coat colour, and he wears a dark purple cowl on his head. Still missing an eye, the skin offers a slightly different Rengar than usual. It comes with no new sounds, but Night Hunter Rengar does have some new dark blue particle effects for his abilities and auto-attack. He also has a new cowl toggle for his taunt and has a new recall animation.

Releasing as a Regular tier skin, Night Hunter Rengar is always available to purchase from the in-game store. It costs 975 RP to buy this new skin for the Pridestalker in the PC game. It's also available in League of Legends: Wild Rift for 725 Wild Cores.

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Guardian of the Sands Rengar

The Guardian of the Sands skin series has been around in League of Legends lore for a long time, and Rengar has been added to the group. Set in an alternate version of Shrima, Guardian of the Sands Rengar is one of the Tomb Raiders. He stalks the ancient tombs and seems to be hunting other guardians.

Rengar has been converted into a Caracal, also known as a Desert Lynx, to fit the desert theme better. His fur is now an orange-brown to mimic the fur of a Caracal, and he wears golden plated armour. The armour he wears gives the Guardian of the Sands Rengar skin a premium feel and a whole new look. Rengar wears a white and golden shroud and cape with tiny ear holes in the hood. The new skin also comes with a new VFX for his animations, including his recall animation. It also includes some new SFX based around sand.

After releasing in 2019, the Guardian of Sands Rengar skin is a popular favourite for fans of this Champion. It's an Epic tier skin that's always available to buy from the store for 1350 RP.

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Rengar is a firm favourite for many due to his solo queue Jungle capabilities, and he has a lot of great skin options. Choosing the best skin for your favourite League of Legends Champions can be difficult. If you're not sure about any of these Rengar skins, then take a look at our list of the best Riven skins currently in the game. You can also check our League of Legends skin hub for a complete list of the best League of Legends skins in the game.