All Firecracker Skins | LoL

The Firecracker skins celebrate the Lunar New Year with culturally significant cosmetic designs. Let’s take a look at all Firecracker skins LoL has to offer.

all firecracker lol skins
all firecracker lol skins

The Firecracker skin series is a seasonal cosmetic that’s released to celebrate the Chinese New Year by releasing cosmetics that represent the culture of Chinese-speaking countries. The design of these skins features eccentric characters that give life to the festivities. Let’s take a look at all Firecracker skins LoL has to offer.

Lunar Revel Skins

The Lunar Revel skin series are often associated with the Porcelain skins, Warring Kingdoms, Mecha Kingdoms, and the Lunar Revel subcategory. These skins make up the eastern-style skins included in the current League of Legends cosmetic universe.

These skins represent a piece of China’s long history and culture, except for the Mecha Kingdoms skins, of course. Riot Games releases new skins every year during the Lunar New Year, either adding to its own subcategory or creating an entirely new universe. With the Firecracker skins being one of the oldest categories, let’s take a moment to appreciate its concept.

All Firecracker Skins

The Lunar Revel event has a  wide selection of skins. For now, let’s take a look at the Firecracker skin series in particular and take a look at their descriptions.

Panda Annie

Panda Annie is perfect for lighting up fireworks with her pyromancy, and at a young age, she’s already become an indispensable part of the Lunar Revel event. Tibbers, the panda, is tasked with carrying the fireworks and guarding them against thieves.

Annie and Tibbers dressed as a panda.

This skin may not have “Firecracker” in its name, but Riot Games has confirmed that it’s a part of the Firecracker skins. It celebrates the Lunar Revel event using firecrackers as its central theme.

Dragonwing Corki

Dragonwing Corki soars through the sky in a ship designed to look like the Lunar Revel dragon. The ship is designed to shoot out rockets and bullets to ward off evil and put on a show for the folks.

Corki riding an airship that looks like a Chinese dragon.

This is another skin designed by Riot Games intentionally to highlight the country’s culture and history. It’s one of the champion’s best-looking skins.

Lion Dance Kog’maw

Lion Dance Kog’maw was created to celebrate the Lunar Revel event, but that proved a fatal mistake for its owner because they ended up being eaten by the very monster they created. At the very least, he looks like he’s having fun.

Kog'maw as a dragon dancer.

Kog’maw represents the costume used in the traditional Dragon Dance. However, being a non-sentient being, he doesn’t get what he’s supposed to do.

Firecracker Vayne

Firecracker Vayne likes to wear the finest clothing to celebrate the Lunar Revel. The crossbow fitted with explosive arrows is what gives Firecracker Vayne the most character, but nobody wants to hang out with her. Not even Xin Zhao would dare cross paths with this woman during the celebration.

Vayne wearing traditional Chinese clothing.

Firecracker Vayne is one of the Vayne skins with its own Prestige Edition. The prestige skin features a golden look, often seen in most prestige skins created by Riot Games.

Firecracker Xin Zhao

Firecracker Xin Zhao is the person everyone goes to during the New Year, mostly because he hands out traditional red envelopes with a little bit of cash inside. However, Xin Zhao is also a likable person who keeps his friends from causing trouble when they get carried away with the celebrations.

Xin Zhao wearing traditional Chinese clothing.

Xin Zhao likes to stay calm and collected. He’s one of the original Riot Games characters heavily based around Chinese culture.

Firecracker Sett

Firecracker Sett loves a good brawl during the Lunar Revel event, but the highlight of his night is when he gets to be part of the traditional dragon dance. His excellent footwork and ability to wow the crowd make him the boss of the event.

Sett wearing traditional Chinese clothing.

Sett is the boss in everything he does, and there’s no telling what else he excels at when he puts his mind into it.

Firecracker Sejuani

The night is not complete until Firecracker Sejuani comes marching through the streets on her giant pig, flailing around her whip covered in firecrackers. She’s a woman you need to watch and watch out for.

Sejuani wearing traditional Chinese clothing and riding a giant pig.

Sejuani’s pig has cemented itself as one of the most adorable animals to join the League of Legends roster and makes it so that this skin is a must-buy for players.

Firecracker Jinx

Firecracker Jinx is a pyromaniac by heart, creating various weaponry to celebrate the New Year by shooting out explosives left and right. Unfortunately for many stall owners, she often gets carried away and causes one or two fires.

wearing traditional Chinese clothing.

When it comes to partying, there’s no one better than Jinx. An excellent skin to have on both League of Legends and Wild Rift.

Firecracker Diana

The Lady of the Moon is the symbol of luck. This is why whenever Firecracker Diana walks through the streets, she is given an offering by stall owners in hopes of earning the blessing of having another prosperous year.

Diana wearing traditional Chinese clothing.

Diana’s Firecracker skin is well-designed, giving her a surprisingly nice look despite being out of character for the theme. Similar to Coin Emperor Tahm Kench. 

Firecracker Teemo

Every year, people line up for Firecracker Teemo’s famous dumplings. These tasty treats offer an explosive burst of flavor that combines the delectable soup infused inside with the delicious meat.

Teemo opening up a steamer filled with dumplings.

Teemo may be an annoying champion to deal with, but at least he’s adorable to look at in his cosmetics.

Firecracker Tristana

One heroine ensures that nothing goes wrong with the fireworks, and that’s Firecracker Tristana. She works hard to ensure everything is alright so viewers can simply watch in awe as the night sky is filled with bright and colorful designs.

Tristana wearing traditional Chinese clothing.

Tristana needs to catch a break to enjoy the Lunar Revel festival with her friends and loved ones.