Best Kbuttadin Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends

The walker of the void is a champion who requires tons of mana to delete his enemies, in this build we’ll show you what are his best items

Updated on Sep 11, 2023
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Best Kbuttadin Build Guide | Runes | Spells | Items in League of Legends

Kbuttadin is a mid lane champion that sometimes players tend to take to the top lane, he is the best late game champion in League of Legends due to his damage scaling and a hard-hitting ultimate ability. The best Kbuttadin build seeks to stack him up on a lot of mana since his requirements are arguably the highest in the game so far.

Best Kbuttadin Build

This build for Kbuttadin mid aims to increase his AP as he deals magic damage in quick succession thanks to his combos and standard auto attack. To play Kbuttadin in team fights is rather easy although you can't get too crazy, Kbuttadin players just have to go in and out using his ultimate ability "Riftwalk", and leave your "Force Pulse" and "Null Sphere" for the pokes.


Best Kbuttadin Runes

Kbuttadin's best runes are in the "Domination" and "Precision" trees. In the first section for this patch 12.15 choose "Taste of Blood" which will heal any missing health, then "Eyeball Collection" to gain more ability power as you achieve takedowns as you play League of Legends. Finally, choose "Ultimate Hunter" to gain ability haste anytime you kill an enemy champion.

Best Rune Path



Best Keystone


Best Slot 1 (Rune)

Taste of Blood

Presence of Mind

Best Slot 2 (Rune)

Eyeball Collection

Legend: Tenacity

Best Slot 3 (Rune)

Ultimate Hunter

In the second rune set for Kbuttadin choose "Presence of Mind" to recover as much mana as possible after hitting nearby enemies with Kbuttadin's abilities and "Legend: Tenacity" so you're not as vulnerable to crowd control with each kill you achieve.

Best Kbuttadin Rune Shards

The best rune shards for the Void Walker that any Kbuttadin player should pick are Adaptive Force for both "Offense" and "Flex" sockets.

Best Rune Shards


+9 Adaptive Force

+9 Adaptive Force

+8 Magic Resistance

In the "Defense" one, select Magic Resistance to resist those champions who deal magic damage, which are common to be against in the mid lane.

Best Kbuttadin Spells

"Flash" and "Ignite" are excellent summoner spells for Kbuttadin. In the correct skill order, Kbuttadin can leap large distance with "Flash" and his ultimate, this way he can hit minions while he reaches a champion because he is a melee champion.

Best Spells




Ignite serves well when it comes to adding up some extra damage to any combo, a good one would be his Ultimate, then "Flash", "Nether Blade", Auto Attack, "Force Pulse", and "Null Sphere".


Best Kbuttadin Abilities Order

The first ability to level up in the early game for this Kbuttadin build is "Force Pulse", as it is his most reliable source of ranged attacks, continue with "Null Sphere", and finally "Nether Blade". As always invest points in your ultimate whenever you can.


"Force Pulse" deals additional magic damage as it pbuttively draws spells cast near to Kbuttadin, "Nether Blade" empowers and grants you auto attack reset, which are vital for Kbuttadin mid combos to maximize damage. His pbuttive ability "Void Stone", also provides him a shield that absorbs magic damage when casting a spell nearby a visible enemy champion.

Best Kbuttadin Items

His best items are focused on lots on ability power so Kbuttadin deals magic damage in huge amounts with his "Force Pulse" and "Nether Blade".

Best Starter Kbuttadin Items

You want to equip these items in the laning phase while you play safe and slowly build your power spike. If you manage to kill your first enemy with your skill shot or full combo, you'll stack AP with the "Dark Seal".

First Item

Second Item

Third Item

Dark Seal

Refillable Potion

Stealth Ward

Best Mid Game Kbuttadin Items

Once you have these items you don't depend much on getting an enemy hit with "Nether Blade" to recover any a vital amount of missing mana, an by now "Force Pulse" should do a decent amount of damage rather than in the early game.

First Item

Second Item

Third Item

Luden’s Tempest

Sorcerer’s Shoes

Archangel’s Staff

With your Summoner Spells you can secure a kill in the mid lane thanks to the extra range from Kbuttadin's Ultimate and excuting a combo in the right skill order in League of Legends.


Best Final Late Game Kbuttadin Items

In the late game "Nether Blade" and "Void Stone" become essencial to bring the best in Kbuttadin's damage and defense, thanks to this item build when you appear on a target location thanks to "Rift Walk" mana won't be a problem.

First Item

Second Item

Third Item

Fourth Item

Fifth Item

Sixth Item

Luden’s Tempest

Sorcerer’s Shoes

Archangel’s Staff

Zhonya’s Hourglbutt

Rabadon’s Deathcap

Void Staff

The runes for Kbuttadin and his item build complement well in this patch 12.15 and is what makes him one of the most feared champions of the mid lane when it comes to the late game of League of Legends.

Best Champions to pair Kbuttadin with

These are great duos to pair with Kbuttadin mid because they provide some nice crowd control, Sejuani is the best in this list thanks to her ultimate, which is an excellent partner for Kbuttadin's "Null Sphere".


Win Rate %








Trundle works similar to Sejuani, while Kindred offers immortality with its ultimate.

Strongest Champions against Kbuttadin

Sadly, Kbuttadin doesn't stand a single chance against buttbuttins such as Akshan, Talon or Zed due to their high physical damage and mobility.


Win Rate %








Weakest Champions against Kbuttadin

In the other hand, thanks to the Kbuttadin runes mentioned here, "Null Sphere", and his pbuttive, he can win a match easily against these champions.


Win Rate %


Twisted Fate






This Kbuttadin build covers everything you need to start playing the champion, from skill orders, to item build, all there is left is jump in the practice tool to practice your combos and movements, good luck summoners!

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