Best League of Legends ADCs to Play With Soraka

The best all-time healing champion can’t carry games alone. She must have someone to support in the bot lane, after all.

Best League of Legends ADCs to Play With Soraka
Best League of Legends ADCs to Play With Soraka

Soraka is one of the squishiest support champions in the game. Her healing, however, makes the enemy’s entire team want to use their burst champions to kill her before she gives her entire team more health. So, the best ADC for Soraka League of Legends has to offer is the one that poses more threat than her, and makes the enemy team focus their efforts away from Soraka.


 Ashe, one of the first Riot Games champions, pairs well with Soraka support. In essence, their synergy comes down to Ashe having her own peel, with the slow on her auto attacks, while Soraka heals her from behind.

Should these two champions play into an all-in lane, then Soraka’s E ability, an instant-cast silence, is enough to stop the enemy bot lane from engaging.

After that, it’s just a matter of Ashe getting some more stacks and getting attack speed, to turn the tide on the enemy, and get some early game kills.


Unlike Lulu support, Soraka support pairs well with ADCs that rely on more AD, instead of attack speed. And Jhin is a champion that has incredible synergy with Soraka in the support role.

League of Legends - High Noon Jhin

Upon dealing damage to enemy champions with Soraka’s silence, Jhin can then root them in the same spot with his W. This is just enough time for Soraka’s own E to proc and root the enemy even further.

League of Legends - High Noon Jhin in-game

This way, whatever enemy champion you play Soraka, ADC, or otherwise, against, they are prime targets for some free damage. Even if they return damage, you have enough sustain to outlast them in the lane, as that is what Soraka does.


There are safe lanes to pick in the game, and then there is the Ezreal and Soraka bot lane. The only safer lane than this is the Ezreal Yuumi lane, and even then, it’s not the same, with Soraka and Ezreal being even safer in some cases.

League of Legends - Ezreal

Ezreal the boytoy is, as an ADC, one of the safest picks in the game, and his playstyle is centered around the late game. Seeing as Soraka also focuses on late game, they are a match made in heaven and an incredibly good pick.

League of Legends - Pulsfire Ezreal in-game

In addition, Ezreal farms mostly with his Q ability, from a safe distance away, allowing Soraka to be as far away from the enemy as possible. Even if Ezreal gets caught, his E allows him to escape easily, and Soraka is there to top up his health and keep him in lane.


And now we come to the pick that is diametrically opposed to the previous one. Draven works in the exact opposite way to Ezreal, when it comes to playing ADC Soraka can heal. The name of the game is the best defense is a good offense.

League of Legends - Draven

Draven has an incredibly strong singular auto attack damage, even in the early game, whereas Jhin gets to that only in the late game, as Draven’s base scaling and kit allows him to do way more damage, far more quickly. As such, from level one, he draws the enemy's focus to himself, allowing Soraka to heal him and let him kill everyone in his path.

League of Legends - Draven in-game

By doing so, Draven scales incredibly quickly, letting Soraka watch the map to help allies with a good ultimate, and skew the odds even more in their favor.


The counterplay to anything Vayne does is the same as with Master Yi. Lock them down with CC, and deal way more damage than you should even be able to, all in hopes of killing them quickly.

League of Legends - PROJECT: Vayne

That is where Soraka comes in, healing Vayne up to full, and allowing her to get back into stealth, and the fight, without being burst down. With Soraka, Vayne doesn’t have to be scared of getting officially involved in a team fight, before she gets her lifesteal items.

League of Legends - PROJECT: Vayne in-game

And, where Lulu can’t follow Vayne into half the enemy team to outplay them all, to Ult her, Soraka’s global ult can get to Vayne wherever she is.


If you want to see what true late-game power is, then the Kog’Maw and Soraka lane is for you. Of course, it’s a lane that must be played very carefully, to not get camped to death and uselessness, and even then, it will take all of your best runes, Summoner Spells cooldowns, and concentration to pull it off, which takes skill and learning.

League of Legends - Lion Dance Kog'Maw

If you manage to do so, however, then the game is as good as won. Kog’Maw becomes the ultimate damage dealer, with Soraka to watch his back.

The options the enemy has are lose-lose in any case, to kill Soraka and get killed by Kog’Maw in return, or try to kill Kog’Maw, only for Soraka to heal him up to full in no time.

League of Legends - Lion Dance Kog'Maw in-game

in lane, however, there are issues as we’ve said previously. all you have to do is use Soraka’s Q for some poke, and make it to level 6 so Kog’Mag can farm safely, and you've put the enemy on a timer. even Lulu is no longer as good with Kog’Maw as she used to be, as shielding has been nerfed in the current meta, and yet healing is still going strong.


Soraka’s main weakness is her lack of escape, and the inability to heal herself. So what would happen if there was an ADC that could also heal Soraka as well? Say hello to Nilah, Riot Games’ newest champion.

League of Legends - Nilah

Nilah’s passive heals allies that heal herself, which works perfectly with Soraka’s own kit, as Soraka doesn’t use mana but her own health to fuel her heals.

League of Legends - Nilah in-game

in addition, Nilah is a skirmisher, and like all skirmisher champions, goes for a trade instead of pure all ins, which is always profitable to do with Soraka support in the lane with you. And, Nilah’s own ultimate ability is an area of effect CC, which goes perfectly With Soraka’s silence on her E ability, allowing Nilah to deal damage to enemies with the entire enemy team unable to fight back.