All Ruination Skins | LoL

The Ruination skins are the featured cosmetic set in the huge Ruined King event in 2021. Let’s take a look at all Ruination skins LoL has to offer.

Updated on Sep 11, 2023
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All Ruination Skins | LoL

The Ruination skin series is a tribute to the long-awaited Ruination event, featuring key characters in the League of Legends universe such as Viego, Senna, and Isolde.

Riot Games released 14 different skins in this series, building up a few months before the events’ official release. These separated into two separate events, which celebrated the Ruined King event and the Sentinels Event.

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Sentinel Vayne

Vayne is the first champion outside the existing sentinels to join the order. She is dedicated to learning more about hunting monsters and saving Runeterra from the clutches of the black mist.


Sentinel Vayne features a cool design where she gets to battle monsters in style with her light-infused arsenal.

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Sentinel Riven

Sentinel Riven joined the order to atone for her sins as a weapon of Noxus during their invasion of Ionia. Her life is of little consequence, considering how many more she took as a tool of destruction.


Riven is one of the champions in the game that has so much motive to become a sentinel, and it shows in her design.

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Sentinel Irelia

Irelia has always taken it upon herself to become a defender of the people, and as the threat of the black mist devastates Ionia, she has been granted the power of the sentinels to fight off the evil of the ruination.


Sentinel Irelia is looking dedicated to fighting the ruined members of her group to restore them to their senses.

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Sentinel Diana

As the ruination corrupts Mount Targon’s Aspect of War, Sentinel Diana is tasked with countering this threat by joining the sentinels in their fight against the black mist.


Diana is an aspect that can go toe to toe with her foe, but it’s still up to the sentinels to defeat Viego. Otherwise, it might turn into an inevitable fight to the death.

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Sentinel Graves

We wish that we could share some more noble stories involving the other sentinels, but Sentinel Graves only joined the order because it’s hard to do crime when the world is in danger of being consumed by the black mist.


Graves may only be in it to get business back on track, but his strength will surely benefit the sentinel’s cause.

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Sentinel Pyke

As a bounty hunter, the sentinels simply offered Sentinel Pyke a convenient road towards him collecting Viego’s head. He’s willing to give the other sentinels a cut on the bounty once the job is done.


Pyke offers invaluable support as a skilled bounty hunter, and that’s something the sentinels need.

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Sentinel Rengar

Rengar lives for the hunt, and what’s a bigger prey than The Ruined King, himself? He signed up with the sentinels of light to gain information regarding his next target.


Sentinel Rengar may have a selfish motive, but there’s no doubt that he fits into this band of misfits as a fighter that can offer a lot of help.

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Sentinel Olaf

Olaf loves to fight, and anywhere there’s a battle, he’ll go. Luckily, he’s heard of the sentinel’s cause and decided that fighting with the Ruined King is a battle that he simply can’t miss.


Saving the world isn’t really among Sentinel Olaf’s interests, but if he manages to get the job done, then it’s simply a nice side bonus.

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Ruined Shyvana

Shyvana has always faced discrimination in Demacia as a magical being. It was only natural that she snapped when the black mist drew out her darkest desires.


Ruined Shyvana aims to take revenge on the Demacians for their prejudice against magic, but this isn’t really what she wants deep inside.

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Ruined Draven

Full of steam and hot air, Draven, the arrogant showman, challenged Viego to a duel that he would immediately lose. That’s why he got ruined.


Despite being ruined, nothing’s changed about Ruined Draven’s personality except that he’s a bit more on the aggressive side now.

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Ruined Karma

Karma managed to survive the first ruination, but her consciousness couldn’t survive another buttault led by Viego. Her corruption led to the downfall of Ionia, as she used her power to corrupt even more followers.


One of the most dangerous threats in the world, Ruined Karma, now seeks to control Ionia, but a mighty warrior stands in her way.

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Ruined Pantheon

The black mist managed to place the consciousness of Atreus into a deep slumber and resurrect the Aspect of War that fueled him.


Ruined Pantheon now longs to use this newfound life to engage in battle once again. This time, under the banner of the Ruined King.

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Ruined Miss Fortune

Ruined Miss Fortune is a Pirate Queen whose factions under her control don’t seem to get along and are planning something in the shadows. Luckily, the black mist offered her enough power to quell a potential rebellion.


Miss Fortune has found that power is never to be refused, even if it did come at a pretty heavy price.

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Unbound Thresh

Taking advantage of the Ruination’s destruction, Thresh managed to collect enough souls to reconstruct himself and become unbound from the shackles that the Ruined King has placed upon him.


Unbound Thresh has finally gone past the limits of the Shadow Isles and travels around in his own free will.

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