Best Tryndamere Skins | LoL

It is time to increase your win rate, harness the undying rage of Tryndamere, then kill everyone who stands in your way with his best skins ever released by Riot Games. 
Best Tryndamere Skins | LoL

League of Legends has a lot of champions with different natures and personalities. In fact, Riot Games released an undying barbarian filled with rage called Tryndamere. 

Like a handful of champions, namely Master Yi and Yasuo, Tryndamere carries a weapon to kill his enemies. 

He is also one of the few characters whose kit is entirely dependent on auto attacks, making him easy to master. Increase your win ratio by playing as a rage-filled barbarian and buying some of his cosmetics with the best Tryndamere skins in LoL. 


Beast Hunter Tryndamere

Since Tryndamere is a champion who relies on brute strength to demolish everything in his way, Riot Games thought of an excellent concept for him and released the Beast Hunter skin.

Looking at the splash art above, you will instantly notice that Beast Hunter Tryndamere seems really powerful, especially with his spiky armor, probably made from dead monster corpses. 

Additionally, Beast Hunter Tryndamere's outfit is colorful and easy to see with the mix of red, yellow, and blue, which will surely appeal to some players.

Priced at 750 Riot Points, this is one of the cheapest Tryndamere skins. And because of that do not expect changes other than the model. Riot Games retained the classic sounds, animations, and particles of the classic Tryndamere skin.

Even though this is one of the earliest skins for Tryndamere, released on February 4, 2016, you can still get it on the League shop today!

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Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere

Released on January 28, 2014, this version of Tryndamere is the grand leader of the legendary Warring Kingdoms in League of Legends. 

Strong generals are always feared on the battlefield, but what if an army went against an undying general with strikes that are as strong as the mountains, because that is exactly what Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere is like.

Looking at the splash art above, it is instantly noticeable that Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere has cultural feels. Additionally, I loved how his armor was designed. 

The dragon-like design and details make Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere more majestic and powerful. 

But I would say that his sword is the best part of his model. His weapon's sleek white and gold combination fits the whole concept perfectly.

Unfortunately, like the Beast Hunter Skin, this skin's animations, sounds, and particles are similar to the classic version. 

Riot Games missed out on an opportunity to make a fantastic skin and give Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere new animations and sounds with thunderous effects like the Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao counterpart.

Unfortunately, you can only buy this skin for 975 Riot Points once the Legacy Vault reopens, so watch out for any announcement by Riot Games!

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Nightbringer Tryndamere

The newest skin for Tryndamere, Nightbringer, is a fiendish god version of the famous barbarian king. Part of the Chaos and Order skin line, this cosmetic is undoubtedly one of the most awesome ones released by Riot Games.

Nightbringer Tryndamere has a godlike appearance with a fiery aura around his body. The small details on this champion skin are phenomenal. 

His eyes and hair are glowing and set ablaze, while his sword looks powerful because of the blazing powers it generates. Nightbringer Tryndamere's crown is hard to miss too, and it actually enhances his godlike appearance more.

On the other hand, there are a lot of changes in-game too. 

Some of the ability changes include a relaxing sound that will play when Nightbringer Tryndamere uses his Bloodlust, his Mocking Shout is a black chicken with horns, and his Spinning Slash is a fiery circle that will chop enemies down.

Released on September 23, 2021, Nightbringer is the newest League of Legends skin for Tryndamere. Currently, you can also get this skin through the shop for 1350 Riot Points.

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Blood Moon Tryndamere

Tryndamere might have a lot of terrifying skins, but I would say that this League of Legends skin is the most powerful of them all. Unlike Nightbringer, who is a demonic god, the Blood Moon version of Tryndamere is a demon and human at the same time.

Tryndamere's details, pose, and outfit in the splash art will leave every player in amazement. 

Riot Games gave him sharp claws and a red outfit design to show Blood Moon Tryndamere's demonic nature. 

Additionally, the Blood Moon mask and sleek sword that Riot decided to include also add a more horrifying look to Tryndamere.

Like the Nightbringer cosmetic, expect many changes if you buy Blood Moon Tryndamere

The colors of his Spinning Slash and Undying Rage are a combination of blue and red, which follows the whole concept of this League of Legends skin

Not only that, but the iconic Blood Moon sound changes in this skin will be the main selling point for most players. 

I just wish that Riot Games re-released a prestige edition of this skin that you can buy for prestige points. Blood Moon Tryndamere is sleek enough for its base skin. Imagine what a white and gold version would look like.

This skin was released just last year, February 20, 2020. 

Get the Blood Moon version of Tryndamere by purchasing it in the League of Legends store for 1350 Riot Points.

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Increase your win rate by slashing through everything in League of Legends with the best Tryndamere skins! 

Some skins like King Tryndamere, Highland Tryndamere, and his only legendary skin, Demonblade Tryndamere, did not make the cut because they do not have the wow factor that the skins above have. You can also check his Wild Rift exclusive skin called Glorious Tryndamere, which is a majestic and honorable look to the infamous barbarian.

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