Best Karma Skins | LoL

Riot makes sure to always put out champions with interesting concepts, and Karma is one of them. Here you will discover all universes of skins she is part of.

Updated on Sep 08, 2023
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Best Karma Skins | LoL

Karma is a character whose Lore may come across as deep and complex, she’s a support champion that empowers her abilities as she’s played in the Rift and can even be played in either the bot lane or the top lane. 

She joined the pool of champions in early 2011 and ever since she has taken part in various skin universes in League of Legends.

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Dawnbringer Karma

Dawnbringer Karma governs the cycles of life and death in the entire cosmos, taking care of those mortal souls in need of help and guidance in their journey to reincarnation, even so, her duty goes beyond, looking forward to creating a better and more structured world.


As part of the Dawnbringer universe, Karma appears wearing a white dress with golden details, the signature color of the Dawnbringers. The skin came in 2019 as an Epic one that costs 1350 RP and is available in-store for you to buy.


This skin brings in new sound and visual effects, as well as a new recall to base and overall animations that look incredible, this skin also has some chromas to take the customization of the skin to the next level. This is a new aspect for Karma that is worth it if you’re planning on investing in some of her most unique looks.


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Ruined Karma

Viego, the Ruined King affects as many champions as he can and he managed to do so with her in the Ruined Karma skin. If Karma is usually a being of good for the mortals she looks after, now everybody should fear her and the dark destiny she’s going to put their souls through.


For 1350 RP you can get this skin, which, besides giving Karma the Ruined look, it will also grant her new visual and sound effects, a voice filter for her quotes, new animations, recall to base, and a full array of chromas.

If you enjoy the champion but you rather darker styles in your skins, this one is perfect for Karma.


Generally speaking, Karma’s skins show her a being of good in which anyone could find hope and help. This is the opposite with Ruined Karma, she looks completely terrifying and as a threat to every living creature, this skin shows up the darkest version of her.


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Dark Star Karma

She once was a galaxy full of life and pacific civilizations who wanted to reach enlightenment. Instead of that, now, Karma has been reborn as a galaxy devourer creature, Dark Star Karma, as the cosmos face her dreadful presence.


Dark Star Karma came as an Epic skin in 2019, available in-store for 1350 RP, bringing not only chaos but a new voice filter for her quotes, new visual and sound effects, new overall animations, as well as chromas to customize the skin colors.


Just like many other champions that are part of the Dark Star skins, Dark Star Karma is a creature with human-like features that aren’t fully developed, she has the same clbuttic color palette of the Dark Stars which is several hues of the purple color with datils in gold and blue.


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Conqueror Karma

This one forms part of the World Championship universe of skins, these skins are set with an e-sports theme of League of Legends. Besides Karma, other Conqueror champions are Varus, Jax, Nautilus, and Alistar.


Conqueror Karma came in 2017 as a Legacy skin, which means it is not currently available in-store for Summoners to buy. This skin provides Karma with new visual and sound effects, as well as new animations, it also has one golden chroma.


In this skin, she has a resemblance to a certain female comic book character. Those who have the skin know that are few of the very people who were able to get it, therefore, if you ever see a Karma using this skin, know that it isn’t something that happens every day due to the uniqueness of this skin.


5 /5

Winter Wonder Karma

Winter wonder Karma is one of the skins that belongs to the Winter Wonder universe, Karma’s presence in this universe is that of a sorceress who brings snow to the lands and forest she goes through.


The skin shows us the champion as a being whose purple clothing seems to be made to warm her up, while the snow falls in the icy forest. This one came as a Legacy skin and the price was 1350 RP, including new sound and visual effects, and new overall animations, and a recall to base.


This Karma’s skin is a nice addition to the Legacy skins, although its price it’s higher than other ones, it is still good enough to make it to this list thanks to her new animations and effects that will freeze things up in the Rift.


The mighty and transcendental Karma has joined many universes of skins and at this rate, it seems to be that Riot Games will keep adding her to some future skin themes, only time will tell. 

For now, this is our take on the best skins for Karma, so feel free to use confidently these skins in the Rift to defeat all of your opponents.

Consider that Karma can be played on the top lane, but she also could be a support, which, in team fights, a champion like Karthus could use some help, and for those who main him, we also have the best skins for Karthus for you to check out.

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