Best Elise Skins | LoL

In League of Legends, Elise might be one of the hardest champions to learn, but rewarding. So here we made a list of the best Elise skins in the game.

Updated on Sep 08, 2023
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Best Elise Skins | LoL

Elise, the Spider Queen, is one of the older champions in the game. She was released on October 26, 2012, and is being played as a mage Jungler for quite some time now. 

Even though she has been in the game for more than nine years, Riot Games only managed to make six skins for this champion, so here are some of the best!

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Victorious Elise

Victorious Elise was released on December 20, 2013, as a reward for players that managed to climb to the Gold division or higher. This skin has an incredibly looking blue and yellow theme and looks a lot more elegant than most of the other ones.

It has new recall animation in both forms and has an entirely new model.


However, despite the skin looking so good, it is the fact that this Limited skin could only be acquired eight years ago is what makes it so unique and rare! This skin can not be bought or acquired anymore, so season 3 players, you are the lucky ones!


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Bewitching Elise

Bewitching Elise is one of the best-looking skins for this champion. This Epic skin has a new model, texture, and sound. Her new splash image is amazingly good-looking, and her purple and pink combination on either human or spider form is just mind-blowing!


Skin features Elise in a Halloween costume, which is also shown by an amazing touch of putting pumpkins beside her while she is recalling! This skin, like any other from Bewitching theme, can only be bought around Halloween days. Price is a little bit higher, sitting at 1350 RP, but the fact that the Spider Queen’s looks raise to a whole another level with this skin is what makes that price seem pretty low!



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Blood Moon Elise

Blood Moon Elise is one of the most commonly used skins for this champion, and for a good reason! This incredible-looking skin has an interesting color theme of blue, red, and yellow. It highlights Elise dressed in Ionian style.


The skin has a lot of new animations and sounds. Her recall animation in both human and spider form has a completely new melody, and Elise playing the harp while she recalls in her human form brings a new vibe to the Spider Queen!


This regular skin was released on January 08, 2015, and it is available in-store for just 975 RP.

So if you are looking to add Elise to your champion pool, this skin might be one of your best choices, considering the price and how good-looking it is!


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SKT T1 Elise

This skin is one of the most underrated ones in League of Legends. For some reason, despite the skin's incredible looks and exciting history, it is rarely seen in our games. Skin features the Spider Queen in SKT T1’s outfit in both forms.


A combination of colors and sporty appearance with Elise having SKT T1’s headphones in a human form is what makes this skin so refreshing. By having an amazing performance and winning his second World Championship, SKT T1’s Jungler, Bengi, earned himself a right to have a second champion's skin made in his honor!


The skin was released on August 17, 2016, a year after Bengi won the before-mentioned World championship.

With a price of just 975 RP, buying this skin has to be one of the best choices you can make!


Real jungle players take pride in playing Elise on a good level, and having one of those skins can make her more enjoyable to play. There are two more skins that we didn’t mention, such as Death Blossom and Super Galaxy Elise, which are also great skins! So that is all about our venomous spider! Speaking of venom, we made a list of the best Cbuttiopeia skins that you can check out! If you are more of a fan of other champions, you can alwaysfind the best skins in lol for them on our main League of Legends page!

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