Best Sion Skins | LoL

Charge your way in Summoner’s Rift with different animations of Unstoppable Onslaught with the best Sion skins available in League of Legends. 

Updated on Mar 06, 2024
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Best Sion Skins | LoL

Sion, the Undead Juggernaut, released on February 21, 2009, is one of the earliest League of Legends champion releases by the American-based video game company Riot Games. 

It seems like Riot Games' love for Sion has not faded for a long time since they revamped and reworked the Undead Juggernaut as a whole. In the world of Runeterra, it does not matter if you're dead or alive to be fashionable. With that said, here are the best skins for Sion in LoL to be the most stylish as you can be. 

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Blackfrost Sion

Released on April 15, 2011, this skin is a version of Sion where he is resurrected as a huge ice monster that will destroy everything in his way. As if an undead juggernaut was not enough to destroy vast armies by himself, Blackfrost Sion is just a scarier and stronger form of the original champion.


You will instantly notice that Sion is an entirely different being if you look at the splash art above. He is now blue-colored and has an icy body and metal armor. In fact, Blackfrost Sion also has a different weapon that looks like it was made from the powers of the snowy mountains.

This Sion skin's face is also icy and appears as if it’s filled with rage.


If you are a fan of chilling skins, I recommend picking this skin up. Get ready to deal icy damage to your enemies when playing with this new skin.

All of the animations and sounds of Blackfrost Sion's ability fit the concept of an ice golem because of the cool blue frostbite theme.

With that, the Decimating Smash of this skin feels a lot heavier and more powerful because of the said theme.

If you do not feel content with your current skin, purchase it at the League of Legends shop for 1350 Riot Points.


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Warmonger Sion

Of course, in the world of Runeterra, wars are not only fought by humans. There are also various creatures that join the battlefield. I'm pretty sure that everyone will tremble in fear after seeing a war veteran like this Sion League of Legends skin released on July 18, 2011.


The splash art is pretty plain but it features Sion using modern war gear compared to his undead equipment. This League of Legends skin also wields a scary double-bladed ax that compliments the whole aesthetic of his armor. I also love that Riot Games designed the deadly armor with fiery and silver colors.


Unlike his other skins mentioned in this list, Warmonger Sion does not have changes other than his model. Expect the same feeling when playing his classic skin. However, this skin is still a great purchase considering it is cheap. If you are content with the same animations that Sion has in the game, pick this skin up in the LoL shop today for 975 Riot Points.


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Worldbreaker Sion

Riot Games has the usual idea of making huge champions even bigger. And Worldbreaker Sion is one of those lucky ones that became more massive. Released on April 9, 2020, this skin is part of the Worldbreaker skin line, where it features champions as titans tasked to destroy the world.


I love how Riot Games gave Sion a new look when they designed this skin. The details in Worldbreaker Sion's splash art are fantastic. His model is probably based on ancient civilizations, and Riot captured that concept perfectly.

Worldbreaker Sion has cogs on his shoulders, purple skin, a stone weapon, and an antique cape that enhances and compliments the whole ancient Worldbreaker idea.


Riot Games used red and green for this skin's skills, while stone-like sounds are used, making his abilities look and sound more powerful. But I would say that the best thing about this skin is the sounds from Unstoppable Onslaught.

Imagine a colossal titan charging at you while drum sounds play in the background. The enemy will indeed be horrified with that experience. You can still buy this skin at the League store for 1350 Riot Points.


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Mecha Zero Sion

This skin is part of the well-beloved Mecha skin line (along with Mecha Aatrox and Rengar), where the strongest champions in League of Legends are turned into futuristic robots tasked to protect the world from colossal Kaijus. If you were to ask me, this is probably the best Sion skin available in the game because of the changes it offers.


Looking at the splash art above, you will see that Mecha Zero Sion's model is super clean. The combination of orange and blue makes this skin unique and pleasing to look at.

On top of that, Mecha Zero Sion now uses a giant hammer instead of the notorious ax. The robotic details make everything better, too. Just looking at the wirings and parts is enough to tempt someone into buying it.


Since Mecha Zero Sion is a legendary skin, it has the most changes out of all the cosmetics on this list. The robotic animations, paired with blue and orange colors, enhance the clean model of this skin.

People will surely love that his Decimating Smash changes colors when casting it. To make things even better, Riot included a robotic filter on Mecha Zero Sion's voice.

Still, I would argue that the best thing about this skin is the Unstoppable Onslaught animation, where Sion becomes a train that will obliterate everything on his way.


It is time to charge into battle and destroy the top lane enemy champion with the best Sion skins in LoL. You can also check out Sion’s other skins, like Barbarian Sion, in case you did not like the cosmetics above. 

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