How To Use Emotes In TFT | The Complete Guide

Read this complete guide that teaches how to use TFT emotes!
How To Use Emotes In TFT | The Complete Guide

Emotes are a great way of communicating with players. In fact, it has different themes that will surely capture what you are feeling. If you want to use emotes in TFT, then follow this complete step-by-step guide:

How To Use Emotes In TFT

Setting Up Before A Game

Before starting, there are settings that you have to set up in order to use emotes in game. Thankfully, Riot Games made it straightforward for players to use this system. Here is what you should do in order to have the option to use them in-game:

  1. Press the backpack on the upper right side of the client
  2. Click the emotes tab on the client
  3. Now, you will now see a wheel where you can put all of the emotes that you want
  4. Drag the emotes into one of the empty spaces in the emote wheel
  5. Next click the gear icon on the upper right side of the client
  6. Scroll down until you see the hotkeys menu
  7. Check the assigned hotkey to open your emote wheel. Change it if you prefer using a different button
  8. Now, you can use emotes in your games!

Remember, you can use a maximum of six emotes in TFT, five emotes for the wheel and a single emote for the start of the match. On the other hand, League of Legends players can equip a maximum of nine emotes, five for the emote wheel, one for the start of the game, one for first blood, one for an ace, and the last for a victory.

Using Emotes In-Game

If you set everything up correctly, then you won't have problems using emotes in game. Follow this step-by-step guide to use famous emotes:

  1. Queue a game and wait until you are inside the lobby
  2. Press the emote wheel hotkey that you assigned earlier
  3. Drag your mouse to the side of the emote that you want to use, either middle, down, left, or right
  4. Release your own hotkey that you are pressing, and the emote will now show up to the entire lobby

What Are The Available Emotes In TFT?

TFT uses an emote system of League of Legends, which means you can use everything that is available to League, including esports emotes. Of course, since TFT uses the emotes of League of Legends, the method of unlocking them is pretty much the same, such as buying them and unlocking them through Hextech Crafting.

Thankfully, Riot Games included random emotes in the TFT pass, and some of them are free, making it possible for everyone to unlock an emote they can use! Old emotes are also possible to use in TFT, so see to it that you try to use every emote that you think is cool!

Can You Mute Enemy Emotes?

Yes! No one can deny that every game can sometimes be toxic. Fortunately, when Riot Games added the emotes system in TFT, they also included a way to mute emotes from anyone in the lobby. Here is how you mute emotes coming from the enemy while in-game:

  1. Load up into a game and press find the scoreboard on the right side of your screen
  2. Find the player that is being toxic and press their speaker on top of their little legend portrait
  3. You can now enjoy a toxic-free experience in TFT!

Remember, this also mutes the enemy from sending text so it wouldn't show up in the chat window!

Can You Use A Champion Mastery Emote In TFT?

Sadly, no. Riot Games has not included this feature in Teamfight Tactics. There are more emotes out there that you can unlock and use in TFT, but a League of Legends champion mastery is not one of the exclusive emotes you can use in the game.

Fortunately, there are special emotes from League of Legends that you can equip and use in Teamfight Tactics, such as ranked reward emotes that show you solo/duo queue rank in LoL.

That will be the end of the how-to-use emotes guide in Teamfight Tactics. Remember, everyone in the lobby can use emotes, even the enemy team, but you can still mute them by following the guide above.