What is the fastest game in League of Legends?

Unless it is a Wild Rift match, games in the PC version of League of Legends can last up to an hour or even more, but what has been the
What is the fastest game in League of Legends?

A game as complex as League of Legends requires strategy, patience, and skill, oftentimes these can be the reasons why games can take an hour or even more. 

If you take into account the fact that sometimes, even in the eSports scene, teams might lack some of these basic requirements to play at their full potential, which may result in very short games if the other team in the tournament takes advantage of it. Today we'll go through the fastest games in League of Legends.

What is the fastest game in League of Legends?

To be precise, this match, which broke previous world records, lasted 7:30, this would be overwhelming for anyone, and even more so in the eSports scene of League of Legends. 

In the bot lane Lucian and Nami had a hard time against the rival champion Caitlyn. In this final game of ATT, they had a hard match played because two of their teammates had connection issues, which made it even easier for TH to rewrite history by winning this League of Legends game.


In this League of Legends match, that's far from being one of the longest League game, the losing team is Another Troll Team, joining the defeated groups in this final game and establishing a solid record after losing, as any other event, there are videos with repetitions of this match, the fastest League game ever.


The fastest League of legends game happened in the LTL 2019 between the teams Another Troll Team and Top Hard. Just for a bit of context, the LTL, which stands for Tica Legends League, is a competitive tournament held in Costa Rica, and it has witnessed the shortest game in League of Legends so far. Back then, Another Troll Team was in the group stage A, while Hard Too was in the group stage B.


With the hope for the team to stand alive and manage to do something in their final game, ATT ended up losing the League of Legends match without getting to the half minutes of an average match, becoming the fastest League of Legends game of the season and in world history ever played. It's sad to even state the losing team couldn't even help themselves in the top lane if they killed the Rift Herald.

League of Legends records

League of Legends has seen some other interesting records that, put in perspective, would give a lot to talk about, for example if you want to play and end a LoL match fast, you want to take the rift herald to end up winning. 

You can search on your browser a video on a category or categories of a record to have an idea or tips of what winning one of these is like when you sign in your account to play.

Longest LoL game ever

Saving time wasn't the strongest point of the team involved in this record, or at least, they tried to be extra careful in this LoL match, the game we're talking about was between SKT T1 and Jin Air on January 20th, 2018. 

Record stands at 94 minutes of pure gameplay; there can be found videos of this LoL game online. It could be said that after an hour of played time, any bet on any team would've been even more uncertain, besides, it would be tiring for anyone to watch the video repetition of this record.

Highest kill count in LoL game ever

The player with the highest kill count currently is Rookie, with over 3554 kills accumulated, rest aware that he's someone who knows the game like the palm of his hands. Rookie is known for being a total genius in the mid lane, so it's usual to almost always see him win and not always get him killed in a game, also it wouldn’t be strange if he can beat the fastest game ever LoL record due to his effectiveness and passion.


In the professional side of League of Legends players will always search for a way to act cleverly according to the situations, and on occasions it rewards them with unique titles, still, on occasions, to beat a record or even maybe a speed run might not be something to brag about. 

One thing to win these types of accomplishments is to note that you might want to have the best settings possible to crush the enemy team in a match when playing LoL, if you attempt to break any world record. 

Other than that, now you have the answer to your “fastest game ever League of Legends” Google search here.