All Server Locations in League of Legends

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All Server Locations in League of Legends

Most online games have multiple servers to accommodate all of their players, and League of Legends is one of those games. It is no secret that LoL accumulates millions of players every year. And because of it, Riot Games released multiple servers throughout the years.

All League of Legends server locations Overview

Here are all the LoL server locations to give you a heads up of all the available ones!

  • EUW
  • EUNE
  • NA
  • KR
  • CN
  • SEA
  • BR
  • LAN
  • LAS
  • OCE
  • RU
  • TR
  • JP
  • PBE


Europe West (EUW)

Europe West, often called EUW, is a highly popular server in League of Legends launched at the game's release (2010). It covers a wide range of countries, including Spain, the UK, and Belgium.

Because of this, players in EUW speak different languages, but they primarily speak English. This server is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. So, players from that location will surely have a low and stable ping!


Europe Nordic and East (EUNE)

Launched at the same time as EUW, this LoL server hosts many countries like Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Latvia, and many more! The server location is pretty bizarre since it is located in Frankfurt.

However, Germany is not included in the EUNE server. Like EUW, the players in this server speak several languages because of the numerous countries on the server.


North America (NA)

Launched at the same time as the game, NA is one of the oldest game servers in League of Legends. All the countries in the region of North America, like the United States and Canada, are included in this server.

The North American server is located in Chicago, Illinois. Players in this server primarily use the English language.


Republic of Korea (KR)

Released in 2011, this LoL server is known to have the best solo queue players in the world. The community even invented the term "Korean Bronze" because of its tough competition.

Unlike the other servers, KR only covers South Korea, so expect all its players to speak primarily Korean. Nevertheless, it is still one of the most populated servers in League of Legends.


Brazil (BR)

The fifth server on this list is the BR server. Riot Games released it a few years after the very first servers (2012). Like the KR, Brazil only covers a single country, Brazil. Good news to players living in Sao Paulo; they will get a low ping in their League games since the server is located there.

The dominant language in this server is Portuguese, so it would not be a good idea to change to this region if you only speak English.


Latin America North (LAN)

Travel a little bit downward in America; then, you will be using the Latin America North server. Launched in 2013, this game server hosts countries such as Mexico, Columbia, and Peru.

Expect most of the players in LAN only to speak Spanish. Like EUNE, the server location for LAN is pretty bizarre since it is situated in Miami, Florida.


Latin America South (LAS)

Latin America North's sister server, LAS is located southward of its sibling. This game server is launched at the same time as Latin America North. Like its sister server, the main language in this region is Spanish.

Chileans will have a great time playing on this server because it is located in Santiago, Chile. Latin America South hosts countries such as Bolivia, Uruguay, and Chile.


Oceania (OCE)

Probably the most requested server in the history of League. The OCE server hosts two countries on the other side of the world, Australia and New Zealand.

Unlike the other ones, OCE is not a very populated region, but it is welcomed by the community. Released in 2013, this game server is currently located in Sydney, Australia.


Russia (RU)

Like the Brazil server, RU only hosts a single country, Russia. It is a great decision from Riot Games since it is the biggest country globally. As expected, everyone on this server primarily speaks Russian.

However, the server location is pretty odd, too, because it is also located in Munich, Germany, and not in the country itself. Still, expect low pings because Germany has a great networking infrastructure.


Turkey (TR)

Also launched a few years after the release of the game (2012), the TR server houses all the Turkish League of Legends players.

Riot Games listened to its community because many Turkish people requested that they needed a server to play. TR is currently located in Istanbul, Turkey, so people from that area will have a great ping to play with!


Japan (JP)

Since the Asian servers became crowded, Riot Games released the JP server in 2016, which is pretty late compared to the other servers.

Located in Japan's capital city, Tokyo, expect excellent ping because of its great network infrastructure. Most players on this server are Japanese, so the most used language is Nihongo.


People's Republic of China (CN)

One of the two servers not hosted by Riot games and the only server split around in a single country, CN is the most populated server in League of Legends, housing up to 650,00 players.

Additionally, this server has a "Super Zone" in which players ranked Diamond 1 or above can create a new account instantly leveled to 30 paired with additional blue essence. The "Super Zone" is used to scout players for the LDL and LPL. The last World Championship was held using the CN server.


Garena Southeast Asia (SEA)

The last server not hosted by Riot Games, SEA, has multiple locations like CN. The included countries are in Southeast Asia, like the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, and the likes.

Each country has its server located in its vicinity. From the name itself, SEA is run by a Riot Games partner called Garena. Players in SEA can use the best VPN in their area and change their IP address to play on other Riot-hosted servers.


Public Beta Environment (PBE)

Even though this is not a server region, PBE still deserves a spot on this list.

PBE is the test server for League of Legends, and it is the first to receive new skins, champions, patches, and updates.

That was all the LoL server locations. There are still a few regions that do not have servers like the Middle East, and the best that they can do is to use a VPN provider to change their IP address by using a League of Legends VPN. Nevertheless, Riot Games should be supporting their players and provide them with their own LoL server.

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