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League of Legends Warwick Full Lore Breakdown

The lore of some League of Legends champion Riot are not interested in expanding, while for some, they leave them intentionally mysterious. Warwick, just like Jhin, is the latter.

Updated on Sep 19, 2022
League of Legends Warwick Full Lore Breakdown

Ever since Arcane Season 1 aired, it has sparked great interest in all things Zaun, including the lore of all of its champions. Well, at least the villainy inclined ones, such as Jinx and Viktor. The one League of Legends Zaunite champion that does not make an appearance in Arcane is Warwick, or does he? Well, we are here to find out.

What is Warwick’s Lore in League of Legends?

There are two answers to that particular question, due to the champion’s old age. Warwick’s original lore, before his rework, has his origin story tied to one of the best support champions in the game, Soraka. 

The first iteration has Soraka try to heal Warwick but instead ends up cursing him and making him into the monster with such a primal howl we know today.

League of Legends - Warwick

Nowadays, Warwick's lore portrays him as a former Zaunite gangster, who was trying to live a peaceful life. However, he was forcefully turned into the best we know today, trying to make use of his innate ability called Uncaged Wrath of Zaun.

Who Created League of Legends’ Warwick?

Much in the same way that he created Jinx, one of the most popular LoL champions, Singed has also created Warwick in his lab. Singed is one of Runeterra’s most intelligent inhabitants, and he has turned his intelligence in a sinister direction.

League of Legends - Singed experimenting on Warwick

When Warwick was a human, he, apparently, possessed a special type of blood that enhanced his body’s capabilities. To utilize this for his own means, Singed experimented heavily upon him, ultimately turning him into what the jungle champion we know today. This backfired on Singed, though, as his creation escaped and is now prowling Runeterra.

Is Arcane Vander Warwick’s Human Identity?

As we know, according to both the League of Legends official Singed and Warwick lore, it is Singed who creates Warwick. What fans, are wondering about, is whether Vander is Warwick’s original identity. After all, before Vander settled down to raise his adopted daughters Vi and Powder, he was once known as the Hound of the Underground.

Arcane - Vander

It’s likely that, due to Singed’s agonizing experiments, Vander has lost complete control of his mind which is why he now has alchemically induced rage making him capable of smelling the blood of his enemies while he is on the blood hunt or having a savage ultimate ability such as Infinite Duress. 

And, speaking of his abilities, the interactions his abilities have with Jinx and Vi in particular, with special voice lines made just for them, also imply that Warwick used to be Vander.

The Netflix show, Arcane, turned the attention of the wider world, and not just the gaming communities, towards League of Legends, attracting new players to the game, and introducing them to the deep lore of Runeterra.

However, even the old players have a thing or two to learn from the information Riot have given us with their series. From the time-warping mid-lane champion, Ekko, and his previously unknown relationship with Jinx, to unveiling the geopolitical differences between the City of Zaun and Piltover, there is much to discover and discuss until Arcane Season 2 comes along.

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