Ping: Quickhack Effects and How to Obtain it in Cyberpunk 2077

Everything you need to know about the Ping quickhack in Cyberpunk 2077

Updated on Sep 15, 2023
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Ping: Quickhack Effects and How to Obtain it in Cyberpunk 2077

The clbutt system in Cyberpunk 2077 is very fluid, in a way that every time the player levels up their character, he can choose a different skill from six unique skill trees. Your character can be a brawler that uses shotguns with cyber ninja techniques of parkour or a sharpshooter gunslinger that is also an explosives expert. Now, if you're following the Netrunner path with your character, the Ping Quickhack is a must for every hacker build.

What’s the Ping Quickhack Effect Does in Cyberpunk 2077:

In short, the Ping Quickhack can reveal enemies and devices connected to a local network you have breached for a certain amount of time. Knowing your enemy's position can be a great advantage in several cases. For example, if you are using a sniper rifle, you can see the precise time your enemy is exposed and out of position for you to lend a clean shot on its head.

The duration of the effect increases depending on the rarity of the Quickhack. Except for the Legendary variant, which doesn't increase the effect's duration but adds a side effect that allows you to hack your enemies through walls. This duration can also be increased if you spend your attribute points in Intelligence or level up the Quickhacking skill.


How to Get the Ping Quickhack in Cyberpunk 2077:

There are two direct ways of getting the Ping Quickhack in Cyberpunk 2077. The first way is to finish a mission early on in the game called "The Gift.". At the end of this mission, you'll receive an Uncommon rarity of the Ping Quickhack from Yoko Tsuru. As we mentioned, this mission happens at the beginning of the game, after the path prologue, so check out your character's inventory to see if you don't already have the Ping Quickhack.


The other more straightforward way to get the Ping Quickhack is to go to a Netrunner vendor and check if the quickhack is available in their store's stock. Depending on the vendor's reputation, you can increase your chances of the quickhack being in their stock. By lore, the best Netrunners in Night City are the Voodoo Boys, so always check out their store first if you are looking for netrunning equipment. Their vendor stays in the Pacifica area, at the entrance of the building where you first met Placide. Another good tip is to use the skip time feature to change the days and update the vendor's stock until you find the Ping Quickhack.


If you are looking for the Legendary version of the Ping Quickhack, the best alternative is crafting the equipment. You'll need the Bartmoss's Perk, a Ping Quickhack (Epic), 110 Uncommon Quickhack Components, 85 Rare Quickhack Components, 40 Epic Quickhack Components, and 6 Legendary Quickhack Components.

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