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Best Loadouts for Kali in Rainbow Six: Siege

Looking to master the art of the only sniper in the game? Read our loadout guide to make the most out of Kali and help you ace her on the battlefield.

Published on Dec 04, 2022
Best Loadouts for Kali in Rainbow Six: Siege

With her own private security company called Nighthaven, Kali was introduced to Rainbow Six Siege in Operation Shifting Tides. Later on, in the years, many other operators such as Wamai, Ace, Aruni, Osa, Ela, Smoke, IQ, and Pulse joined her private military company, where they were given gadgets to use on the battlefield.

While Kali isn’t the most overpowered operator out there, she sure can be used at specific sites to make your job easier. With her LV Explosive Lance, she can talk out anti-breach gadgets that otherwise can be pretty menacing to do so. Dive into our guide as we take a look at some of the best Kali Loadouts in rainbow six siege.

R6 Kali

Best Rainbow Six Siege Kali Loadouts

Kali can be overwhelming to play with since she’s different from most of the operators in the game to play with. Most of her gunfights need to be taken from afar due to her primary weapon, and her secondary weapon is two SMGs which work best in close-range combats. Here are some of the best loadouts you can pair her up with:

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Best Kali Loadout For Support Rainbow Six Siege

If your team has a hard time breaking anti-breach gadget utility, then this loadout is the best for you:

  • CSRX 300
  • C75 Auto
  • Claymore
Kali Support Loadout Primary

The CSRX 300 is quite an overpowered marksmen rifle that will help you injure or land a fatal shot on an enemy, given that you hit them above the legs. In this loadout, you’ll have to stay back and fully utilize your CSRX 300 by first using your LV Explosive Lance to help open up the breach, such as on the CCTV and Cash site on Clubhouse.

Kali Support Loadout Secondary

After you’re done holding the long angles, you might need to rush into the site, especially if your team is low on man count. That is where the C75 Auto comes in. With its high damage and fire rate, this SMG is hard to beat at close range.

The Claymore can be put at points where the threat of a run out is imminent to ensure you can hold your angles without any worries.

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Best Kali Loadout For Close Range Combat Rainbow Six Siege

While this may sound a little strange, you can rush into sites with Kali, especially if you’re feeling a little enthusiastic. Here’s the loadout you need to follow:

  • CSRX 300
  • SPSMG9 with Flash Hider
  • Breach Charge
Kali Close Combat Loadout

We suggest you only use this loadout in casual or unranked matches to blow off some steam, or if your team allows you, you could do it in ranked as well. You won’t need the CSRX 300 in this loadout since you’ll be inside the building the whole time, and the SPSMG9 will be pivotal.

The SPSMG9 is one of the strongest secondary weapons in the game. With its decent fire rate and low recoil for the first 5-10 shots, it is pretty easy to use, even for a newbie. If you’re still afraid the gun might spiral out of control, you can equip the Flash Hider on it to provide you with maximum stability on the gun.

The Breach Charges can be used to rush a site or mask the noise of your teammates entering the site. You can also use it to create rotations to catch your opponents off guard.

SPSMG 9 Vs C75 Auto

While Kali doesn’t have many options to tinker around with when talking about her primary gun since the CSRX 300 is all she has, many rainbow six siege players get confused between her secondary SMGs. So which is better, the SPSMG9 or the C75 Auto?

The answer to this is pretty subjective and depends on your personal preference. The C75 Auto offers a better fire rate and damage however, it also has greater recoil. On the other hand, while the SPSMG9 is a little behind the C75 Auto in terms of firing speed and damage, it does offer a drastically better recoil.

So go swinging on the enemy if you hear them close by because you’re most likely to win it.

Most Rainbow Six Siege players choose the SPSMG9 over the C75 Auto because it lets you equip a scope on it. With the C75 Auto, you’ll need to shoot through its iron sight, which can be challenging for some players.

Tips and Tricks To Play Kali In Rainbow Six Siege

If you’re looking to use Kali more in the game, here are some fundamental things you need to know about the attacker from Operation Shifting Tides that will help you to be better with her in the game:


Kali is an operator that either will help you in long and close-range battles. However, you’ll have a hard time in those mid-ranged combats since her weapons aren’t optimal for those. The CSRX 300 works best at long range, while her SMGs have a lot of recoil, making them tough to use in close combat.

So position yourself so that you’re either too far or close to your opponents to maximize your chance of winning a gunfight.

An Alternative To Thatcher

In Rainbow Six Siege, most of the time, you’ll see Thatcher being banned in Rainbow Six Siege. That is where Kali comes in.

While some people resort to using Maverick to break off anti-breach gadgets, using his blow torch isn’t child’s play plus, there are other factors you need to consider, such as burning down Jager’s ADS or Wamai’s magNET system before the Maverick can throw in his grenades.

You can use Kali’s LV Explosive Lance, a much better and easy option to break off the electrifying walls, or Mute’s Jammers to help open up those reinforced walls.

Break Defender Utility

You can also take down other defender utilities such as deployable shields, Maestro’s Evil Eye, and many more with her under-barrel LV Explosive Lance, which otherwise can be a menace to do so at close range. So once you’re done with helping your team out, focus on taking out defender gadgets.

Use Her As Support

Kali is a support operator and should be used like one. You can’t just rush into the site with her, and even if you wanted to, there are much better operators to do so. With Kali, you’ll have to sit back, hold angles, and help your team easily march into the site. You can use her Sniper Rifle to carve holes into soft walls that can create angles for your team and catch the enemy by surprise.

All in all, Kali is a tough operator to get the hang of since she’s quite site-specific and cannot be spammed on every map. However, she is quite useful in scenarios where you want to hold off long angles, such as the Hookah from the Ruins in Coastline. While Glaz can replace her, he cannot provide the necessary utility to be a good support.

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