8 Tips on How to Level Up Fast in Call of Duty Mobile

If you're looking to learn on how to level up fast on Call of Duty Mobile, look no further. Here are the best ways to level up faster:
8 Tips on How to Level Up Fast in Call of Duty Mobile

Leveling up is an important aspect of Call of Duty Mobile. Leveling up allows players to unlock powerful weapons, scorestreaks, perks, and a variety of in-game items that work to their advantage. This simply means that the higher your level, the more advantages you have as a COD Mobile player.

How to Level Up Fast in COD Mobile

With a total of 50 levels for the Battle Pass, another 30 to 50 levels for each weapon, and 150 levels for the player profile (for new players); leveling up becomes a bit of a chore because of all the experience points you have to gain. So with that, we present to you 8 tips that can help you level up fast in Call of Duty Mobile. Don't worry, these are proven and tested!


Tip Number 1: Play for Kills

Kills are one of the fastest ways to gain a lot of experience points in CODM. Having an aggressive play style is the way to go. It maximizes the number of experience points you can gain in each COD Mobile match compared to playing passively, such as camping in a spot or hiding in spawn areas. With that said, we encourage players to play in game modes and maps that will give them more opportunities of scoring a kill.

CODM Level Up Fast Tip 1

Here are some ways to get more kills a lot easier.

Use the Meta.

If you want to get more Experience Points by killing enemies, using Meta Guns will make it much easier. These guns are Meta for a reason and this is because they are at the top of the list of all guns in the game. They will make it easier for you to score kills.

Game Mode Selection.

Choosing the right game mode to play will certainly make things much easier. There are two types of modes present in CODM: Multiplayer Mode and Battle Royale Mode. If you want to level up quickly, then Multiplayer Mode is the obvious choice. This is because there are numerous game modes in the Multiplayer Mode that players can participate in, and these modes are also divided into two categories: Core Selection and Featured.

  • Permanent game modes such as Frontline, Team Deathmatch, Search and Destroy, and others are included in the Core Selection, where players will be playing objective game modes. Hard Point, Domination, and Kill Confirmed are game modes that guarantee you more time to kill.
  • Featured is the second mode selection. Game modes that are released on a weekly basis can be found here. Game modes such as 10 vs 10, Grind, and Ground War provide you with extra time and more players to compete against, resulting in more kills

Map Efficiency.

Smaller maps are more efficient for gaining experience points and leveling up quickly. Smaller maps force you to spawn closer to your opponents, allowing you to go head-to-head with them much faster. Shipment, Nuketown, and Summit are some examples of small maps in Call of Duty Mobile.


Tip Number 2: Assists Pay

If you're having trouble getting kills, don't worry since there are still a variety of ways to gain experience points in-game. Assists can be obtained in various methods, including kill assists, score streak assists such as when deploying the UAV, shooting down score streaks with your FHJ, and simply accomplishing the objective game modes.

CODM Level Up Fast Tip 2

However, completing a large number of objective challenges in the games will result in a substantially shorter game.


Tip Number 3: Win the Game

The fact that winning matches rewards players with more experience points than losing games cannot be contested. It is evident that winning every match is not a simple feat, especially when competing against high-level players, however, it is not impossible.

CODM Level Up Fast Tip 3

Invite friends to assist you if you want to increase your chances of winning. You have more chances to defeat the enemy team and achieve victory by cooperating with your teammates in getting more kills, fewer fatalities, and completing the objectives.


Tip Number 4: Clan Play

Clans is a feature in Call of Duty Mobile. Playing with your clan mates allows you to earn extra XP after the match, which accelerates your level progression. You can join an existing big clan or create a new one by clicking the Clan button just below the lobby.

CODM Level Up Fast Tip 4

In addition, as you complete challenges in the clan, you can earn clan rewards, which you can use to purchase weapon skins, character skins, and other game stuff.


Tip Number 5: Be a Challenger

Every season, we are presented with new challenges in the form of limited-time events such as Featured Events, Seasonal Events, Gun Challenges, and Clan Events. Players are rewarded with skins, coupons, in-game currencies such as COD Points, and, most importantly, experience points for accomplishing these tasks.

CODM Level Up Fast Tip 5

So make sure to complete gun challenges and other tasks for more XP and other items.


Tip Number 6: XP Bonuses

COD Mobile occasionally provides a limited-time double XP event for players. These double XP events multiply the experience points you get in each match by two, making things much faster.

CODM Level Up Fast Tip 6

These XP bonuses play a significant role for new players since it allows them to acquire bonus XP/extra points to level up faster.


Tip Number 7: Skin Bonus

With several skins to choose from in COD Mobile, some weapon skins can provide players with more XP because of the 10% XP boost after finishing the match, as opposed to utilizing the default skin.

CODM Level Up Fast Tip 7

Through lucky draws, players can obtain these weapons with skin bonuses.


Tip Number 8: The More Cards, The Merrier

Great attachments are important if you want your weapons to be stronger in order to get more kills. Unfortunately, without leveling up the weapon, you will not be able to unlock those attachments. Leveling up weapons can be tedious at times, but don't fret because COD Mobile has us covered with its Weapon XP Cards. There are two kinds of Weapon XP Cards: one that instantly provides you weapon XP when you use it, and one that can increase the amount of weapon XP you can get in after a match.

CODM Level Up Fast Tip 8

These cards can be obtained by purchasing them in-store, obtaining them at event challenges, or receiving them from friends.

The game will be easier for you now that you know how to get experience points quickly. You can now compete with the best. Not all of us can be warriors in real life, but we can all be pros in mobile games. So, Soldiers, log in and start grinding!

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