The Best Weapons in Call of Duty Mobile – Which One Will You Use?

Discover the best weapons to utilize in the COD Mobile Season 9: Zombies are Back to stay ahead of the competition!

Updated on Nov 13, 2022
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The Best Weapons in Call of Duty Mobile – Which One Will You Use?

Choosing and switching between weapons can be a tedious task, especially when you're doing it for the team's advantage in the quick match time span. It may appear that selecting the ideal weapon in Call of Duty Mobile is unimportant, but it may make or break your ability to win matches and rank up fast. We’ve put together this list of the best weapons in Call of Duty Mobile to help you find what works best for your playstyle so you can spend less time switching between weapons and more time dominating matches!

Best Weapons in Call of Duty Mobile

The CODM Meta has shifted yet again as a result of the numerous balance changes in the latest update. We've listed the best weapons in each category so you can determine which weapon is most suited to your playstyle.

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Best Assault Rifle

The Krig 6 is the game's newest weapon. In comparison to the other guns on our list, this fully automatic assault rifle in COD Mobile has instantly shone as the best gun in the game. The Krig 6 is a suitable weapon for a wide range of playstyles and roles, but what makes this weapon more appealing to wield is its ability to deal 45 damage output when hitting headshots, making it a 3-shot assault rifle like the DR-H.

CODM Best Weapons AR

Attachments that you can be added to the best assault rifle are Agency Suppressor, Taskforce Barrel, Classic Red Dot Sight, Light Weight Stock, and Extended Mag A.

Honorable Mentions: Kilo-141, M13, and Peacekeeper

Despite the Krig 6's dominance in the assault rifle category, players can employ these weapons to eliminate enemies quickly at mid-range. Here are the in-depth guides for the Kilo-141, M13, and Peacekeeper.  Looking for something else? Check out our selection of the Best COD Mobile Assault Rifles.

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Best Submachine Gun

This fully automatic submachine gun is one of the fastest weapons in COD Mobile. The Switchblade X9 boasts a great fire rate, movement speed, ADS speed, and a decent damage output, making it an absolute beast in close-range fights. The Switchblade X9 is currently the best SMG to equip when playing aggressively.

CODM Best Weapons SMG

Tactical Suppressor, MIP Light Barrel (Short), YKM Light Stock, OWC Laser-Tactical, and Extended Mag A are all the proper attachments for the best submachine gun.

Honorable Mentions: MAC-10 and QQ9

Other weapons in the submachine gun category that you can utilize are the MAC-10 and the QQ9. The MAC-10 has the fastest ADS speed, and movement speed in the game, whereas the QQ9 is better suited for playing flexibly with an SMG. Looking for another one? Check out our collection of the Best Submachine Guns in COD Mobile.

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Best Light Machine Gun

The Holger 26 makes a comeback as the best LMG in COD Mobile. This light machine gun is most suited for the position of Anchor, although it is also a decent gun for flex roles. Within its effective range, the Holger 26 has high accuracy and high damage output in long-range combat.

CODM Best Weapons LMG

Attachments that you can add for the best light machine gun are Monolithic Suppressor, Classic Red Dot Sight, No Stock, Disable, and OWC Laser-Tactical.

Honorable Mentions: RPD

In CODM Season 9, the RPD is also a good choice when using an LMG. The RPD can be equipped with an attachment that converts this light machine gun into a reload-free weapon with limitless ammo. Recoil control isn't an issue because players can simply control it by pulling down, however movement speed is terrible for this weapon, making it solely suitable for passive play. Searching for more? Look through our list of the Best Light Machine Guns in Call of Duty Mobile.

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Best Shotgun

The KRM-262 underwent numerous buffs heading into COD Mobile Season 8, making it the best shotgun in the game. At close range, this pump-action shotgun can instantly kill an enemy target with a single blast. Professionals typically utilize the KRM-262 because of its consistency, even at medium range.

CODM Best Weapons SG

Attachments for the best shotgun include the Marauder Suppressor, Extended Barrel (+2), No Stock, MIP Laser-Tactical, and Speed Up Kill or Stippled Grip Tape.

Honorable Mentions: R9-0 and HS0405

Because of their diverse uses in the game, the other guns in this category will be determined by personal preferences. The R9-0 is ideal for playing inside hardpoint objectives, whereas the HS0405 is typically used for a longer range. Hoping for something else? Check out our selection of the Best Shotguns in Call of Duty Mobile.

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Best Sniper Rifle

The ZRG 20mm is without a doubt the most powerful sniper rifle in COD Mobile Season 9. This bolt-action sniper rifle can kill foes with one shot to any body part, making it an extremely deadly weapon in COD Mobile. Players must be accurate with this sniper rifle, especially when taking long-range shots.

CODM Best Weapons SR

The following attachments can be added to the best sniper rifle gunsmith build: OWC Light Suppressor, MIP Light Barrel (Short), YKM Combat Stock, Anti-Vehicle Mag, and Stippled Grip Tape.

Honorable Mentions: DL Q33, Rytec AMR, and XPR-50

When it comes to long-range gunfights, sniper rifles will always dominate when used by a skilled player. So, when it comes to reliability, the DL Q33 is the best sniper rifle, however, the Rytec AMR and XPR-50 are the best choices for playing a sniper rifle in spawn game modes due to their excellent fire rate and constant one-shot to two-shots kill potential at all ranges. Hoping for something else? Maybe it's on our list of the Best COD Mobile Sniper Rifles.

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Best Marksman Rifle

The SKS is a semi-automatic marksman rifle with the best fire rate in its class. The SKS marksman rifle is a weapon that requires players to be extremely accurate in order to demonstrate its capabilities. When handled by skilled players, this marksman rifle easily becomes the best weapon in the game.

CODM Best Weapons MR

The following attachments can be added to the best marksman rifle: OWC Light Suppressor, MIP Light, No Stock, OWC Laser-Tactical, and Disable or any Tactical Scopes.

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Best Pistol

The Shorty is the best Pistol in COD Mobile Season 9 when it comes to secondary weapons. The Shorty has received various buffs heading towards COD Mobile Season 9, allowing it to once again one-shot foes.

CODM Best Weapons P

The best pistol in COD Mobile can be enhanced with the following attachments: Marauder Suppressor, RTC Steady Stock, MIP Laser 5mW, Tactical Foregrip A, and OWC Stable.

Honorable Mentions: L-CAR 9, .50 GS, and MW11

Instead of reloading, the following pistols are perfect for saving oneself in a tight situation.

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Best Melee

When it comes to swiftly swapping your primary weapons for close-range kills, the Prizefighters is the best Melee to utilize. This is because of its high damage, mobility, and silent switching, which makes it ideal for quickly knocking out enemies.

CODM Best Weapons M

No attachments can be equipped with this weapon.

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Best Launcher

The Thumper is an obvious choice when selecting the best launchers to use in COD Mobile. This weapon allows players to quickly score kills.

CODM Best Weapons L

There are no attachments for this weapon.

Honorable Mentions: FHJ-18. and SMRS

If destroying the enemy scorestreak is the goal then the FHJ-18 and the SMRS are the best options.

These are the best COD Mobile Season 9 weapons. As selecting a weapon is such an important element of the game in Call of Duty Mobile, this list should help players narrow down their search for the best weapons for their playstyle and assist players to decide which weapons are worthy of a spot in their loadouts.

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