Best Submachine Guns In COD Mobile

Submachine Guns in COD Mobile is the category of weapons with the fastest cadence in the game, ideal for close-range battles to kill your enemies.

Updated on Aug 20, 2023
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Best Submachine Guns In COD Mobile

Unlike Assault Rifles in COD Mobile, any light machine gun will most likely have lower damage, but a high fire rate, which makes light machine guns in COD Mobile excellent guns for small maps and close range encounters that require you to shoot as fast as possible. Light machine guns in COD Mobile have a higher ADS time than other snipers or assault rifles in the game, which would give you the upper hand, along with their fire rate, to kill your enemies in close range or medium range.

In COD Mobile, you normally use an assault rifle against enemies who are in relatively long range shots, an example of this could be in battle royale games. Assault rifles in COD Mobile tend to be the most popular weapons in the game, but a light machine gun can be even better in the right situation. Here are the best light machine guns in COD Mobile.

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The MSMC is a light machine gun with the highest mobility in the game so far, which means you can turn to kill enemies at a high speed, and thanks to its high fire rate, you have a pretty high chance of killing your enemies with it. Bear in mind though, that its damage might not be the best, but its firing rate compensates it very well, which results in you dealing significant damage faster. One thing to keep in mind is that it doesn't have a good range or impressive accuracy stats.

2 /10



The QQ9 is one of the best light machine guns in COD Mobile since it's a pretty well-rounded one. It can be used in Battle Royale mode or Multiplayer mode with great effectiveness, it has fairly low recoil and good accuracy. This light machine gun in COd Mobile is very much loved since it can be modified to fit the player's needs, it has decent mobility, and despite not dealing serious damage, it's one of the best light machine guns in COD Mobile.

3 /10

PP19 Bizon


With a good fire rate, good mobility, and nice accuracy, the PP19 Bizon has proven to be one of the best LMGS in COD mobile for medium range. Its bullet spread accuracy allows COD Mobile players to modify it so other needs are met. The only real downside is its low range, but it's normal since we're talking about LMGS in COD Mobile and not about an assault rifle. Without a doubt, this is one of those resourceful weapons that are excellent for close combat. Indeed one of the best light machine guns in COD Mobile.

4 /10



This one is a great choice when you're in the Multiplayer mode of Call of Duty mobile, and you want outstanding mobility paired with a good fire rate. The bullet spread accuracy of the QXR, however, makes it bad for long range encounters in Call of duty mobile, but be sure that for many, this is the best light machine gun in Call of Duty mobile. We wouldn't advise using it in Battle Royale mode, but it is still a solid choice.

5 /10



The PPSh-41 is yet another well-rounded LMGS in cod mobile, its fire rate is fairly good and with the right attachments, it can be quite deadly. This gun works quite well on its own, but one interesting thing is that a customized version of it doesn't need a strike foregrip or something to increase its mobility, since it has enough of it already, if anything, you'd want to compensate for its low recoil and you're good to go. The lightweight perk and a higher magazine capacity are excellent combinations for those players who like to run carelessly around the map killing quickly every enemy on their way.

6 /10



For many COD Mobile players, this is hands-down the best light machine gun in Call of Duty mobile, and we wouldn't blame them, the RUS-79U has a bit of everything. Its fire rate is nice and has decent mobility, besides that, it has generous damage and its accuracy is fairly good. This is the type of LMG in Call of Duty mobile that makes players fall in love with this category, and for some out there, this is the only LMG they use in the game.

7 /10



CBR4 is a decent option when it comes to the best LMG in COD Mobile, and although it has low damage, the rest of its specifications let COD mobile players customize it as they please by increasing the magazine capacity with the right attachments, or adding an OWC laser for more precision when you use hip fire. Its fire rate is rather nice, and without a doubt, it doesn't need anything to increase mobility on it, since it is one of its strongest points.

8 /10

Switchblade X9


The Switchblade X9 is the antithesis of the LMGS in COD mobile. It does have a nice fire rate, and overall this is one of the most complete LMG in COD mobile, but the thing about is its limited mobility in ADS mode, which can be a bit overwhelming if this is a new weapon to you. Regardless of it, the Switchbalde X9 is still a solid pick among the LMG section in COD mobile.

9 /10



The Fennec is just like the one mentioned before, but with steroids on the fire rate and mobility, which are great on this gun, yet the accuracy, damage, and overall control are quite low, still it doesn't mean its a bad one, since it works perfectly when you hip fire your enemies with it, in these cases, an OWC laser might come in handy in the attachment section, which is why this is one of the best LMGS in COD Mobile.

10 /10

KSP 45


Finally, the KSP 45 has the highest damage when it comes to LMGS in COD Mobile. And as if it wasn't enough, it also has fantastic mobility, great control and range, and overall decent accuracy and fire rate. Something to highlight about the KSP 45 is the fact that this weapon is quite beginner-friendly thanks to its well-rounded statistics.

Light machine guns in Call of Duty Mobile are a big part of the game, and you could say they're the most used guns after assault rifles due to their high fire rate. It's impossible to pinpoint which is the ultimate best LMG in COD since they all have different pros and cons, some might have a high rate of firing than other LMGS, and others might deal more damage, or have a large mag. Despite all of that, the best thing you can do is to try them with different loadouts until you find one that fits your needs and playstyle.

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