Best Perk Combinations in Call of Duty Mobile

Perks are crucial components of any gunsmith loadout. Do you know what are the best perks combinations? Find out here!

Updated on Aug 20, 2023
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Best Perk Combinations in Call of Duty Mobile

What are Perks in CoD Mobile?

Perks in Call of Duty mobile are improvements for your loadouts that can help you in a wide variety of ways, from regenerating your HP a bit faster to picking up ammo when killing an enemy, and even being untargetable to scorestreak AIs. Perks are divided in colors, and the different perk combinations consist of a red perk, a green perk, and a blue perk. The perk combination you choose influences how the weapon you choose and the character itself behaves.


Best Perk Combinations in CoD Mobile

The are tons of Call of Duty mobile perks combinations that you can try out with different guns to find the one that suits more your play style, the best perks are always those that make you feel the most comfortable with a specific weapon, whether it is the toughness perk, dead silence perk, hardline perk, tactical mask perk, high alert perk, lightweight perk, or enemy tracker perks in general, always choose the ones to adapt the most to you in Call of Duty Mobile.

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Unlimited Ammo and Map Awareness (For LMG and Assault Rifles)

This is a simple perk combination, but you shouldn't underestimate it, since Call of Duty Mobile is a game where you can carry a game with the simplest of weapons, therefore, in multiplayer matches, if you're good enough with the weapon you choose, you can be killing enemies with this perk combo without worrying about ammunition. The perk combination for this one would be the following.




Great for faster ADS which is what you would like for LMG and Assault Rifles.



Recover ammunition after killing an enemy.



Show a general location of the enemies on the map as they approach you.

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Quick Scorestreaks (For LMG and Shotguns)

Light Machine Guns and Shotguns are great to kill enemies quickly. You can take advantage of this and the fast recovery perk to strategically achieve takedowns, whether you use lethal equipment, trip mines, throw grenades, or just use your guns, its effectiveness to unlock scorestreaks and avoid dying is remarkable.



Fast Recovery

Increases health regeneration. If you play carefully, you won’t die that easily.



A must to recover ammunition and keep killing enemies.



A fantastic choice if you want to use your scorestreaks sooner.

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Supreme Stability (For Snipers and Long Shots)

Take your precision beyond limits even when being shot with this Call of Duty Mobile perk combination. When you're using a sniper rifle you want things to be stable and to not flinch even if you're being shot seconds prior to your enemies dying in CoD Mobile, the cherry on top is that thanks to this combination you will see your enemies if they're nearby.



Iron Lungs

Thanks to Iron Lungs you can forget about unsteady sniper shots.



Toughness will keep things under control when being shot and aiming at the same time.


High Alert

High Alert is great to spot enemies who are coming your way to take you down.

Hardcore Hipfiring (Works well with any gun)

For those Call of Duty Mobile players who thrive hip firing their guns, this perk combination is awesome. By moving faster you can roam the map quickly and sweep your enemies away while having some health regeneration each time you kill an enemy, finally, the best of all is dead silence; thanks to its silent movement, you will surprise enemies.




This one increases your sprinting speed while decreasing fall damage in Call of Duty Mobile.


Quick Fix

Quick Fix is excellent to recover HP when you search and kill enemy players, whether you use Molotov Cocktails, trip mines, etc.


Dead Silence

Dead Silence grants silent movement when you walk that's useful to approach your enemies in multiplayer matches in CoD Mobile, if you run, the sound spread distance just decreases.

Explosive Damage (Works wonders with any explosive)

Although this might be a little bit out there, it's actually fun to play throwing grenades often to kill your enemies. If you play on a map that you are familiar with in Call of Duty Mobile, then you can easily predict where enemies will be so you can kill them with a sticky grenade, or even bolder, set them up with C4. You might think the tactician perk, which respawns an extra piece of tactical equipment, is the one we use here, but choose another instead.




Restock is the main perk that makes it possible to use multiple explosives in CoD Mobile.



You will always need ammo while you restock on explosives.


Demo Expert

Lastly, Demo Expert ensures those kills when you use your explosives in CoD Mobile.

As you can see, CoD Mobile perks play a very important role in a loadout, that's why you should always know what type of playstyle you're aiming for so you choose the best perks that suit what you're looking for. The Cold Blooded perk and the Hardline Perk are great examples of this since they give precise effects.

Do you now have a more clear vision of what the endless possibilities are with the right perk combination in CoD Mobile? From tracking enemy footprints to marking enemies when you shoot at them, it's all up to your creativity when it comes to the perk system.

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