How to Equip or Change Scorestreaks in Call of Duty Mobile

This is how to change your scorestreaks in Call of Duty Mobile.

Updated on Oct 20, 2022
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How to Equip or Change Scorestreaks in Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile has been regarded as one of the top first-person shooter games for mobile devices, both in Multiplayer and in Battle Royale mode. With millions of gamers playing this game every day, it's no surprise that everyone wants to get a competitive advantage. This article will teach players what a Scorestreak is, how to unlock them, how to equip or change them, and how to use them to take the lead to turn the tides.

What are Scorestreaks in COD Mobile?

The Scorestreak System is a multiplayer mechanic that appears in multiple Call of Duty games. Essentially, the Scorestreak System rewards points to players based on their contribution to the team. When a player accumulates enough points, they can utilize the Scorestreak to gain an advantage over the opposing team.

CODM Scorestreak Kills

When it comes to utility, each Scorestreak will differ from the rest. Some Scorestreaks will be utilized to eliminate enemies within a Hardpoint objective, reconnaissance for more information against the enemy team, block a side of a map so enemies can't rush it, and a variety of other things. That is why scorestreaks play a very important part in Call of Duty Mobile.

How to Unlock Scorestreaks in COD Mobile Multiplayer Mode?

In Call of Duty Mobile, there are several Scorestreaks available for players to use. However, when players are just starting out, most of these Scorestreaks will be locked because they must be purchased from the Credit Store or reach certain levels to unlock them.

CODM Scorestreak Loadout

Once unlocked, players can earn their desired scorestreaks in a multiplayer match by securing Objectives for 25-100 points (depending on the mode), Kills with weapons worth 100 points, Major Assists for 50 points, Minor Assists for 25 points, UAV Assists for 20 points, and so on. When a player reaches the required number of points for a Scorestreak, they can use it to affect the game's pace or even control it. Also, unless the Persistence Perk is equipped, all Scorestreak points are lost when the player dies. Hardline is another perk that can be used to obtain extra points.

How to Equip or Change Call of Duty Mobile Scorestreaks?

Changing or equipping Scorestreaks is a simple task that anyone can accomplish. To equip the Scorestreaks, simply follow the steps below.

  1. Start the Call of Duty Mobile app and wait for the default loading screen to appear.
  2. On the right side of the lobby screen, select the Multiplayer Section.
  3. Navigate to the Loadout option in the screen's lower left hand corner.
  4. In the loadout box, tap Scorestreaks.
  5. A list of Scorestreaks will be displayed. Scroll through the list, then tap equip to the Scorestreak you want to utilize.
  6. If you already have a Scorestreak equipped and want to replace it, simply select the Scorestreak and click equip.
  7. The Change Scorestreaks tab will then appear, and you can simply click Swap.
  8. Then begin the gameplay!
CODM Scorestreak Selection

In a game where your decisions affect the outcome, learning the various Scorestreaks available, how to equip them, and how to utilize them for your benefit will support you in winning the game. When a player performs to the best of their abilities and achieves a high Scorestreak, enemies will surely experience a difficult time advancing to their position to progress the game objectives.

That brings us to the end of our guide on how to equip or change Scorestreaks in Call of Duty Mobile. Discover gaming videos on our YouTube channel and sign up for our newsletter for more COD Mobile articles like Leveling Up Fast and Enabling Streamer Mode.

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