The Best Sniper Rifles in Call of Duty Mobile

The best sniper rifles: Call of Duty Mobile Edition.
The Best Sniper Rifles in Call of Duty Mobile

Whether it be Domination, Search & Destroy or Hardpoint, the sniper guns are certainly the dominators of Call of Duty Mobile. For every COD Mobile season, new weapons and equipment, a brand new map and balance changes are released, but one thing is for certain, the sniper rifles remain on top. Here are the Best Sniper Rifles in Call of Duty Mobile.

Best Sniper Rifles in COD Mobile

When it comes to skills, no other weapon can show it off more than the Sniper. The Sniper Rifle category has been riddled with strong weapons that are capable of one-shotting enemies in all ranges. This may sound really tempting but this weapon type has always been difficult to handle. But with the correct attachments, the right loadout, and practice, the weapons in this list will always be godly in the right hands.



Starting off the list with one of the best sniper rifle in Call of Duty Mobile - the SVD. This semi-automatic sniper rifle can kill an enemy target with just a single shot to the head and has an infinite two-shot range capability not to mention that this weapon has a fast fire rate and high damage. This gun is constantly used and banned by pros in many major tournaments because of how overpowered it is. There is exactly no downside to this weapon because even at close range this gun can easily win battles against a submachine gun/shotgun user.

Attachments that you can add to your gunsmith build for this sniper rifle are Tactical Suppressor, 3X Tactical Scope B or C, OWC Skeleton Stock, Disable, and 15 Round Extended Mag.


DL Q33

The DL Q33 has always been one of the most consistent and the most powerful sniper rifle in Call of Duty Mobile. This bolt-action sniper rifle has great accuracy and high range thus making it highly reliable for one-shot kills. And with how highly customizable weapons are in Call of Duty Mobile, players can build this weapon however they want, and it's still going to be one of the top sniper rifles for both Multiplayer mode and Battle Royale mode.

Some recommended Attachments/Weapon Blueprints to use are Tactical Suppressor, MIP Light, YKM Combat Stock, FMJ, and Extended Mag A.



Similar to the DL Q33, this bull pop bolt action sniper rifle is one of the most reliable snipers that the players can use. The Koshka can infinite one-shot range from the waist up and has one of the fastest ADS speeds in the sniper category. The blank scope and no scope for this weapon are extremely accurate so if you like playing aggressively, this sniper will be perfect for you. 

The only downside to the Koshka is its default scope which covers up most of the screen, but you can easily use the 6x scope attachment if you prefer it. With the right attachments, this sniper rifle can rival other guns like the DL Q33 and the Locus.

These are the attachments you can use to make the Koshka stronger: OWC Light Suppressor, MIP Light Barrel (Short), Mobility Stock, Fast Aim Laser, and Stippled Grip Tape. You can also add the Armor Piercer Mag for more bullet penetration or the 6x Scope if you don't like the default scope.



When it comes to rush sniping and quick scoping, the Locus is the clear pick. This sniper has great mobility/movement speed compared to the other sniper rifles. If you want a maximum damage output, adding its Stopping Power Magazine will give you the same hitbox as the DL Q33 in exchange for a slower ADS Speed, Fire Rate, and more Recoil.

Attachments that you can use for this weapon are YKM Lightweight Short, OWC Skeleton Stock, FMJ, OWC Stopping Power Reload, and Stippled Grip Tape.


Arctic .50

Just like the Locus and the Outlaw, this semi-automatic sniper gun has a fast ADS Speed and Mobility, but what makes this Sniper stand out from the two other snipers is its fast fire rate, range, and one-shot kill capability to the chest. This sniper has a great stat balance and is prominently used by pros in Chinese teams. With a great aim, this sniper rifle can easily out scope other rifles on this list.

Attachments that you can use for the Arctic .50 are the OWC Light Suppressor, Assassin Short, OWC Skeleton Stock, FMJ, and Stippled Grip Tape. For more Arctic. 50 build for both Multiplayer Mode and Battle Royale Mode you can check our best loadouts here.


Honorable Mention - M21 EBR

This semi-semi automatic sniper rifle has a fast fire rate and great stability but has a low damage output. Unlike the other sniper rifles in the game, the M21 EBR needs 2 shots to kill an enemy at full health. It can only do 1 shot kill by achieving a headshot which makes this sniper rifle extremely difficult to master. Although this sniper rifle doesn't seem very strong if you play in the Multiplayer Mode, in the Battle Royale Mode this sniper is the Meta. Due to this weapon having a fast rate of fire and low recoil, it can easily destroy plates and knock down enemies in a swift even at long range. You can only pick this weapon up through a customized blueprint in the Arsenal Drop.

Here are some of the attachments we recommend: Monolithic Suppressor, MIP Steady, MIP Strike Stock, Disable, and 20 Round Reload.

That completes our list of the best sniper rifles in Call of Duty Mobile. Now that you know what guns to use for sniping, long-range engagements will be fierce competition. Since you are putting yourself at a disadvantage when using sniper rifles, practicing your aim, movement, playing smart, and adjusting your sensitivity settings will be your best take. Maybe one day you'll take Woopiiee’s crown as the King of Snipers of Call of Duty Mobile.

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