How to Hip Fire in Call of Duty Mobile

Although difficult to master, firing your guns can help achieve higher skills many professional players utilize to kill their enemies swiftly and effortlessly.

Updated on Mar 09, 2024
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How to Hip Fire in Call of Duty Mobile

Hip firing in Call of Duty Mobile is a rather advanced mode that many professional players utilize to achieve quicker kills in any close range combat. Hip firing in Call of Duty Mobile is something that can be achieved with most weapon types, but the thing is that not because of this, it is recommended to actually use it in every gun there is in Call of Duty Mobile, since hip firing represents an increased bullet spread for all guns, from assault rifles to submachine guns.

How to Hip Fire in Call of Duty Mobile?

To enable the hip fire mode in COD Mobile you can do it from the main menu. But because this isn't practical you can perfectly enter the practice mode and play around with the settings of the game and of course, the hip fire option. Follow these steps so you know how to enable hip fire mode.

  1. Open the COD Mobile app and tap on "Multiplayer" in the Main Menu.

  2. Select the Training Mode.

  3. Once in Training Mode of COD Mobile, tap on the 'Settings' button.


  4. In the 'Controls' tab, you will see simple and advanced mode.

  5. Tap on the second one and you will see "Hip fire" and "Custom"

    Hip Fire selected

  6. The 'Hip Fire' is to use hip fire in all guns.

  7. The 'Custom' option allows you to decide what weapon types you want to hip fire with in COD mobile.

As you can see, thanks to the 'Custom' option, you can play around with your loadouts and the guns you want to utilize for hip firing, and those for ADS for more accuracy when shooting the enemy.

Is hip firing better than ADS firing?

When players fire in COD Mobile, they should know that both hip fire in COD and ADS fire have different functions, benefits, and downsides. Here’s a quick pro and cons comparison to understand what situations one might be more suitable than the other.

Hip Fire Pro's and Con's

ADS Pro's and Con's

Excellent in close range fights.

Works well in most situations.

Better to use it in small maps where you have close range with the enemy.

Good firing mode for all maps.

Start firing quicker during the game which might lead you to kill your enemies faster.

Increased accuracy when aiming and of course, shooting.

Killing enemies is guaranteed with shotguns, and submachine guns with high cadence.

The effective aiming mode when using sniper rifles.

Bullet spread might be a problem if you’re too far from the enemy.

During ADS aiming overall mobility might be an issue

Hard to get accustomed to.

Is Hip Firing Worth It?

If you're planning to play COD mobile more seriously, then learning how to hip fire in COD Mobile is something you should take some time to, this is because this shooting mode allows players to get kills in unexpected ways for the enemies, being the most popular shooting while you're sliding.


Shooting your weapon while you're sliding towards your enemies in close combat allows you to dodge bullets while taking kills, which are even easier to get with shotguns. With that being said, play around the controls tab and the hip fire button so you can enable hip fire in COD Mobile, and see what weapons you feel most comfortable with this shooting mode.

Despite being a mode that new players might feel overwhelming to use, more experience players will find the value to it, and eventually they'll get the best out of hip fire in COD during close combat, while leaving ADS for long range combat in maps that suit better this mode and any weapon used in this way, such as sniper rifles for major accuracy in the game.

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