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Are There Bots in Call of Duty Mobile?

The idea of playing with Bots in Call of Duty Mobile is an excellent way to put to test, but are they available in-game? Let’s find out.
Are There Bots in Call of Duty Mobile?

Call of Duty Mobile is a highly competitive game just like other mobile games such as PUBG Mobile or any other that, just as COD Mobile offers a Battle Royale mode or the good-old Multiplayer. To be the best of the best you can either jump into a match and practice your skills with real players, but if you want to take things to your own pace, maybe you'd like to practice playing with computer controlled bots.

Are There Bots in Call of Duty Mobile?

Long story short is: yes, there are bots in COD Mobile, but even playing with bots isn't really a default mode in COD mobile since this is a game that's actually meant to be played with other people or friends, whether it is the standard Multiplayer, Battle Royale, or the current Zombie Mode, commemorative of Halloween.


Bots in COD Mobile are a good way for new players to put to test their skills and of course, get to know the game, guns, maps, scorestreakes, characters, and so on. Although the real excitement relies on figuring your way in COD Mobile playing against other players, if you practice enough with bots, when you start to play raked games, it will feel like another day in bots mode regardless of how many players there are.

How to Use Bots in COD Mobile?

To use bots in COD Mobile is quite simple, all you have to do is follow these simple steps and in no time you'll be in a match with no strings attached because you'll be against computer controlled enemies.

  1. Open the COD Mobile app on your device.

  2. In the main menu, tap on multiplayer.


  3. You'll see each game mode available, from the Core ones, to the Featured during the season, at last, is the Practice mode of Call of Duty Mobile.


  4. Select it and choose "Practice VS. AI".


  5. Choose a map you feel comfortable with during the game in Call of Duty Mobile, then tap on "Confirm".


  6. Lastly, press start, and your match against bots in Call of Duty Mobile will begin.


We recommend players who are in early levels to try this function in Call of Duty Mobile if you want to improve your skills when you play a game, moreover, this training mode can even help you if you mostly play Battle Royale because it might help you get familiarized with the weapons there.

What Modes Can You Try Bots In?

In Call of Duty Mobile, you can only practice with bots in Multiplayer games, and it makes sense because playing Battle Royale in Call of Duty Mobile or any other game with the Battle Royale mode available such as PUBG Mobile, wouldn't make any sense, or at least, wouldn't be that fun. People of lower ranks or those who are in the early levels of the game should know this when they play so they take the most out of this feature to improve their performance during their games.

Can You Set a predetermined Difficulty for Bots?

The bad news is that in Call of Duty Mobile you can't really set a higher difficulty for the bots in a game. So this is only limited to the people who have no clue how to play the Call of Duty Mobile and are just getting started with it.


Now that you have the answer to the question "Are there bots in Call of Duty Mobile?" it's up to you how to use this function the game offers to your advantage in order to get better at your games. The downside is, that since you can't have a higher difficulty practicing with the bots, then if you're really good at the game, it wouldn't serve you much, still, this could be a way to test guns and see how fast you can achieve a takedown or measure damage in general.

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