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How to play Zombies Mode in COD Mobile?

One of the most iconic game modes in the Call of Duty franchise is the Zombie mode, but can you play it anytime in COD Mobile?
How to play Zombies Mode in COD Mobile?

Throughout the years, the Call of Duty franchise has renewed itself with each title they released having new and exciting modes for players to enjoy other than the campaign or multiplayer, being the most iconic the Zombies Mode, whose first appearance dates back to 2009 when Call of Duty: World at War was released.

How to play Zombies Mode in Call of Duty Mobile?

Zombies mode can be played in COD Mobile version by choosing it from the Multiplayer Mode when it becomes available again. 


Since the Zombie mode has had some changes over the years in Call of Duty Mobile, we would have to wait until the next time it becomes available to know for sure how to play the mode if it happens to have any change or second map in the future.

The last time Zombies was available in COD Mobile

Currently, Call of Duty mobile Zombies mode isn't available at the moment, and it seems that the development team will leave this Zombie mode as something that we will see only once a year since the last time it was available was in 2021 as the "Undead Siege Mode", where you had to protect your control center on an island map with three other players that joined you after you selected the mode in multiplayer screen in Call of Duty Mobile.

Can we expect to play zombies anytime soon in COD Mobile?

Not everything is bad news, since it looks like gamers will be able to play zombies in the future this year after a quick tease the official account of Call of Duty Mobile has made via Twitter. With that being said, we can expect the Undead Siege game mode to be back this year, perhaps during this month of October, when most likely, we will have a Halloween-related event in COD Mobile.

Twitter Announcement

After some of these official announcements from COD Mobile, we can expect to play Undead Siege mode with up to four players, just like the last time it was available, for now, let's wait for the Zombies mode to return patiently.

Without a doubt, the COD Mobile Zombies option is the ultimate fan favorite, and it has been requested for a long time. With that being said, we could only expect new additions to the way we play the fan favorite mode, perhaps a second map, or the option to be played solo, even though it wouldn't make it that fun. We can only expect to at least have back the fun Undead Siege in Call of Duty Mobile Zombies.

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