How To Play Zombies Mode in CoD Mobile [Step-by-Step]

Zombies Mode in CoD Mobile is called "Undead Siege" and its availability is highly limited.

Updated on Dec 03, 2023
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How To Play Zombies Mode in CoD Mobile [Step-by-Step]

The availability of the Zombies Mode in CoD Mobile may be dependent on the schedule of in-game events, and it is possible that the mode is blocked when you are reading this article. However, if it is available, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Main Menu, and select "Events". 
  2. Choose "Featured", as this is the tap where time-limited game modes are listed
  3. Select "Undead Siege"; this is the exclusive name for the Zombies mode in CoD Mobile
  4. Tap "Start" and enjoy the game!

How To Play Zombies Mode in CoD Mobile

This mode is one of the most popular things in CoD Mobile, and also a reason why people are downloading emulators to play CoD Mobile on PC.

Is Undead Siege Available in CoD Mobile Now

Undead Siege is currently not available in CoD Mobile, and it's a pity, as it was a decent game mode to level up fast and try different FOV settings in CoD Mobile

Sadly, Zombies Mode in CoD Mobile is usually available no more than once a year, and it's often around Halloween Events.  But well, maybe it's good, because when you know how much data CoD Mobile uses... I would run out of it 10 times personally.

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