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The Best FOV Settings in Call of Duty Mobile

This guide will show players the best FOV settings in COD Mobile Battle Royale and Multiplayer Modes.
The Best FOV Settings in Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile included a diversity of new game options for gamers to experiment with. Players can now personalize the colors of hit markers and hit directions, as well as modify the mini-map and other features. The increase in FOV from the previous maximum of 75 to 90, which players can modify to fit their playstyle, is one of the game-changing settings that COD Mobile updated. In this article, players will learn how to choose the best and most optimal FOV/Field of View Settings for their COD Mobile playstyle.

What are the best FOV Settings in COD Mobile?

The best FOV settings for players to apply will be strongly influenced by their playstyle. As a result, in this article, we will provide the best FOV settings for three different types of playstyles.

Best FOV Settings for Aggressive Players

When rushing enemies with Shotguns and highly aggressive Submachine Guns like the Fennec at close range, a restricted field of view (FOV) will undoubtedly put aggressive players at a disadvantage. This is because movement is something the player must do and deal with at close range, so having a narrower FOV will result in players being unable to handle close-range gunfights and scan their surroundings for unexpected gunfights.

Best FOV - Aggressive

As a result, wider/larger FOV settings will be suitable for these types of gamers because they will not have to challenge enemies from a long-range, so having a higher FOV will not handicap the player. We strongly advise players to set their Camera FOV to 80-90 and FPP FOV to 100 to avoid concealing opponents in the middle of their guns.

Best FOV Settings for Flexible Players

It is assumed that gamers who adopt numerous playstyles or weaponry that change depending on the battlefield or their mood will need to be versatile. It's pretty usual for these players to switch from using Submachine Guns to suddenly wielding a Sniper Rifle.

Best FOV - Flex

As a result, having a low or high FOV will not benefit them, therefore the sweet spot will be in the middle. Flex Players should set their Camera FOV to 70-75 and their FPP FOV to 100 since this is the optimal range for their playstyle.

Best FOV Settings for Passive Players

When using a high Field of View setting, it will be considerably more difficult to spot opponents at long range, making it less ideal for passive players who prefer to play slowly at a considerable distance. To prevent being put in a disadvantageous situation, these types of gamers should select lower FOV.

Best FOV - Passive

Given that some devices are smaller than others, having an extremely low FOV setting will almost certainly cause some players to miss out on information. So, for a suitable device, such as most typical phones, we recommend setting the Camera FOV to 60-70 and the FPP FOV Settings to 100.

How to Change the FOV Settings in COD Mobile

Players can easily change their FOV Settings by following the steps below:

  1. In the upper right corner of the game lobby, press the COD Mobile Settings Button.
  2. Once selected, select the Basic option.
  3. Scroll down to Camera FOV and FOV (FPP).
  4. Drag the slider or click the plus and minus icon to your preferred number.
Best FOV - Settings

That concludes our exploration of the best Field of View Settings in COD Mobile. With your new settings in place, you should notice a difference in gameplay without having to adjust your Sensitivity. And who knows, maybe you'll be able to find the right playstyle and the right techniques for you with your new knowledge of FOVs.

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