5 Effective Ways to Get Free Emotes in CoD Mobile [Updated]

See five ways to get free emotes in Call of Duty Mobile, including participating in in-game events, playing Zombie Mode, joining tournaments, and more!

Updated on Nov 09, 2023
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5 Effective Ways to Get Free Emotes in CoD Mobile [Updated]

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Through In-Game Events

Every Call of Duty Mobile season includes a series of new in-game events with free rewards for completing a task. These rewards include a range of in-game items, including a Free Emote on occasion.

In-Game Events CoD Mobile

Simply head to the Events section and look for Seasonal, Featured, and Exclusive events to get started! The tasks vary, so there's always something new to do, and you'll rack up points to score some cool emotes while you're at it.

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By Playing Zombie Mode

If grinding in-game events wasn't enough, gamers can also play Zombie Mode and complete tasks to get free rewards! This mode offers a variety of goodies, including Epic Weapons, Character Skins, Emotes, and much more.

Zombie Mode CoD Mobile

Just go to the Zombie Mode section on the right side of the lobby to begin grinding. Plus, each zombie you take down gets you closer to snagging that emote you've been eyeing. It’s a win-win – you save the day and get rewarded!

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Through Tournament Mode

The Tournament is a weekend exclusive mode in Call of Duty Mobile which pits players against enemies in different types of game modes. These game modes range from One-Verus-One, Free For All, 2v2/3v3 Gunfights, and even Ground War!

Tournament Mode CoD Mobile

Players can obtain Seasonal Camos like Damascus sin, free COD Points, and an exclusive free emote given to only a few leaderboard players. Remember, the higher you climb up the leaderboard, the better your rewards, so give it your all and compete with everything you've got!

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Through Credit Store

Another way to earn free emotes is to purchase them in the Credit Store using the in-game currency Credits. This currency is absolutely free and can be obtained by just finishing a match in ranked, casual multiplayer, zombie, or battle royale mode. The more you play, the more Credits you'll earn, which means more cool emotes to collect without spending real money.

Credit Store CoD Mobile

In the Credit Store, players can select from a variety of items. Simply go to the Store and look for the Credit Store section. Moreover, keep checking back on it,

as new items often pop up, giving you the chance to grab new emotes as soon as they drop.

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By Entering Redemption Codes

Following COD Mobile on their different social media channels can occasionally result in benefits, especially when fans stumble across posts that give Codes that reward players with various types of in-game goodies such as a Free Emote, Epic Weapon Skin, and even Operator Skins.

Entering Redemption Codes CoD Mobile

Upon obtaining a Code, the player can copy and paste it into the Redemption Center, which can be located under the Featured Events section. Make sure to act fast since some codes are only available for a limited time!

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