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How To Get Your Hands on Epic Weapons in Call of Duty Mobile

These are all of the methods to get your hands on some fantastic Epic Weapons in Call of Duty Mobile!
How To Get Your Hands on Epic Weapons in Call of Duty Mobile

With the plethora of customization features and regular updates, we have received tons of new weapons in COD Mobile, and each of these weapons has its own unique camos and blueprints that set it apart from the rest. Fortunately, there are various ways to obtain Epic Weapons in Call of Duty Mobile. Here are all the ways you can get your hands on these awesome weapon skins!

Methods To Get Epic Weapons in COD Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile offers players a diverse arsenal of weaponry as well as countless skins for each weapon. Along with the Epic Weapons, there are Weapon Camos, Uncommon Weapons, Rare Weapons, Legendary Weapons, and Mythic Weapons. Some are available for free, while others require players to purchase to receive the most premium-looking epic weapon skins.

Free-To-Play Methods

In-Game Events

Every season of Call of Duty Mobile features a slew of in-game events with free rewards for players who complete a mission. These rewards include a variety of in-game items, including Free Epic Weapons.

CODM Epic Weapons 1

Simply go to the Events section to find the Seasonal, Featured, and Exclusive events to start grinding!

Rank Rewards

COD Mobile's Seasonal Rank Reset is one strategy for them to keep their users coming back to the game. Each Rank rewards players a number of skins, including both characters and guns, which they can grind for free.

CODM Epic Weapons 2

Simply click the Ranked Match button in the lobby to begin playing rank games. Win games against enemies to advance in rank and acquire more in-game items.

Zombie Mode

If grinding in-game events and rank isn't enough, players can also engage in COD Mobile's Zombie Mode and accomplish tasks to get free rewards! This mode includes a variety of items, such as Epic Weapons, Character Skins, Emotes, and much more.

CODM Epic Weapons 3

To begin grinding, head to the Zombie Mode section on the right side of the lobby.

Credit Store

Another method to get free epic weapons is to purchase them in the Credit Store with the in-game currency called Credits. This currency is completely free and can be obtained by simply finishing a match, whether it is ranked, casual multiplayer mode, zombie mode, or battle royale mode.

CODM Epic Weapons 4

Players can choose from a variety of Epic Weapons and even Character skins in the Credit Store. Simply enter the Store and navigate to the Credit Store section.

Clan Wars Store

Similar to the Credit Store, the Clan Wars Store allows players to purchase in-game items. The currency used to purchase in this store is called Clan Credits, which can be obtained for free by completing Clan War objectives. Players also earn extra Clan Credits at each weekly and seasonal reset.

CODM Epic Weapons 5

To shop at the Clan Wars Store, go to the Lobby's Clan button and select Store.

Daily Missions

In COD Mobile, players are rewarded with daily mission crates just by completing certain missions every day. This crate offers the player a chance to receive Epic Weapons or an Epic Character Skin for free!

CODM Epic Weapons 6

Players can easily accomplish the tasks under the Daily tab by going to the Events section. Once completed, head to the Mail to receive the crate.

Redemption Codes

Following COD Mobile on their various social media channels can sometimes yield advantages, especially when fans come across posts that offer Codes that reward players with various types of in-game items such as Epic Weapon Skins, Character Skins, and even Emotes.

CODM Epic Weapons 7

After obtaining a Code, the player should copy and paste it into the Redemption Center, which can be found under the Featured Events Tab. Make sure to act quickly because certain codes are only available for a limited time and redemptions!

Paid Methods

Paid Battle Pass

The COD Mobile Premium Battle Pass is the most economic method of obtaining Epic Weapons for a price. There are 50 Tiers in the Battle Pass, and each of these tiers rewards players with different types of items. These things can include skins for assault rifles, a new sniper gun, character skins, and much more.

CODM Epic Weapons 8

The Battle Pass, which includes five Epic Weapon Skins, four Epic Character Skins, and enough COD Points to purchase the next battle pass, can be purchased using COD Points. However, if a player wants more skins, they can either upgrade their Battle Pass to Ground Forces or unlock the Battle Pass Vault.

Lucky Draw System

Feeling a little bit lucky? Perhaps try the Lucky Draw. The lucky draw system is another fantastic way to expand the Epic Weapons in your arsenal, but if you hit the jackpot, you may be able to obtain the featured Legendary Weapon or Mythic Weapon.

CODM Epic Weapons 9

Most Mythic and Legendary Lucky Draws do costs a whole lot of money to fully acquire, but this gives gamers the possibility to acquire a high-level rarity item.

Lucky Boxes

Similar to Lucky Draws, Lucky Boxes grants the player a chance to receive the Epic Weapons or items they desire.

CODM Epic Weapons 10

Although it is less expensive than the Lucky Draw, the things found in these Lucky Boxes include Epic Weapons and Character Skins, plus some Rare and Uncommon items, making them less desirable.


Crates are another premium method of obtaining even rarer Epic Weapons that just a few gamers own.

CODM Epic Weapons 11

Players can obtain Epic Weapons as well as other Skins by opening these Crates. The best feature of this is that it ensures that gamers will acquire an Epic item after a few pulls.


COD Mobile every now and then releases Bundles that guarantee gamers will receive all of the items in the package. This contains a variety of things, the majority of which include an Epic Weapon and Character.

CODM Epic Weapons 12

Keep an eye out for these Bundles because some of them feature exclusive items and legendary weapons!

Now that you know how to obtain an Epic Weapon in Call of Duty Mobile, start grinding to get your hands on them so you can finally have that kill broadcast in a purple effect!

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