High-Tier Loot Zones in Call of Duty Mobile

In this guide, we will be uncovering all the high-tier loot zones in every battle royale map in Call of Duty Mobile.
High-Tier Loot Zones in Call of Duty Mobile

When it comes to mobile gaming, Call of Duty Mobile offers one of the best Battle Royale experiences on the mobile device. In the game, the first few minutes of the match make a huge difference in the outcome, and players with better equipment in the early stages of the match will have the upper hand. This is why knowledge of the High-Tier loot zones are a must in COD Mobile: Battle Royale.

What are High-Tier Loot Zones in COD Mobile?

Essentially, High-Tier loot zones are areas or locations on the map that guarantee players to find better loot over other areas. These High-Tier Loot Zones will have a range of quality equipment that players can find such as better weapons with good attachments, stronger armor plates, and all kinds of good loots.

This may appear to be too good to be true, and it is because these High-Tier Loot Zones do come with a catch. These zones, or hot zone, are teeming with players eager to get an early lead. Sometimes, the developers feature new temporary high-tier zones in a season, such as COD Mobile Season 7's New Vision City.

Where can you find High-Tier Loot Zones in COD Mobile?

These high-risk, high-rewards sections of the map are a tremendous fight for survival, and with other players often flooding in for great loot, be on the guard for gunfights. Players may locate these high loot locations on the mini-map easily by clicking it and checking for places marked with orange color text. These are the locations where players should drop/land.

To be more exact, this guide will reveal the locations of the best High-Tier Loot Zones on each map. These zones will change throughout different matches even in the same map, but will always be in the following areas of each map.

Isolated Battle Royale Map Best High Tier Loot Zone Locations


Located on a smaller island visible outside the mainland; this high-loot location is an ideal landing spot for players. This area has a helicopter spawn and a nearby upgrade terminal which makes this place a highly advantageous area.

This isn't exactly Nuketown, but it was in this area. The Nuketown region was briefly modified during the COD Mobile Season 7 New Vision City for a collaboration with the Ghost in the Shell Anime.


It is situated north of Pipeline and south of Standoff. The Farm is a popular high loot zone for squads because, in addition to being a High-Tier Loot Zone, it also contains a massive creature that, when defeated, drops a large amount of high-level loot.

Practice Range

Located in Isolated's southernmost area, incorporates an obstacle course, aircraft hangars, and several metal buildings that serve as a training ground for soldiers.

Practice Range is a popular high-loot zone location due to its large area, two helicopter spawns, and an upgrade terminal near the area.

Black Market

Across the bridge from Standoff, a peaceful neighborhood, stalls, and a massive garage conceals a secret: a Black Market, Isolated's underbelly doing business in plain sight.

This area contains a lot of loot, a spawn machine for all kinds of vehicles, a spawn machine for new weapons, and an upgrade terminal across it.


The Sanitarium, an abandoned medical facility for patients, appears to be an ideal location for looting.

This structure has three levels, a rooftop deck for helicopters, and a secret once found exposes a room packed with magnificent loot.


Situated in the map's easternmost region. Despite its name, is a small town in an extremely cold environment.

This region is more popular than other high loot zones because of pro players looking for one piece of equipment that can only be obtained in snowy areas - the snowboard.

Blackout Battle Royale Map Best High Tier Loot Zone Locations

Nuketown Island

Aside from the depressingly large open space to pillage, beneath the island is an enormous nuclear fallout bunker.

This subterranean bunker has four primary access points: three hatches scattered across the island's surface, as well as a collapsed storage hall on the island's south side.

Firing Range

Because the plane will constantly pass through this area, its location in the map's middle area makes it ideal for dropping in.

This place offers a lot of loot such as heavy weapons, and a lot of covers, making it excellent for close-range gunfights.

Construction Site

Located in the northwest corner of the map, near Estates is one of the largest areas on the map. The Construction Site has a multi-level building that is currently under construction. Outside of the building, players may use elevators, zip lines, stairs, and an airborne machine for rotations.

This location provides a heavy amount of loot in each level, making it a popular hot drop in the Blackout Battle Royale Map.

Alcatraz Battle Royale Map Best High Tier Loot Zone Locations


The Cellhouse is a large, angled building at the map's center. This location features a lot of high-level loot, making it a popular hot drop, resulting in a number of gunfights within and around the building.


This is a massive structure on the shore with plenty of opportunities for good loot, and although this location is lower compared to the others, the building provides a cover that makes it a safer place than the rest of the areas on the map.

Model Industries

This is a three-story building with an accessible basement and rooftop. Players will be able to snipe other players despite the building's longer but lower structure.

With the uncovering of these high-tier loot zones in COD Mobile Battle Royale, most players in their next battle royale match will no longer have to loot hard and will be able to simply locate and land on these zones for high loots, providing them the advantage that they require to win the game to rank up. Or perhaps offer players rewards for completing tasks like the Target Locked Task in the Seasonal/Featured Events.

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