Best Zombies of All Time in Call of Duty Story

Which of the best zombies released throughout the Call of Duty series has always been a matter of debate.

Updated on Oct 21, 2022
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Best Zombies of All Time in Call of Duty Story

In 2009, players got their first CoD Zombies experience online. Then, the series continued continuously with Black Ops II, Black Ops III, Black Ops Cold War and other Call of Duty Zombies modes.

Today, when we stop and look back, we encounter a huge CoD Zombies story. This is exactly why we decided to make a list of all CoD Zombies maps and games. In our list, we will list the best Call of Duty Zombies games to date, in order. Now let's start and take a look at all the best Call of Duty zombies games!

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Black Ops

While the dates show 2011, the Black Ops series, which was released as a sequel to Call of Duty World at War, was released. As you know, Black Ops is one of the best games in the industry when it comes to the cold war theme. Moreover, the Zombies map of that period was very interesting and very popular. Even fighting against zombies with characters such as Nixon and JFK on some maps attracted the attention of the players.

In addition to all these, Kino der Toten, considered one of the most iconic maps of the game by the CoD Zombies community, made its debut with Black Ops. Fans stated that Kino der Toten is the best zombies map in Black Ops. Then, with Black Ops III, we had the chance to play on the Kino der Toten and Der Riese maps again. And of course we can't forget the details of the wonderfully tuned easter egg. In short, Black Ops Zombies had many advantages such as new weapons to discover, new features and mystery boxes. Therefore, we think that it is a game that deserves to be at the top of our list.

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World at War

The Zombies mode tradition for the Call of Duty universe first started with World at War. With the awakening of the Nazi zombies, we were fighting against SS soldiers as US Marines in Nacht der Untoten. There was full hype with Call of Duty war zombies. Zombies fans soon became addicted to these modes.

For example, the mystery box, round system, and perks led to the creation of the classic Call of Duty Zombies game mode. Some zombie maps even featured an easter egg, where players had to be able to decipher some cryptic details to win the prize. Compared to 2009, this gameplay was really innovative and attracted a lot of attention.

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Black Ops Cold War

Although this game seemed like an intermediate game, it had some of the best zombies maps for Call of Duty. In particular, the Nacht Der Untoten map, which is seen as one of the best zombie maps, was redesigned and added to the game as Die Maschine. This news made the fans very happy.

In this game created by Sledgehammer Games, we re-entered the world of Black Ops Cold War. For the first time, players had the chance to play the best zombies maps by choosing the agents they wanted. For example, you can fight against nazi zombies by choosing characters like Frank Woods or Rambo. In addition, we should not forget the details of the Dark Aether storyline and Ancient Evil, which have a deepening zombie movie taste.

And finally, of course, along with easter eggs and wonder weapons, the new crafting system brings the Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War series to the fore.

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Black Ops 3

Black Ops III is one of the important games of the series, which was released on November 6, 2015. When asked which is the best Call of Duty zombies game, some fans answer as Black Ops 3. But this is very controversial. When it comes to Black Ops and Cold War, Black Ops 3 is a little weaker in terms of zombies. However, the easter egg and the new zombies maps in the game were interesting.

Especially Shadows of Evil and The Giant, which came as zombies maps, were very popular in the first release of the game. The 5 other zombies maps that followed were not so good, but still good enough to keep playing. Of course, we can't forget the mini boss fight scenes that adorn these maps. Each Easter egg also includes a critical boss that helps to advance the plot of the Zombie mode.

Considering all these, Black Ops 3 as a zombies game mode is a game that offers quite a variety. We cannot say that Black Ops 3 is a series that includes the best zombies modes.

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Black Ops 2

If you've noticed, our Call of Duty Zombies mode list is completely filled with the Black Ops series. Now comes Black Ops II, which includes three different game modes. First of all, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 made a return to the zombies world with TranZit, Survival, and Grief. Then, with the introduction of the Turned game mode, which you can play against players, the content of Call of Duty Black Ops 2 was highly diversified. In addition, with the Theater game mode, important changes have been made in the multiplayer engine along with the structure of the maps so that the players can fight each other in a cool Black Ops II map.

When we look at the Black Ops Zombies map details, we come across interesting maps such as Nuketown Zombies, Die Rise, Mob of the Dead. All these maps are not considered the best maps of the Call of Duty series. However, we can say that Black Ops 2 is definitely the game with the most maps in terms of Call of Duty Zombies map diversity. And of course, after Advanced Warfare, which is considered one of the worst games in the CoD series, players sought hope in Black Ops 2 for a better zombies map.

As a matter of fact, Black Ops 2 is at the bottom of our best CoD Zombies list. However, as we said, the fact that both easter eggs and the number of maps are high brings Black Ops 2 to the fore. In addition, the multiplayer engine change we just mentioned, new leaderboards and the player's skill-based matchmaking system are enough to keep Black Ops II on our list.

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