The Complete Story of Call of Duty Zombies

Call of Duty Zombies has an endless storyline that spans years. We have explained this for you in the shortest way possible.

Updated on Oct 07, 2022
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The Complete Story of Call of Duty Zombies

Call of Duty Zombies has a rather complex and long storyline. While most fans think that the story is unnecessarily prolonged and exaggerated, some argue that it should be continued. But how many Zombies stories are there?

There are many Zombies stories in Call of Duty. While Aether is a difficult story to comprehend on its own, it has many timelines. However, there are also many stories such as Chaos and Dark Aether Saga. You can enjoy the absorbing Zombies storyline with good Zombies songs for sure tho.

The Beginning of Everything: Dark Aether Entities

Call of Duty is not just about historical events and wars as a story. It contains many details such as fantastic stories, undead horde, gods and parallel universes. At this point, we have to embark on an amazing journey towards 5 AD, where Call of Duty zombies first started.

First of all, the first detail you need to know in the story will be Dark Aether and Dark Aether entities. Because Dark Aether is a dimension parallel to our universe and has existed since the beginning of time. In this dimension, apothicons are found in gods, along with a variety of creatures such as shadowman and zombies. At this point, the Apothicons living in Dark Aether are trying to send a substance called Element 115 to Earth to create Agartha. Because they think that if they can do this, they will be able to create a rift where they can manage to escape the Dark Aether.

However, there are divine beings called the Guardian, who have been tasked with stopping the Apothicons from time immemorial. The purpose of the Guardians is to try to maintain the calm in the universe by preventing the Dark Aether entities from being free.

The Great War

The Apothicons succeed in 1292 and begin to invade the world. At that time, there were guardians on the side of humanity and a group of four people called Primis, who used temporal transporters. We would like to draw your attention to an important character in Primis who will radically change the entire Call of duty Zombie story. Edward Richtofen, who is attached to the Nazi army and first seen in World at War, is a character who can travel in dimensions using a teleporter as an unstable character.

Also a historical figure, Wolf King, fought on the side of humanity in the great war against the Apothicons. After the war was over, Primis asked Wolf King to build "Der Eisendrache", erasing themselves from that history and again transitioning to another time period.

Finally, the great war ended with a crushing victory for humanity. Then, Primis, along with the Guardians, succeeded in banishing the Apothicons into the Dark Aether. However, this exile would not last long.

Element 115 Meteorites

Centuries later, WW1 broke out, the war was over and peace was restored. Meanwhile, Dr. Edward Richtofen had joined the Illuminati and continued to work in secret. Likewise, there was another secret organization called Group 935, which consisted of scientists from different countries. The leader of this group was the German scientist Doctor Ludvig Maxis. In 1931, Doctor Ludvig Maxis was buttigned to investigate Element 115 mineral deposits in the town of Breslau, near Germany. Trying to understand the intricate details of Element 115, Maxis wanted to found Group 935 for exactly this reason.

Not wanting the power of Element 115 to fall into bad hands, Maxis asked all other scientists in the organization to swear an oath from the states that they must work in secret. Then, Maxis, who is aware of Edward Richtofen's work, invites him to the organization and they begin to act together. However, Eddy's secret goal is to act in the interests of his new Illuminati. Finally, Samantha Maxis, who we are familiar with from Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies characters, was born in 1934 as the daughter of Ludvig Maxis.

With this development, Group 935, which we are familiar with from the Black Ops and Call of Duty World At War series, was born. Thus, the story where we played Der Riese, Call of Duty Black Ops maps and even Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies maps, in which we are involved as players, is considered to have begun.

The First Zombie and the Griffin Station on the Moon

As the dates show April 10, 1937, deposits of Element 115 were discovered in Japan and Nevada. Working together, Maxis and Richtofen began their teleportation experiments, using Element 115 to resurrect one of the teleported corpses for the first time. However, although the subject initially obeyed, he then raged like a dog and tried to attack them.

Then, Richtofen started to develop the Wunderwaffe DG-2, which is considered the greatest weapon of the Treyarch zombie mode. Maxis, who wanted to improve his work, appealed to the Reichstag, asking the Nazis to increase funding. Germany is starting to allocate more budget by accepting the demand for teleport technology and new weapons to win the war that will begin.

With the increase in budgets, Richtofen and Doctor Schuster achieved their first success by beaming a walnut. Moreover, in this teleportation, the object managed to preserve its chemical component. Meanwhile, Maxis thought this teleportation experiment was unnecessary and a waste of time. As tensions rise within the group, Richtofen and Schuster decide to continue their teleportation experiments after Maxis.

MPD and Griffin Station

It was the 1940s when Richtofen and Schuster began conducting the first teleportation tests with humans. Moreover, Richtofen was so confident that he would succeed that he volunteered as the first subject of teleportation. With this teleport, he encounters the Aether Pyramid MPD, which is hidden on the Moon by the Apothicons.

We can clearly see the MPD station in Black Ops and Black Ops 4 as we play the story. While examining the MPD, Richtofen is strangely electrocuted and begins to hear the voices of many creatures, including Shadowman, one of the fearsome lords of the Dark Aether. Then, with the shock of this electricity, Richtofen is teleported to Shangri-La.

Richtofen has gone mad and corrupted by his desire to find Agartha like Dark Aether entities. Also, the creatures living in Shangri-La worship Richtofen and build him a temple. And here Richtofen encounters the Focusing Stone for the first time.

After all these developments, Richtofen returns to Schuster with a plan to build Griffin Station. And Richtofen, who gives up his post in the Illuminati, begins construction of the Griffin Station on the Moon. Already fed up with Doctor Maxis' rapprochement with Germany, other Group 935 members join Richtofen's case. Meanwhile, Maxis requests additional funding to get the support he wants from the Nazis who want him to create undead zombies. It also doesn't have enough Element 115 to spawn zombies.

Responding to Maxis' request without delay, Germany opens two new facilities, Kino and Facility at the Wittenau Sanatorium, to the use of Group 935. Meanwhile, Richtofen, who returns to Earth with the completion of the Griffin Station, appoints Doctor Groph as chief scientist. While thinking about how to charge the MPD, Schuster and Groph accidentally discover this.

And when Schuster kills a rat near the device, he sees the tank begin to fill and charge after his death. After reporting this to Richtofen, his soldiers and scientists are sent to the Moon for sacrifice. On December 16, 1942, while Maxis is still fighting for Germany's undead army, Samantha is left in Richtofen's control.

Primis, Dimension 63, and the Birth of Ultimis

Dimension 63 is a parallel universe in which the Primis group resides. Primis is featured in the story A Better Tomorrow and the group includes "Tank" Dempsey, Nikolai Belinski, Takeo Masaki, and Edward Richtofen. As the dates mark June 4, 1943, Primis from Dimension 63 begins to devise a plan to stop the Richtofen of this dimension due to unfolding events.

Primis Richtofen teleports to the house in Agartha and meets with Maxis to begin executing her plan. Meanwhile, Maxis, who continues to work on zombies, has good success, but still does not believe that they can be controlled. As the experiments continued, the end of the war was approaching, and while moving over Germany, the American bombers crashed on an airfield. Although the plane crashed between the group 935 facilities, the zombies tried to survive by fighting, but the undead zombies won.

Richtofen, who will later form the Ultimis group, meets new subjects Nikolai and Takeo. Richtofen, who takes his temporary protector Samantha with him, starts working on the subjects. Trying to reach Agartha, Richtofen is faced with a shocking CIA operation after he kills an American agent who infiltrated his base.

After the team fought hard, they could not find the Agent, and they lost their own lives. The survivor "Tank" Dempsey was taken hostage and captured by Group 935. While this whole process is going on, we learn that on September 2, 1945, Richtofen also started to conduct experiments on Samantha.

And despite the end of the Second World War, Group 935 continues its activities without slowing down. At the end of this work, Richtofen manages to create the Elemental Shard by connecting both his and Dempsey, Nikolai and Takeo's souls to Element 115. At this point, all four of them started to go completely crazy after their souls were connected to Dark Aether entities and their counterparts in other dimensions.

While Maxis was still working on the undead army at the time, Richtofen was fed up with this situation. Desiring to destroy Maxis and Samantha, Richtofen swore to break away from the zombie project completely. Meanwhile, Groph informs Richtofen that the MPD is ready. During the test trials with teleportation, Samantha sees her favorite dog Fluffy and starts running. After Samantha rushes to the teleporter, Maxis joins in, and Richtofen locks them both in the test room and teleports all three of them from there.

While Groph and Schuster are working on the MPD, Samantha is teleported to the moon and pulled into the ground corrupted by Dark Aether as she continues to run towards the MPD. After Maxis teleports to Crazy Place, he stays there for a while. When Richtofen returns to the moon, he learns that Samantha is trapped in the MPD. He instructs Groph to remove Maxis from the device and throw it away, but this is unsuccessful. Maxis approaches MPD to save Samantha and tries to persuade her to come out. One of the most wonderful scenes of Call of Duty Black Ops, the moment when Maxis kills himself and unleashes zombies on Samantha's Griffin Station is unforgettable.

Meanwhile, Richtofen, who managed to escape from the Moon at the last moment, returns to Der Riese and awakens Dempsey, Takeo and Nikolai, on whom he has been experimenting. This group, who can't remember who they are because they went crazy, later helped Richtofen and formed the Ultimis group.

Ultimis, Primis, Samantha and Big Bad Maxis

After the end of the Second World War, the Soviets and the USA started to work again by bringing together the members of Group 935. While the Pentagon works to create their own zombies, they also become aware of Samantha's existence. At the time, Pentagon employees think they can use Samantha to rule the world instead of destroying her. Meanwhile, Richtofen has completed his grand plan, swapping bodies with Samantha on the Moon, giving her full control of the zombies and Dark Aether.

After the time has pbutted, Victis and Primis allow the team members to stop Samantha and kill Eddy. But failing to do so, Samantha and Eddy join hands, ascending from the Dark Aether to a new unified universe. In response, Ultimis and Primis join forces to fight together.

As Maxis keeps the Aether in check in the future, he returns to the Moon and snatches Samantha from Richtofen's body on Agartha. And finally, by opening Agartha, he begins to gather all the living with him for his projects on restoring Space-Time. However, as we understand from the Black Ops series, Maxis, whose soul has been corrupted, reveals his true goal and punishes Richtofen by imprisoning Richtofen's soul in a zombie. Samantha, who was taken to Agartha by her father, also witnesses this evil. And finally, on January 19, 2036, Maxis completely destroys the Earth and all living creatures.

Call of Duty Vanguard Zombies: Chaos

Although the Chaos Story of Black Ops 4, one of the best games of Call of Duty, is highly appreciated by many players, some wish it had never been released. But why didn't people enjoy this story? Because the story and plot are very different and unusual. Some love these changes while others hate it.

The only overlap between the Aether and Chaos universes was the usage of zombies as enemies, so Chaos Story stood completely apart from the Aether story. The Chaos universe was mostly oriented on mythology, with Gods and legendary creatures serving as a significant focus, as opposed to the Aether timeline, which was primarily based on science.

In a nutshell, many players were unwilling to invest in it because it had a completely new cast and the Aether story wasn't finished yet. However, some people are fascinated by the Chaos environment and wish to learn more about it.

In this article, we have provided you with a lot of additional information about the Call of Duty story. Zombies, one of the best campaigns of Call of Duty, is quite a long and years-long work. So it will be very difficult to put it in writing. For more detailed information, we recommend search and watch some videos and playing the game on your computer or consoles.

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