Best Call of Duty Zombies Songs of All Time

Check out the top 5 CoD Easter Egg songs we have prepared for you.

Updated on Aug 20, 2023
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Best Call of Duty Zombies Songs of All Time

If you are wondering what is the best Zombies song in Call of Duty, we have compiled the best Easter Egg songs for you. In this list, we have listed the top 5 Call of Duty Zombies Easter Egg songs that are considered legendary by the fans that you can find in Call of Duty.

There are many songs in the Call of Duty world but some are very special. Of course, this is a list determined by the decision of the majority, so the Easter Egg songs on the list may vary for you. However, if you haven't listened to the Call of Duty Zombies songs on this list, we recommend you give it a try. Let's get started then!

1 /5

Where Are We Going

The second Easter Egg song in Mob of the Dead is called Where Are We Going. The entire song is kinda short, but Malukah's lovely voice and the music completely makes up for this lack. With her soft and harmonic voice, Malukah definitely touches the hearts of the players. Since it is a dramatic and slow song, it may not go very well when killing zombies. However, while the lyrics of the song make you immerse in thought, the vocals in the song take you on a dream trip. That's why we definitely think this song should rank among the best Call of Duty Zombies songs.



2 /5


Pareidolia, a 6-minute metal song, appears with the Call of Duty Black Ops game. Pareidolia is Shangri-La's Easter Egg song. The heavy guitars in the song will definitely get you pumped and energized as you battle zombies. Elena's vocals added a very angelic atmosphere to the song and brought the song to the fore.

Especially the piano outro of the song proves how high quality this song is. If you also like heavy metal, you should listen to this Call of Duty Zombies song while playing Call of Duty Black Ops. It might be too heavy for some so we decided to place this Easter Egg song in fourth place.



3 /5


Abracadavre is the Easter Egg song for Ascension. Here we are again with a 6-minute Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Song. Written by Kevin Sherwood, this heavy metal song definitely quickly became a favorite of most Call of Duty players. This song has a sound that starts heavy and calms down towards the middle. That's why we can say that it is an ideal Zombies song to fight in the best CoD Zombies mode.

Once more, the lyrics and the instrumentation as well as Elena's singing are astounding. Considering that even people who don't play Call of Duty like this song, we can definitely say that it creates an excellent effect. But we still think the song is too long, Elena's vocals could have been cut a bit. That's why we wanted to place this Call of Duty Black Ops song in third place. Kevin Sherwood did a great job as he always does for Easter Egg songs!



4 /5

Not Ready to Die

Here we are with the longest Call of Duty Zombies song on our list made by Avenged Sevenfold. This metal song, which lasts exactly 7 minutes, deserves second place because it's really badass! This long song can go well while playing the longest game of Zombies. The screams and vocals in the song are amazing and the listening pleasure of the song is quite high. If you're playing Nazi Zombies, the background song being Not Ready to Die will put you in the mood.

The song's great riff, the harmony of guitar and other instruments, and of course the professionalism of Avenged Sevenfold make this song one of the best songs of Nazi Zombies. M. Shadows in the lead vocal lives the song completely and gives us the same feeling! The vocals, guitar work, and overall tone of the song are a fantastic blend of Waking the Fallen and Nightmare. All in all this gives us a great tone and is a song we never get tired of listening to all the time when playing Nazi Zombies! That's why we put Not Ready to Die second on the list of best Easter Egg songs.



5 /5


The first song and the final song of our best Call of Duty Zombies song list is 115. Most Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War and Dead Ops Arcade players are familiar with the 115 song is one that every Call of Duty player will know, whomever you ask. This song, which made history in the Call of Duty world, is loved by many and is incomparably better than other songs. 115 is one of the Easter Songs for Kino der Toten.

We're back with Elena on vocals and she does an excellent job. Stunning everyone with her angelic and smooth voice, Elena is accompanied by breathtaking instruments and the result is a legendary song. Especially the instrument show at the end of the song is fantastical. While very predictable, 115 is of course also the best Call of Duty Zombies zong. While every song in Call of Duty's original game soundtrack is great, this song made for Kino der Toten will always be the hit song.



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