The Biggest and The Best Call of Duty Youtubers

The Call of Duty series became players' favorite with every game. But how about checking out the best Call of Duty Youtubers to get better at the game?

Updated on Oct 12, 2023
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The Biggest and The Best Call of Duty Youtubers

In recent years, the number of Call of Duty streamers has increased astoundingly in the gaming world. Moreover, there have been many Youtube personalities that have been streaming for years.

Therefore, a few have gained popularity by uploading Call of Duty videos.

Additionally, these gaming channels produce not only Call of Duty but also other Youtube channels content such as Fifa games or Cold War Zombies.

So, what are the best Call of Duty channels among them that can help you improve in the game? Let's not waste more time and list the top YouTube gaming influencers.

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HawksNest | 553K Subscribers

Finally, there is HawksNest. Although he has fewer subscribers compared to other Youtube channels, it is remarkable that his popularity has increased in a short time.

HawksNest is one of the Youtube gaming influencers that appeal to mobile gamers where you can watch Call of Duty mobile live stream. HawksNest, a gaming Youtuber since 2015, has 554k subscribers.

Also, the HawksNest's YouTube channel is full of various tips and tricks for those who want to be a good Call of Duty mobile player. Youtube gamers totally love him.

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PrestigeIsKey | 1,39 Mn Subscribers

PrestigeIsKey is a popular Youtube channel with Call of Duty-focused gameplay upload videos since early 2010. What we love most about him is that he uploads videos and the latest gaming news.

So on the PrestigeIsKey YouTube channel, you can find many tutorial contents, from news to game reviews. Moreover, on his channel, you can find more than 3200 gaming videos on various topics.

In particular, it frequently publishes the most up-to-date Call of Duty videos. That's why the most up-to-date Call of Duty channel is none other than PrestigeIsKey.

Apart from Call of Duty, his channel also has many options for other games, such as Minecraft videos or COD mobile. PrestigeIsKey, which currently has 1.39 million subscribers, is more like a hidden treasure.

Moreover, getting bored of this channel is challenging as he uploads new videos almost daily.

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Chaos | 2,75 Mn Subscribers

Chaos has been streaming Call of Duty video games since 2010 and is one of the most popular Youtube channels. He also posts gaming videos about other games like Fortnite and God of War.

The Chaos Youtube channel is excellent for finding breaking news, gameplays, and interesting videos about various games.

So, Chaos is perfect if you're looking for a channel focused on Call of Duty but with content creation on other games.

Also, his YouTube channel now has 2.75 million subscribers.

These million followers of Chaos may find content about various Call of Duty maps, weapons, and many other details. You can also get up-to-date information on various games with his help.

iFreg | 2,54 Mn Subscribers

If you're a mobile gamer, iFerg is probably one of your best Call of Duty gaming channels. Moreover, iFerg is a true mobile gaming professional player and has won various tournaments.

Apart from CoD mobile videos, it produces various video content such as Fortnite and Rules of Survival. Moreover, most gaming videos are full of tips on becoming a better gamer.

So if you want to be one of the professional players or a CoD mobile fan, you should check out one of the best YouTube gaming influencers, iFreg.

Also, iFreg has 2.54 million subscribers, and we expect it to reach 2.8 million subscribers next year. He is known as one of the best Call of Duty players of all time.

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Nickmercs | 4,03 Mn Subscribers

He is one of the YouTube gamers and most important names in the Nickmercs CoD community. The American YouTuber has had a YouTube channel since 2011. Also, his YouTube channel currently has 4.03 million subscribers.

The reason why Nickmercs is one of the best Call of Duty top YouTube gaming influencers is his aggressive gameplay and masterful strategies.

Additionally, he is a stable Call of Duty player. So Nickmercs is excellent for watching good Call of Duty moves.

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Hollow | 4,21 Mn Subscribers

Hollow is best if you want to find content like both Call of Duty and indie and horror games in one YouTube personality. Usually, gamers don't play a single game.

That's why you may find many games on the Hollow YouTube channel.

This channel, streaming video games since 2014, now has 4.21 million subscribers. We estimate that Hollow, which has its own fun content, will gain at least 4.5 million subscribers in 2023.

Also, the gameplay videos on this YouTube channel are not chaotic. A separate playlist has been created for all of them, so you can easily access the videos of the game you want to watch.

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Dr DisRespect | 4,04 Mn Subscribers

Dr DisRespect actively uploads videos and streams since 2010 and he is one of the oldest Call of Duty YouTube gaming influencers. He also streams on Twitch, an American YouTuber with 4.3 million subscribers on his Youtube channel.

Especially in 2020, he gained immense popularity in mobile gaming. In fact, Dr DisRespect was almost the most popular Call of Duty streamer that year.

Moreover, besides streaming, he designed a map called Arena for the Rogue Company game. He expressed that he wanted to design for Warzone, especially for the Gulag map.

Finally, you don't expect Dr DisRespect to do COD mobile videos because he doesn't like them. In fact, he tweeted that he underestimates mobile players on Twitter was the subject of discussion.

Other best multiplayer games you can expect Dr Disrespect to stream are as follows:

  • Rogue Company
  • PUBG Mobile
  • Warzone
  • Modern Warfare

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NoahJ456 | 5,18 Mn Subscribers

NoahJ456 is at the top of our list as YouTube gaming influencers. Actually, there are many reasons for this. First of all, his YouTube channel has 5.7 million subscribers.

Various social media platforms have also contributed to having millions of subscribers. Additionally, you may learn a lot while watching Noahj456's videos.

Even though videos are highly detailed, you can find answers to most of your questions about Call of Duty.

He also owes his popularity to completing the Black Ops Cold War Easter eggs and Cold War Zombies streamer.

He is considered one of the best Call of Duty streamers and Youtube gaming influencers. Noahj456 is a very loved Call of Duty Cold War Zombies streamer in the category of horror games.

Now you know who the top YouTube gaming influencers are. There are actually many Call of Duty channels.

The above are YouTube gaming influencers that we find more successful than other YouTubers. You will love them all if you are a committed Call of Duty gamer.

So, why not start by watching a Chaos live stream while eating?

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