The Best Call of Duty Zombies Perks of all time

If you're fighting zombies in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, you really need powerful perks. So what are the best zombies perks in Call of Duty? Let’s see!

Updated on Oct 12, 2023
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The Best Call of Duty Zombies Perks of all time

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Now we have come to our last perk which can be considered the most important perk you can use when fighting Black Ops Cold War zombies. Of course, all your perks are useful, but the Jugger-Nog perk is definitely the best perk you can get in Black Ops Cold War.

This is because if you think your health and armor are low, it gives you health and armor hit points directly. No more lethal hit possible because with increased armor and health you will be very strong.

If you fight even the worst zombies in Call of Duty, Jugger-Nog is a perk that should always be used.

With this perk, your chances of being downed will decrease and you'll gain extra time and luck against opponents. You can reduce status effect durations by 50% with this perk. This is a truly critical feature in the Call of Duty Black Ops universe.

2 /10

Quick Revive

Quick Revive has always been a fan favorite perk in the game. The main purpose of Quick Revive is to revive your teammates faster. It's pretty unnecessary when playing solo, but it's one of the most useful perks in the game when there are others.

When reviving downed players, you shorten the time it takes for health to begin to regenerate health by 50% with Quick Revive. Also reviving a downed ally will heal you to maximum health and give you both movement speed.

3 /10


The Call of Duty zombies perk that qualifies for the top three is Stamin-Up. Stamin-Up, which is among the best perks, is also a very fun perk.

Wouldn't you like to be able to sprint non-stop while taking on Black Ops Cold War zombies or bosses? Then this sprint is a must have for you! It also offers increased sprint and run.

This perk enables you to stay alert and far from zombies if you prefer a mid- to long-range strategy. It also has advantages such as immunity to fall damage, using equipment during the sprint.

4 /10

Speed Cola

When we reach the top four, legendary Speed Cola welcomes us. When you think of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, one of the first powerful perks that comes to mind is Speed Cola. It can help you deal with Black Ops Cold War best zombies of all time in a more remastered version.

The most important feature of Speed Cola, of course, is speed, as the name suggests. It allows you to make faster reload speed. It also allows you to fire quickly and increase reload speed without breaking your sprint speed. And you can do this when your sprint speed is at full speed.

Another advantage of Speed Cola, which is all about speed, is that it allows you to swap weapons faster. Besides, you can repair barricades faster with Speed Cola.

5 /10

Winter's Wail

Another perk that will come in handy when battling Black Ops Cold War zombies is Winter's Wail. The difference of this perk from other perks is that Winter's Wail perk grants a protective frost aura when you hit zombies which temporarily slows and freezes them.

This perk is quite powerful in Black Ops Cold War zombie maps like Alpha Omega and Voyage of Despair. It can also be seen as an enemy's weak point.

6 /10

Elemental Pop

Elemental Pop is a zombie perk that works pretty well in Call of Duty Cold War. There are those who interpret this perk as a more advanced version of Electric Cherry.

Even if you didn't buy the various ammo kinds from the Pack-a-punch machine, Elemental Pop enables you to fire off different types of ammunition at random in Black Ops Cold War.

When using the Elemental Pop perk, a slight probability exists that equipment damage will additionally implement a random ammo mod effect.

Also ammo cooldowns are reduced by 20% and elemental weakness damage is increased by 50%.

7 /10


Next up is Timeslip, a perk that will come in handy when fighting zombies. Thanks to Timeslip, you can lower the cooldown rates of your equipment.

Moreover, it also has a feature that increases the rate of charges of special weapons, which allows you to make a big difference.

Another effective feature of Timeslip is that it increases the pace of the box and pack-a-punch machines. If you like boosting your equipment in Black Ops Cold War, Timeslip will come in handy.

8 /10

Mule Kick

Mule Kick is not a perk with many features. The most striking thing about the Mule Kick is that it allows you to carry a second weapon.

Mule Kick would be an ideal perk choice for those who want to save room for a Wonder weapon or have really powerful secondary weapons. Although it is strong in Black Ops Cold War, it may be pale when compared to others.

Also, there is a chance to drop ammo when you kill enemies with this perk. And you can store non-retrievable equipment with a 25% chance. This is one of the best ones among zombies perks.

9 /10

Death Perception

The purpose of this perk is to make it easier for players who aren't familiar with Call of Duty maps to get used to it.

With this perk, you increase your minimap update rate and zombies signal danger when they are behind you. In addition, chests, resources and items are shown with signs from behind the walls.

So the purpose of Death Perception is to make your job fundamentally easier while you kill zombies. This is a must have perk for players new to playing Black Ops Cold War.

Maybe it's not the best perk in the game but it is still useful for beginners.

10 /10

PHD Slider

We start the top 10 perks in Call of Duty with the PHD Slider. Thanks to PHD Sliding, you get movement speed in the game. And you get that while sliding, of course. PHD Slider suffers no self-inflicted explosive damage, making it simple to use the ray gun the following time.

Also, an explosive is triggered when falling from a large height. The higher you fall, the greater the impact. This perk will be really useful for killing zombies in Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

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