What's The Average Match Length Of Call of Duty: Warzone?

Discover the average match length of Call of Duty: Warzone and other interesting facts about how long a match lasts.

Updated on Aug 01, 2023
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What's The Average Match Length Of Call of Duty: Warzone?

If you're one of many gamers who'd like to jump on the bandwagon called Call Of Duty: Warzone Pacific, you must wonder how long the matches last in this game.

Unfortunately, this question can't be answered within one sentence since it's pretty puzzling due to many aspects that can determine the match length of this game.

This article will discuss those factors, uncover how long matches last in Call Of Duty: Warzone Pacific, and show intriguing facts about this blockbusting game.

What Influences The Match Length of Call of Duty: Warzone?

Just like in any other Battle Royale game out there, there are copious contributing factors that can determine the match length of Call Of Duty: Warzone Pacific, so we’ll show you the most consequential ones:


There are three ways to play this game: aggressively, stealthy, or mixed. Based on this, you can shorten or prolong the match.

For instance, if you're constantly rushing and attacking everyone on sight, there's a high chance you'll die, so your matches won't last that long (unless you're an expert).

In contrast, avoiding contact and being quiet and hidden can allow you to play much longer, but it doesn't feel rewarding as you won't be shooting/killing that much.

So the best playstyle is to mix up, attack when the right opportunity arises and remain hidden until then.

Squad size

There are four squad sizes you can choose to play in this game, including Solos, Duos, Trios, and Quads.

As unlikely as it may seem, the Solo mode is actually the lengthiest one because most players will usually avoid combat and camp during an entire match.

As for the other squad sizes, they are much more engaged and fast-paced, making these matches last shorter.


Of course, you could theoretically be the best player in the world and still end up dying as soon as you land on the map.

That's why luck is an essential factor in Call Of Duty: Warzone because if you're fortunate enough, you can win the game even if you aren't that skilled.

The items you may find, and the opponents you may or may not encounter during the match, are both based on luck, but you should still rely on your skills as you can't always rely on your luck.

A number of players

By default, Call Of Duty: Warzone supports up to 150 players per match, but not every single of them will be playing.

This is because a considerable number of players will get disconnected (usually due to a crash, error, or something else), leave the game, remain AFK, or get killed instantly.

As a result, there can be only a few dozen players left playing in some cases, making the match faster in turn.

What’s The Average Match Length Of Call of Duty: Warzone?

The average match length of Call Of Duty: Warzone is 20 minutes. And if you manage to remain alive until the end, the match will last for around 30 minutes.

Call Of Duty Warzone Pacific has several battle royale game modes, and each one of them has a unique ruleset.

For instance, Plunder modes are all about collecting the money, while Vanguard modes only allow using the old weapons.


Below, we'll focus on how long matches last per map rather than a game mode because the game modes are nearly identical (other than weapons or squad size) while the maps are entirely distinct.

To discover the match lengths of other games, have a look at these articles, where we'll disclose an average match time length of Among Us and an average match length of Albion Online.

On Caldera

While playing on Caldera, the matches will usually last around 15 minutes unless you get killed as soon as you land.

On December 8, 2021, Caldera was added as a completely new Warzone Pacific map, which replaced the Verdansk as the primary Battle Royale mode map.

It consists of 15 extensive areas you may explore, hide in, or battle, with various points of interest you may use to gain an advantage.


On Rebirth Island

This map supports up to 40 players, and on average, the matches played on the Rebirth Island map last around 10 minutes.

Rebirth Island was introduced back in 2020, and it's significantly smaller than any other COD: Warzone map, allowing for much faster gameplay and shorter matches.


What’s The Longest Call of Duty: Warzone Match Length?

The longest recorded Call Of Duty: Warzone match lasted for one hour, and it occurred in 2020. The extreme cases such as this one are entirely uncustomary, as this game simply isn't made to have such long matches.

However, the matches may last even more than one hour, given the circumstances. 

The only way to survive the "circle" for this long is by using an infinite amount of stimpacks because it will greatly decrease the health points. But with the stimpacks, you may boost your health points until you run out of them.]

So as you can see, matches in CoD Warzone are relatively fast and easy to spam. And if you would like to spam them, why wouldn't you go for some easy ways to earn money while playing the game?: How To Earn Money in CoD Warzone

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