What's The Average Match Length Of Among Us?

Discover the average match length of Among Us and other interesting facts about how long a match lasts.

Updated on Jan 15, 2024
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What's The Average Match Length Of Among Us?

There aren't many gamers who had never tried playing Among Us, mainly due to its immense popularity back in 2020 when pretty much everyone was playing it.

If you are one of them and would like to give this game a shot for the first time, you probably wonder how long this game takes on average and if you will be able to commit your time to Among Us.

For all those players who are wondering the same thing, we wrote this article to reveal to everyone the average match length of Among Us and many more time-related points about this game.

What Influences The Match Length of Among Us?

An entire concept of Among Us is based on teamwork and treachery rather than an RNG that determines the match's outcome. And because of this, it's safe to say that the main element that can influence the length of every match is the players themselves because their actions will always lead to the match's outcome.

In this social deduction game, crewmates are the ''white knights'', and impostors are the bad guys with a specific task - killing every crewmate and winning the game without getting caught red-handed.


If the crewmates want to succeed, they need to determine who the impostors are and vote to kick them out of the spaceship or fully repair it by finishing the mini-games (tasks).

Then, there are emergency meetings each time a body of a dead crewmate is found, when players are allowed to communicate and determine who's responsible for that. During this period, players can vote to eliminate the player or proceed without doing so. The discussion and voting time usually don't last for more than a few minutes, at maximum.

But the impostors will always use cunning tactics and lie to other players to stay on the spaceship and finish their mission to kill every crewmate.

Although this may seem like it takes plenty of time, things are occurring very fast, and perhaps this is one of the reasons Among Us has managed to become so widespread, as not everyone has that much time for gaming.

Average Match Length Of Among Us?

An Among Us match usually lasts around 15 minutes on average (much lower than Dota 2) but may go far longer in some cases. While the Local/Online game modes will last longer due to the human factor (voting, discussing, selecting game characters, etc.), Freeplay will always last much shorter because it’s more automated as there are no human players but AI bots.


And if you'd like to discover how much time other games will take, check out the average match time length of Albion Online or the average match time length of World Of Tanks.

Local/Online Match Lenght

Otherwise known as standard game modes of Among Us, local and online modes usually last around 15 minutes, including the pre-match, discussion, and voting time. This time, however, doesn't include the time required to host and set up a match, which can add an additional minute or two, depending on how fast you're able to do it.


After hosting or joining the match, other players will join (four to 15 players), consisting of up to three impostors. And if the player(s) get disconnected, the game goes on without any interruptions, which would make the match last much longer.

Freeplay Match Lenght

Freeplay matches in Among Us usually last for around 10 minutes or so. There's no starting scene in this mode or adjusting the character's appearance; the game simply starts straight away and saves some time.

The only way to play Among Us offline and in a single-player mode is through Freeplay. As the name might suggest, this game mode allows players to explore the map however they like, outside of the usual game environment.


Instead of the actual players, you'll be playing with the dummies, which are essentially AI bots. However, these dummies won't interact or move with you in any way, except by voting randomly. 

Furthermore, you may access the laptop and customize the tasks however you want and all abilities from the classic game mode. In addition, there are four maps to select from, including The Skeld, Mira HQ, Polus, and Airship.

Although Freeplay isn't entertaining at all compared to the online mode, it's an excellent way to practice and learn how Among Us functions so that you can use various tactics when playing with actual players. 

What’s The Longest And Shortest Among Us Game Time?

The longest recorded Among Us match lasted for thirty minutes, and it occurred in 2020 during the highest peak of this game's popularity. However, there were probably many cases of matches that lasted even longer, that unfortunately never got recorded.

Apparently, the shortest (recorded) Among Us match lasted around one minute, but it can last much shorter if the impostor leaves the match.

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