Top 10 Hardest COD Zombies Easter Eggs

Zombies maps are renowned for secret easter eggs. But from Moon to Origins, which COD zombies maps easter eggs give the greatest challenge?

Updated on Mar 09, 2024
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Top 10 Hardest COD Zombies Easter Eggs

1 /10

Floating Ball Step (Moon)

COD Gameplay Floating Ball Step on Moon

Also one of the best Call of Duty zombies easter eggs, the Moon easter egg is made difficult by one single step - the floating ball.

Players are tasked with escorting a floating ball across the map, while fighting off the zombie horses. Because of how finicky the ball is, you'll need the wave gun for zombie clearing, and probably a lot of attempts, making this one of the most difficult Easter eggs in COD Zombies.

2 /10

Boss Fight Step (Mauer Der Toten)

COD gameplay Mauer Der Toten easter egg

Although there are a million difficult steps to reach the easter egg in Mauer Der Toten from Black Ops Cold War, the real challenge is the final boss battle.

You'll need all your wonder weapons, fully upgraded normal weapons, and a whole lot of skill and luck to beat Valentina (the boss), as she spawns with an annoying, endless horde, as well as a truck-tonne of health and shield, making this one of the hardest easter eggs to reach.

3 /10

Mahjong Tiles Step (Die Rise)

COD gameplay Mahjong Tiles Step on Die Rise

A rare COD Zombies map with two easter eggs, the Ludvig Maxis Easter egg boss is definitely the more challenging of the two.

This is because of both the need to use unusual (awful) weaponry to complete challenges, as well as the tedious decoding of the Mahjong tiles. Requiring a lot of patience, this is definitely one of the more challenging COD zombies Easter eggs.

4 /10

G-Strike Step (Origins)

COD gameplay G-Strike Step on Origins

Although made a little bit easier when taken on as part of a squad, Origins' COD zombies Easter egg was a challenge for solo and squad gamers.

It's difficult enough trying to create the G-strike grenades needed for this task. 

But what makes this Easter egg one of COD zombies hardest is having to throw them out of bounds at a specific spot, and then quickly running to press a button inside one of the robots.

5 /10

Dials Step (Voyage Of Despair)

COD zombies gameplay Dials Step on Voyage Of Despair

If you love solving complex puzzles in your COD games, this easter egg for you. For everyone else, this is one of the hardest easter eggs in all of COD zombies, requiring high degrees of pattern recognition, logic puzzles, and more to complete - all very tedious when you could be eliminateing zombies instead.

For one of the first steps, you'll need to find different symbols on clocks hidden throughout the map, and then find their matching numbers on a set of dials on the bridge.

6 /10

Gramophone Step (The Final Reich)

COD zombies gameplay Gramophone Step on The Final Reich

One of the worst COD zombies games of all time, WW2 doesn't have a great reputation for being enjoyable, and the task of finding the Gramophone easter egg is no exception.

This easter egg is essentially a convoluted horde slog, which is why it's one of the hardest, most tedious COD zombies eggs around. Amongst other annoying tasks, the player has to kill a large number of a very particular zombie type within close proximity to the gramophone on the map. 

7 /10

Payphone Step (Shaolin Shuffle)

COD gameplay Payphone Step on Shaolin Shuffle

Call of Duty infinite Warfare zombies Easter eggs are known for their arduous number of steps, but this one really takes the cake.

Almost every step to the Easter egg on Shaolin Shuffle feels convoluted and tedious, but the payphone step is arguably the worst. Having to decode actual morse code from a payphone while fighting zombies is a long, annoying task, and probably one of the hardest steps to unlocking an Easter egg in COD zombies.

8 /10

Sophia Challenges (Gorod Krovi)

COD zombies Gameplay Sophia Challenges on Gorod Krovi

Possibly the most difficult easter egg to find in all of Black Ops 3 - one of the best COD zombies of all time - this easter egg requires near-perfect map knowledge, which is what makes it so difficult.

From escorting drones to defusing bombs, COD zombies players will have to complete 6 difficult tasks back-to-back without dying. Not only that, but a significant amount of item crafting is involved, meaning you must know exactly where all the item spawns are, or spend hours searching for them all.

9 /10

Spectral Bird Step (Blood of the Dead)

COD zombies gameplay Spectral Bird Search on Blood of the Dead

This is one COD Zombies map that does not want you to find that easter egg. Found in Black Ops 4's Blood of the Dead map, this easter egg is hidden behind a boatload of player-unfriendly steps, making it one of the most difficult to find.

With a total of around 40 different possible spawn areas, the player will first have to gain access to the spectral shield in order to see the bird. They then have to scour the entire map, hoping that the spectral bird will spawn in the right place at the right time. 

10 /10

God Temple Steps (IX)

COD gameplay God Temple steps on IX

One of the easiest COD zombies maps to play on, the easter eggs for this map, especially those around the four God temples, are beyond tedious.

The main easter egg focused on the four God temples, and overall there are an unbelievable amount of different steps you need to follow to reach the easter egg. With just one of the steps, arguably the hardest, being the four symbols representing four zombies types you have to kill in-order with no mistakes, this map's easter egg can take a whole day to complete.

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